Enchanting Forests Photography Illuminate Autumn’s Beauty

Czech photographer Janek Sedlář’s photography series reveals the enchanting, mystical and beauty of a forest during autumn. Bursting in bright reds, oranges, and yellows, Sedlář reminds us of the alluring setting, which gives life to fairy tales and mythical creatures in literature.

I don’t think people understand why its not okay to fancast winter as light skinned so I’m gonna explain

apart from racism, there’s this other thing that dark skinned people had to face and it’s called colorism. it’s basically the idea that those of a single race of a lighter skin complexion are more beauiful and valuable than those of a darker skin complexion - basically an idea, among black people, that has a background in slavery (the lighter skinned slaves, since they were usually related to the master, were brought into the house to work, while the darker skinned slaves worked out on the field). so to make winter, a canoncially dark skinned girl who is also canonically really beautiful, light skinned is such an insult to dark skinned girls such as myself. we need this singular representation of our beauty. it’s almost to say its unfathomable that a girl of a dark complexion could be widely considered beautiful.

so please just fancast characters of color correctly - we need the representation, especially in ya novels

September, October, November, and December are my favorite months because everything is transitory. It’s the time of year when the summer months (with all its accompanying heat, adventure, laughter, and memories) fade into a distant echo, giving way to a cool and rising autumn breeze on which nostalgia casually drifts. Bright yellow and crisp blue are replaced with a subtle orange, red, and brown, signaling the change of seasons and of mindsets. Indeed, things are now more calm, more introspective in autumn as we all sense the close of yet another year; and as we approach that end, unbeknownst to us the cool wind turns a bit frosty and everything is softly coated a wintery white. 

So much happens in these four months.