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How I ship Gency:

I like to think that Angela is a kind but very very tired soul that continues to push herself beyond her limits for the good of humanity. She’s constantly trying to improve medical science and works long hours to make it happen. She will sometimes go days without sleep on the job and forget to eat. Over the years, it has made her jaded - almost dead inside. But she does what she must.

One day, a body is rushed to her by Blackwatch all the way from Japan. She has never seen this man - or what’s left of him - before, but he’s obviously very important to Overwatch’s interests if he was rushed to her to be saved. So she begins the grueling process of breathing life back into his body. Thanks to the advances in medicine that she has pioneered, she is able to save the miraculous, weak heartbeat in him. Regardless, she still works for months slowly rebuilding him and salvaging any organic parts possible. All the while he is comatose.

The first time he awakens, he is disoriented, angry, and violent. Angela has to call for back up to restrain him so she can explain where he is, what has happened, and that he is safe. Gabriel Reyes enters during this time. Reyes doesn’t beat around the bush. He tells the man - Shimada Genji - that he was saved because they need his knowledge of the Shimada clan in order to dismantle it - that he will be instrumental in taking down his family business. Angela is horrified. She’d never been told to what end Overwatch needed this man - only that he held valuable information. She only guessed who or what he could be. Perhaps an important diplomat or undercover agent - but not an outsider. Not someone who would be in their debt for life. Her operations on him were costly. There was no way Overwatch would do that and expect nothing in return. Though they worked for the safety of the world - Angela knew they were not a charity.

She shoots a piercing glare in Reyes’ direction - saying silently, “This is NOT what I signed up for! We WILL talk about this later!” Reyes ignores her look. He waits for Shimada’s response. The man is silent. Thinking. After a pregnant pause, his gaze crawls up to their faces and a chill runs through Angela’s spine.

“I could be more than just information,” he says with seething rage boiling in his eyes. Reyes lifts an eyebrow. Angela can’t breathe. Shimada continues, “It would be my pleasure to assist in destroying my brother’s empire.” His lips curl at the word brother.

Reyes and Shimada exchange hard stares at one another. Reyes is the first to speak. “What are you asking, boy?”

“Let me personally assist on this project. On the field. I know more secrets than just the business of the empire - and how to exploit them. I am already a trained fighter with extensive experience in stealth and… Other fields of interest to your organization.” The menace in his gaze reveals that he speaks the truth.

Angela leaves abruptly. She doesn’t need to look at Reyes to know that he will accept Shimada’s offer. She is so very tired.

She assists in Shimada’s recovery. She fine-tunes his motor skills. She helps him learn to walk again. She helps familiarize him with his new functions… She refuses to comply with Blackwatch’s request to integrate weaponry into his cybernetic body. She hates weapons. She hates violence - it’s what stole her parents from her in the war. She has only ever killed in battle when absolutely necessary and in self-defense, and she has no intention of making instrument of death.

They confiscate her medical files on Shimada-san. She is told she will no longer be his overseeing doctor. She does not see him for a long time.

She cannot help but worry about him. She spent months caring for him in his most vulnerable state, yet here he is working for Blackwatch with cybernetic weapons and enhancements. His new armor covers his face. She has not seen it since the day he awoke.

Over the years, she occasionally hears of strides made in the Shimada Empire Project. Inside jobs. Sabotage. Assassinations. She always thinks of Shimada-san.

Then everything goes to hell.

With the Swiss headquarters razed to the ground and Overwatch outlawed by the PETRAS Act, Angela is alone and so very tired. Overwatch and Blackwatch agents have scattered across the Earth, she among them. Despite the weight of the world on her shoulders, she can’t help but wonder in the back of her mind what Shimada will do now. His rage and bitterness had driven his actions since the day he was revived. Where would he go with no organization or project? She worries.

A year passes. She receives a letter - a hand-written letter?? It’s covered with postage and forwarding stamps to multiple addresses. It is from Shimada. The contents are awkward with apologies and abundant with reluctance at even writing to her. He is apparently staying with the Shambali monks in Nepal under the teachings of Zenyatta Tekhartha. He writes that Zenyatta insisted that he begin writing letters to someone in his life as a part of his healing process. Healing process? He ends the letter with an apology for bothering her.

“Healing process”… Her heart warms at the thought. She writes him back, expressing that she is not bothered by his letters and informing him of her current mailing address for future ones.

For the next three years she looks forward to every letter. She is still overworked. Still trying to better the world. Still so very tired. But his letters remind her that working to help others heal is valid and worth the pain. His transformation is gradual, but evident. At first he is guarded - only sharing bare minimum details of his lessons. As they exchange letters, however, she begins to see his walls crumble as he shares more personal thoughts and feelings. He even starts to inject wry humor into his script. She doesn’t know for certain, and maybe it could never truly be this way, but Angela believes she is getting to meet the man from before the fight with his brother. He asks that she refer to him by his first name, Genji, so that he is not reminded of the name he shares with his brother, Hanzo.

Genji still refers to her as Miss Ziegler.

The Overwatch recall blindsides her, yet she travels to Gibraltar as soon as possible… She knows where she belongs. She writes Genji from Gibraltar informing him of her new address. She does not receive a reply. She worries.

One day, several weeks after the recall, a stranger covered from head to toe in intricately designed garments appears on their doorstep, an omnic companion in tow. Winston greets them hesitantly, Angela unconsciously stands slightly behind the gorilla. The stranger stares past Winston and into Angela’s face, saying nothing at first. Several moments pass. The omnic places a hand on the man’s shoulder, and he seems to relax a bit. He is hesitating. Why? Slowly, the man lifts his hands to undo the headdress covering his face, all the while keeping his gaze locked on Angela.

A moment more passes as he unties the cloth around his head. Then all at once the headdress is off, leaving his face naked.

Rich brown eyes meet hers, steadied with courage. Pale, old scars marble his face, crawling upward and across his cheeks, nose, and lips. His mechanical jaw clenches in apprehension. His black hair is plastered to his forehead from the headdress he’d been wearing not long ago.

Angela cannot breathe as she looks upon the face that she has not seen since the day she revived him.


She is hugging him before she realizes what she’s doing. His arms hover over her back, shock evident in his face. Pulling back and wiping joyful tears from her eyes, she apologizes for surprising him.“But,” she adds with a wry smile “you surprised me first! So we are even.”

The shock in his eyes melts into something softer that she cannot name. He chuckles. “I suppose you are right, Miss Ziegler.”

She feels a prick of annoyance at his formality, but quickly squashes it. After all, she’s just heard him laugh for the first time. She smiles genuinely. “You seem well, Genji.”

What passes across his expression can be described as nothing other than the purest of inner tranquility. The corners of his lips upturn just slightly. His gaze is soft, unguarded as he looks into her eyes. The shadows of the violent rage that boiled in his soul so many years ago are nowhere to be found. “I am a different man now. I am whole.”

Her heart squeezes. Tears blur her vision and she cannot help grinning as the joy for him thrums throughout her body. “…That is wonderful!” she manages.

She is the furthest thing from tired.

Sometimes people need to heal before love can blossom. Falling in love is not the cure-all. But loving others, building those relationships through the thick of it all - that is one of the most important bonds you can ever have.

winston-the-bordercollie  asked:

13, 35, 75?

13) A breed you used to love, but now hate?

jack russell terriers. you can only take so many bad experiences before your feelings become gritted teeth and boiling rage

35) What’s your least favorite coat color? 

solid whites. idk if it’s cause i’m australian or what, but i am not keen on solid white dogs

75) Share your favorite picture of your dog                 

It’s currently this one, mostly because Thyme was completely unplanned:

Dallas Winston’s Mixtape to You:

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1. I’m Not in Love by 10 cc
2. Between the Bars by Elliot Smith
3. Glycerine by Bush
4. Stumblin In by Chris Norman
5. No Witnesses by Keaton Henson
6. Dirty Work by Steely Dan
7. Stay With Me by The Faces
8. Going to California by Led Zeppelin
9. Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths
10. Til I Hear From You by The Gin Blossoms

"my heart beats for you" dallas X reader

man. it was only 5:00pm, and it was already freezing outside. i pulled my jacket tighter around my torso as i began to walk faster towards my small house. as i walked faster, i glanced over at the park i was passing and saw a familiar face. dallas winston, my steady boyfriend. i giggled and ran up to kiss him.
i stopped in my tracks as i saw a blond girl sitting next to him, so close she was almost on his lap.
“baby, that shirt looks hot on you,” i overheard him say.
this blond girl giggled.
“it would be hotter off-” but i cut her off.
tears started to burn in my eyes but i push them away. my name is y/n, i never cry.
dallas looking straight at me, and at that moment, i knew he was sorry. i knew he knew he screwed up. but i ran. i ran as fast as i could.
“y/n. y/n. y/n! look i didn’t mean it alright? look im sorry alright. HEY LISTEN TO ME.”
he was running too, but i had a clear start as i finally ran into my room and collapsed on my bed. dallas ran in right after me.
that’s when i had enough. i let it all out. i started bawling. i couldnt take it anymore. my mother doesn’t give a shit about me. she would rather have me dead, and the last time i saw my father i was 3 years old. the only person who cared about me, or so i thought was dallas. but i guess i was wrong. i mean, obviously, he’s a guy. he’d screw any girl he could get. which is why i had to be fucking careful. apparently this time i wasn’t careful enough. or maybe this has been going on all along behind my back. i sobbed some more.
“baby please. im so sorry. y/n im so sorry.”
“y/n i swear it was nothing! we were doing nothing okay! stop blowing this way-”
“no. no i didn’t.”
by now, dallas even had tears in his eyes, which shocked the hell out of me.
he continued, “y/n y/l/n, my heart beats for you. only you.”
and without warning, his cool, firm lips pressed fastly onto mine, locking me in a cool embrace. it was rough, and needy, and everything said before was forgotten by this one kiss. the whole world stopped with just me and dallas winston. the kiss got rougher until i broke it.
“baby i love you and only you.”

Overwatch Chatroom: A Cute Recruit

Scenario: How about a chat where the overwatch crew asks a new recruit to send a selfie and when they finally do they just “wOW YOUR REALLY CUTE SEND MORE PLS

Another old thing from the old blog
- Forest


Winston has started a chatroom.
76, Reaper, Zarya, Hanzo, Genji, Tracer, Mei, Lucio, Roadhog, Junkrat, McCree, Phara, Ana, Symmetra, D.Va, Mercy, Widowmaker, Zenyatta, and Reinhardt has logged on.

Winston: I’m here to inform you we’re getting a new recruit. They’re arriving today.

Tracer: Ooooo! What’s their name?

Winston: Y/n Y/l/n

Mercy: How old are they?

Phara: can we trust them?

Winston: 24

Winston: We can trust them.

76: What do they specialize in?

Winston: I sent you all an email about them.

76: I don’t think I got it

76: Never mind I got it.

Mei: They seem nice!!

McCree: There’s no picture of them?

Winston: If I added the picture you’d all be skeptical about their age.

Reaper: Why, exactly?

Winston: They have a baby face.

Winston: But don’t worry! I have done a background check on them and they’re actually 24.

Genji: They speak three languages?

Winston: Ah! I forgot to add that in. But yes Y/n speaks their native language, English, and Japanese

Hanzo: Japanese?

Winston: They lived there for four years in their childhood.

Hanzo: Huh.

Lucio: They’re a healer!!! Heck yeah man. Another one joining the support squad!!

Zenyatta: I will look forward working with them.

Ana: A new healer on the team! It’s about time.

Symmetra: If they need a mentor I volunteer.

Lucio: What, no. I should mentor them!

Mercy: Guys, I’m sure Winston has already gave Y/n a mentor.

Winston: And that’s Ana.

Ana: When are they getting here?

Tracer: What’s their phone number?

Tracer: Do they have an accent?

Tracer: How tall are they??

Widowmaker: Calm down.

Tracer: I can’t calm down!! I want to meet them now!!!!!!

D.Va: Oh!! If you have their phone number can you add them to the chat!!!

Lucio: We can all keep them entertained during their jet ride!!

Winston has invited Y/n to the chatroom.

Y/n: Hello Winston!! If you’re texting me to remind me about the jet, it’s already here I’m I’m currently boarding it!!

Winston: Good! The ride will take a few hours.

Y/n: Omg you had the pilot give me chocolate.

Y/n: that’s so sweet!! Thank you!!

Winston: You’re welcome, Y/l/n

Y/n: Wait,,

Mercy: Hello!!

Tracer: Hello love!!

McCree: Howdy, darlin

Ana: Welcome to Overwatch, sweetie!

Reinhardt: Hello friend!

76: Hello, soldier.

Zenyatta: Hello.

Genji: Greetings!

Zarya: Hello, we can’t wait for you to work with us!

Junkrat: ‘Ello there!


Winston: Are you okay?

Y/n: I may or may not have fell.

Ana: Oh my gosh are you okay?

Y/n: Yes! I am! I’m just really surprised about you ALL being in the chat.

Lucio: They’re adorable! I already like them.

Lucio: Even more.

Y/n: Oh.

Lucio: I’m sorry am I making you uncomfortable?

Y/n: No! No! Not at all!

Reinhardt: Haha! Already bonding.

Genji: Do you really speak Japanese?

Y/n: Yep!!

Genji: We should talk sometime!!

McCree: Alright, I have a question for you, darlin

Y/n: And that is??

McCree: Can you send us a picture of yourself?

Tracer: Yeah!!!

D.Va: Please!!! I want to see how you look like!!

Mei: I’m pretty sure we’re all curious on how Y/n looks like!

Zarya: And we are curious on how young you look.

Roadhog: Please.

Mei: omg he lives.

Roadhog: don’t push your luck.

Mei: wow ok.

Y/n: Umm, okay,,,

D.Va: YES!!


Y/n has sent a photo.

Y/n: it’s been three minutes

Y/n: I’m worried

Y/n: okay now it’s been six

Y/n: now I’m scared

Tracer: ..

Y/n: ???


Y/n: aaaa thank you!


Mercy: are you sure you’re not 19?

Y/n: Well if my birth certificate is wrong then maybe idk. But I’m 100% sure I’m 24.

Tracer: YOURE SO CUTE!!!

D.Va: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Y/n: Thanks! I guess idk

McCree: Send more pictures of you please, thanks.

Hanzo: I agree with McCree

Genji: I also agree

Zenyatta: You are very cute, and i would like for you to send more pictures.

Zarya: The cutest person I have ever seen, please send more pictures.

Symmetra: You’re beyond perfect. Please do send more pictures of yourself.

Reaper: ..I agree with everyone, please send more.

Widowmaker: I have never imagined myself fawning over someone before. But you’re very cute.

Roadhog: We’re keeping you forever.

Junkrat: No take backs.

Phara: We have the cutest person in the world joining overwatch. This is amazing

76: You’re not immortal are you?

Y/n: ah geez guys, stop this. My face is as red as a tomato


Y/n has sent a photo.

McCree: What a cute bean you are, sweet pea

Lucio: The Cutest™

D.Va: Overwatch’s Cutest Member™

76: Glad to have you on the team, Y/n

Y/n: glad to be on the team!!

Lucio: I may or may not have saved your pictures to my phone.

Junkrat: They’re already my home screen

Mei: same!

Y/n: oohhh my god I’m probably going to die.

Reinhardt: this is probably too much excitement for you.

Y/n: it is! But I don’t mind!

Ana: We should probably stop texting you, let you relax for the rest of the trip.

Winston: That is a good idea.

McCree: aww, but I wanted to talk to the newbie a bit more.

D.Va: Same!

Winston: Y/n will be here in a few hours. Once they arrive you can talk to them whenever you’d like.

Y/n: it was nice chatting with you all!!

Mercy: I can’t wait to meet you in person, y/n! Have a nice flight.

Mercy has left the chatroom.

Reaper: Welcome to the team, preciosa 

((preciosa means precious in Spanish))

Reaper has left the chatroom.

Y/n: I’m super excited to join Overwatch! But I’m really tired, I didn’t get much sleep :’^)) So I’ll see ya all when I land!! Bye!!

Y/n has left the chatroom.
Winston has left the chatroom.
McCree has left the chatroom.
Ana has left the chatroom.
Reinhardt has left the chatroom.
Zarya has left the chatroom.
Symmetra has left the chatroom.
Tracer has left the chatroom.
Widowmaker has left the chatroom.
Mei has left the chatroom.
Roadhog has left the chatroom.
Lucio has left the chatroom.
76 has left the chatroom.
Junkrat has left the chatroom.
D.Va had left the chatroom.
Hanzo has left the chatroom.
Phara has left the chatroom.
Zenyatta has left the chatroom.
Genji has left the chatroom.

The chatroom has been closed.

Request: A imagine of a heated moment with Cherry Valance and Y/N and then Dallas walks on them and he gets jealous/ mad because he has lowkey feelings for Y/N more than a friend and then Dallas inorges Y/N for the past few days? ( You decide what happens in the end) Thanks love 😘😘😉I’m so sorry if this is too long .

Word Count: 2148

Cherry’s light fingers traced up along your side. She kissed your neck softly, making every edge of your body buzz on edge. You sighed softly, running your hands over her slender body. You sat up, kissing her, brushing her auburn locks from her face. She pulled you onto her lap, planting kisses trailing down your chest.

She pushed you back down, moving down your stomach. She liked to be in charge when it came to things like this. She began to unzip your skirt when suddenly the door opened. “Hey, have you seen–” Dallas began, trailing off as he stood in the doorway. You sat up. “Dallas, close the fucking door and get out!” You yelled. He obliged, turning away, slamming the door.

You sighed. Cherry was giggling. “It’s not funny,” you said. “It really is,” she said. She pulled on her blouse, buttoning it up. Dallas Winston was one of your best friends, ever since you were kids. He was always over at your house. Most times, uninvited. For instance, this time. You sat up, tying your hair back.

You and Cherry had been dating for about a month. Of course, it caused great controversy. Her, being a soc, and you, a greaser. Also that and you were two girls together. Dallas was always the most accepting of you. He was the first to know you were into guys and girls. But he loathed Cherry Valance.

“You’re into Cherry Valance?” He’d exclaimed. “Of all girls?” You’d ignored him for a week for that. When you’d finally begun talking to him, you’d already gotten with Cherry. “I’m gonna take off,” she said, pulling on her coat. You walked her downstairs, shooting Dallas a dirty look as you passed him.

You walked her to her car, kissing her through the window before she drove off. You stormed into the house. “You little shit!” You yelled. “You can’t even knock?” He was sitting calmly on the couch, flipping through channels. It was odd because the moment you yelled at Dallas Winston, he yelled back. “I never have to knock,” he shrugged. You squinted at him.

“Well, that’s gonna have to change,” you said coldly. He ignored you. “Dallas!” You exclaimed, snatching the remote from him. He stared at the remote. Then at you. Then he simply stood up. He gave you the dirtiest look that could make blood freeze. He stood in front of you, so close that you could feel his breath on your forehead. “Screw you,” he said dryly.

“Screw Cherry. Screw anyone you want. I don’t care anymore,” he said, before walking out. You stood there, your face turning warm. “Well, fuck you too!” You yelled, hoping he could hear. You fumed, throwing the remote. Dallas didn’t care about anyone but his goddamn self. He didn’t care that you were happy with Cherry. He only wanted you to be miserable. Just like him. And you’d keep telling yourself that.


The next day, you were set on seeing Dallas. You didn’t sleep because all you could think about was him. You felt awful. After school, as always, you went to the Curtis house. They all greeted you as usual. “Where’s Dallas?” You asked. Everyone shrugged. Steve and Soda were far into a game of cards. Johnny was curled up asleep on the couch. Ponyboy was scribbling something in a notebook. Two-Bit was examining his shoe.

You sighed, falling into a chair. About an hour later, the door opened. You sat up. Dallas. He literally walked in, took one look at you, and walked out, slamming the door behind him. Everyone jumped, including Johnny, the door waking him up. “You break it, you buy it!” Darry yelled from another room. “What was that?” Soda asked.

You were quiet. You simply, stood up, grabbed your bag, and calmly left. You saw Dallas already halfway down the block. “Dally!” You yelled. He kept walking. “Dallas Winston!” He never even glanced back. You stuck your middle finger in the air. “Good fucking riddance!” You yelled but he was already a dot on the horizon.

You didn’t see him for about a week. Whenever you came in the room, he’d leave. If you were in the room, he’d walk out. Whenever you said his name, he’d ignore you like a fly in his ear. It was unlike Dallas Winston. He faced things head-on. He was never petty and just ignored someone. You were the first for the history books.

You’d call Buck’s over and over. Dallas would hang up as soon as you said, “Hi.” You missed him. The thing was, you couldn’t figure out why he was so mad. You didn’t know what you did that’d make Dallas Winston truly angry. You’d never seen him like this. You’d ask Johnny about him but he’d just clam up and not say a word. “I don’t know,” he’d say. “This is Dallas’ business. I don’t wanna get involved.” So clearly, it had to have been bad.

The gang didn’t have a clue about what happened. And you really didn’t felt like telling them. You were avoiding Cherry a bit too. In the hallway, she’d wave and you’d pretend not to see her. When she called you, you had your mom say you went out. You sure as hell weren’t telling your mom about this. Cherry soon caught on. She was no fool.

One day after school, she caught you before you could leave. “Hey, y/n,” she exclaimed, grabbing your arm. “You’ve been ducking me.” You blushed. “No, I haven’t,” you said quickly. “Yes. You have,” she said, dryly. “What’s going on?” You shrugged. “I have to go,” you mumbled. “No. You’re going to explain yourself,” she said. “Cherry,” you began. Students were looking over.

What a show. Cherry Valance and her girlfriend arguing in public. “What are you looking at?” You yelled. “Stop it,” she hushed. “Why are acting like this?” You rolled your eyes. “Forget it, Sherri,” you said, pulling away. You only called her Sherri when you were fooling around or when you were upset with her. “No. You forget it,” she said. “I’m breaking up with you.” You stopped in your tracks.

You turned around. “You’re–breaking up with me?” You said softly. Her eyes were watery and pink. She folded her arms. “I can’t trust you anymore,” she said. “You’re keeping secrets and you refuse to tell me anything. So I’m done.” You shook your head slowly. “I’m not keeping secrets. I swear,” you said, grabbing her hand.

She snatched it away. “There’s someone else. I know there is,” she said. “What?” You whispered. “You just can’t seem to figure it out,” she scoffed. “Cherry,” you began. “And to be frank,” she continued. “I don’t feel like you want this as much as I do.” What was she saying?! You were the one who approached her. The first to confess your feelings, to ask her out. She was just about your first everything.

“That’s not true,” you said slowly. It began to rain softly. “I’m not going to be in this little game of yours,” she said, opening her umbrella. You were so confused. “I’m done. This is over. Now you can be with Dallas Winston like you’ve always dreamed,” she said, walking away. “You’re kidding,” you mumbled. “This is all because of Dallas fucking Winston.”

You stared at her as she walked to her shiny red Cadillac. She glanced back at you for a second, almost as if contemplating her decision. But she got in her car anyway. You stood there as the rain began to grow heavier. “Dallas Winston,” you said again, shaking your head as you walked away.


You spent that night staring at the ceiling. “She thinks I’m in love with Dallas Winston,” you’d repeat over and over. You scoffed. “Sure.” But the more you said it, the more it dawned on you. Were you in love with Dallas Winston? The boy you’d grown up with all your life. The one person who’d always been there for you. The one person you knew who’d never let you down.

“I’m fucking in love with Dallas Winston!” You exclaimed at 2 am, sitting up in bed. You didn’t sleep a bit that night. You dozed off lightly for about twenty minutes but the sound of drunken teenagers outside woke you up. You kept this revelation to yourself. But you couldn’t think about anything or anyone else. During class, you found yourself daydreaming about Dallas.

“Is the wall that interesting, y/n?” The teachers would ask. The class would laugh. “No,” you mumbled, blushing. You saw Dallas exactly once. He was in the Dairy Queen, picking up food. When he turned around, he realized you’d been staring at him. He held eye contact for a good few seconds before walking right past you. You missed him. So much.

One day, you took matters into your own hands. You couldn’t sleep that night, not that you could’ve any other nights. It was around midnight when you got up and pulled on your shoes. You snuck out the back door, something you were used to, being friends with Dallas Winston. You just about ran all the way to Buck’s. A roaring party was going on.

You knocked on the side door until Buck answered. You never liked him. You didn’t know what exactly it was but there were plenty of reasons why a person wouldn’t like him. “Hey, doll,” he greeted. “Where’s Dallas?” You asked. “In his room,” he said simply. You waited, taking a few seconds so you didn’t punch him in the face. Heaven knows you’d do it.

“Can I come in?” You asked slowly. “Well, why didn’t you say so?” He exclaimed, opening the door. The house was trashed with beer cans and half-naked girls. “That’s the girl,” a few people whispered as you passed. You glared at them. “So can I get you a drink?” Buck began, but you were already heading up to Dallas’ room. You knocked on the door and waited.

A few seconds passed when he yelled, “What?” You opened the door, a dog running out past you. You walked in slowly. Dallas was lying on his bed, shirtless when he suddenly sat up. “Hi,” you said softly. He grabbed his shirt, pulling it over his head. “What are you doing here?” He asked. “Wow,” you said. “Your first words to me in a week and a half.” He ignored that part.

You walked over to the bed, sitting down. He stared at you but you ignored it. “So, I don’t have a girlfriend anymore,” you said softly. You saw his eyebrows move up slightly. “She dumped me,” you went on. It was quiet. “Why?” He asked softly. You sighed. “She’s stupid,” he added. You shook your head. “She’s not,” you whispered.

You glanced at him. “She dumped me,” you began. “Because she thinks I’m hiding things from her.” He sighed. You suddenly felt his hand to your face, brushing back a lock of hair from your eyes. “She thinks I’m in love with you,” you said softly. He was deadly quiet. You stared at him. “That something’s going on between us,” you said.

He glanced down. “She’s right, isn’t she?” You whispered. He didn’t answer. You fumed, getting up. “Fine. She was right about me,” you said, heading for the door. He jumped up, grabbing the hem of your shirt before you could pull away. “Let go,” you said softly. “No,” he said firmly. He pulled you to him. Your heart raced.

You were so close that your bodies were pressing against each other. He took your face in his hands, gently making you look at him. “She was right,” he whispered. Finally, you couldn’t stand the distance between the two of you. You pressed your lips to his. Your body was on edge, the heat of his chest against yours. It was the greatest feeling in the world.

He pulled you closer, pulling your waist to his. His lips went down your neck, kissing you hard. You sighed softly, running your hands through his hair. Suddenly, the door opened. “I knew you two were fooling around,” Buck exclaimed. Dallas literally slammed the door in his face, locking it. You smiled softly. He sighed. “Are you sure about this?” He asked at last. “About us?” You shrugged. “Are you?” You asked.