Poor Steve

Steve: I’ve lost everyone I ever cared about, but at least I made sure the tesseract would never again fall into human hands. 

Nick Fury: Yeah. About that…

Steve: So much for that, but at least I was able to destroy HYDRA. 

Rumlow:  Well this is awkward.

Steve: At least I can still find some peace in the knowledge that even if his sacrifice was in vain, Bucky died a quick death and definitely didn’t suffer while I slept.

The Winter Soldier: Sup. 


you were going for a walk around the property when you turned the corner and almost bumped into Bucky. he was shirtless and the two of you stared at each other for a moment, both startled. 

a blush rose to his cheeks and he took a step back, “Sorry.” he apologized, disappearing as soon as he’d appeared. you let out a breath you hadent even realized you were holding.