This is a Spencer x Agent!Reader requested by @native-snowflake. Sorry that it took me so long to get it up. So, the team is on a case and the case requires an archaeologist. You just so happened to minor in that field in college, but they still get a professional to come in and help. The archaeologist just so happens to be your favorite archaeologist and the two of you start talking. Spencer starts to get worried that you are going to leave the BAU, and he confesses his feelings for you. I hope you  like this!

Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed Spencer’s casual smile dissolve into a frown as Dr. Dennis Winston walked into the room. He narrowed his eyes at the infamous archaeologist. Dennis walked over to you, a friendly smile spread across your face. Spencer waited off to the side, busying himself by reading over a file, his eyes discreetly wandering up to you and the man that now joined you.

“Hello, y/n.” Dennis said, “So, tell me. What do you think of the crime scene?”

You were shocked that such an esteemed scientist was actually asking you your opinion. Dr. Dennis Winston was your favorite archaeologist and your favorite archaeology author. To you, he was an absolute genius. The team had needed an archaeologist’s assistance on the case because the unsub set up each of his crime scenes to be like an excavation site.

“You want my opinion?” You asked him, surprised.

In college, you had minored in archaeology and had seriously considered going into that field before you eventually opted to major in criminal justice. Naturally, you had some knowledge about archaeology, at least more than any other member of the BAU, but they still decided that they wanted a professional to come in and offer their assistance. You never expected the Dr. Dennis Winston to be the one to come in.

He smiled and chuckled at your exceedingly shocked reaction, “Yes, you. You seem to have your foot on both sides here. You have a natural knack for archaeology and you are a federal agent. So, tell me what you think about the case. The profile. The killer. Anything.”

You told him everything that you had deducted about the unsub and his odd MO of making the crime scene into an archaeological site. You still could not believe that somebody you admired so much actually wanted to hear your opinion. He listened intently as you spoke, and he did not interrupt you even once.

You finished and he nodded in satisfaction, impressed, “You know, y/n. You are a natural archaeologist. You could be very successful. Have you ever considered switching careers? You already minored in it, so you have a slight advantage already.”

You nodded and shrugged, “Yeah, I have thought about it,” You replied earnestly, “But I love my job, and I don’t think I would necessarily want to switch.”

But Dennis did not back down on the subject. He really wanted you to become an archaeologist and join him in his adventure of excavations and discovery. But your mind was set. You were definitely going to remain a federal agent, no matter what Dennis said. He may have been your “idol” and your favorite author, but he did not make decisions for you. You made decisions for you. You did not want to leave, regardless of how much Dennis pushed you to do so.

The two of you continued to casually chat, about the case, about archaeology, about life. You noticed Spencer stalking toward you. His brows were furrowed together. He went straight to you, ignoring Dennis.

“I need to talk to you.” He said stiffly. Without waiting for a reply, he grabbed onto your upper arm and yanked you away. He pulled you into a storage closet.

Spencer turned to you. His expression was serious and somber, almost sad, regretful.

“What are you doing, Spence?” You asked, confused

“I need to tell you something, y/n.” He took a deep breath, “You shouldn’t go.” He stated.

You were thrown back by his unexpected response. Spencer was not usually so abrupt and direct. He was not usually this commanding. It rubbed you the wrong way. Spencer was supposed to be a good natured, willing person.

“Why does it matter to you?” You asked pointedly. You crossed your arms across your chest, “It’s none of your business anyway.”

“I know that, y/n. I know that I have zero say in your life because you and I are separate people, but maybe I don’t want to be separate people.”

You both paused. You took a moment to allow the words that spilled out of Spencer’s mouth to sink in. Was he really saying what you thought he was saying?

“Why are you bringing this up right now, Spence?” You asked him

“Because,” He sighed dramatically, “You are going to go back go L.A. with Dennis and become a famous archaeologist and you will never think about me again, and you won’t know how I feel about you. I need you to know how I feel about you, y/n.” He confessed.

You put a gentle hand up against his soft cheek, “Oh, Spencer,” You whispered, “I wasn’t about to leave the BAU. I couldn’t. Not now. I care too much about this job. I care too much about the people I work with.”

Spencer pulled you into a warm hug in the middle of the cramped dark storage closet that you still resided in. The two of you remained like that for a long moment, still letting the words that both of you admitted to the other sink in.

Eventually, you pulled away and looked regretfully up at him, “We really  have to get back to work.” You sighed.

He nodded, knowing that you were right. Before swinging the door open, he reached out and grabbed your hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Then he released your appendage from his grip and walked out of the small closet first.

You waited a moment before falling.

It was after you came out that you finally noticed Dennis had been flirting with you earlier, and you had just been too blind to see it. Now you saw it, but you knew that it was pointless. The only genius that mattered to you anymore was Spencer Reid.


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