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Curtis Family headcanon because I can't help myself,

Mrs. Curtis has a box filled with embarrassing and adorable pictures of her boys. Everything from Johnny and Pony cuddling on the couch during a nap, Curly kissing Pony’s knee better, Darry and Paul playing in the yard all muddy, Soda hold Pony for the first time, Mr. Curtis and Darry fishing, Darry teaching Pony to walk, even Soda and Darry wrestling in the living room. But if you get down to the very bottom, buried under tons of pictures, is a small picture of a young Steve with a gap toothed smile bigger than Texas on his face as he played with Ponyboy on the floor, and a look of brotherly love in his eyes as Pony smiled back at him. A sneaky Soda with an equally as big smile on his face stood in the back ground.


mermaid dreams 
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mine - phoebe ryan
catch - allie x
the bells - lowell
round the moon - summer camp
tether - chvrches
best friends - holychild
locomotive - alex winston
we are dreamers - prinze george
ilyaf 1996 - anna of the north
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you & me - diamond rings
teen lovers - sky ferreira

Top 10 Sweetest John Moments With Cynthia (Part 2)

Hello everybody! It’s time to look at numbers 8 and 7 on this countdown list. Let’s take a look shall we…

Number 8: Blue Moon

This is one of the more lighthearted moments between John and Cynthia as a married couple. Cynthia mentions in her book, “John”, several fun and cute memories of them hanging out in their home, having a few laughs, and just enjoying each others company. But out all of these moments, one in particular stands out as both sweet and funny. And that’s John and Cynthia jamming to the song “Blue Moon”.

In her own words, Cynthia writes “At other times, John would get me to sing along with him. Our favorite was ‘Blue Moon’ but our rendition was so bad that we fell about laughing. ‘I know you sang solo in a choir, Cyn, but Christ, you’ll never make it as a pop star. You’re too posh. Try and rock it up a bit. You’re not singing in a church now, loosen up and try it again.’”

What really stands out about this moment is that it’s more than just a married couple having some fun. These are two are friends. Two good friends laughing and being silly together. I think it’s easy to forget that besides just being her boyfriend and husband for 10 years, John really was Cynthia’s friend for a good portion of her life. And despite what some may think, I truly  believe John saw her as his friend as well. And that realization makes their ultimate break up all the more sad, because it’s not just a marriage being broken apart. It’s literally the crumbling of a dear friendship that lasted for 10 years, and never really gaining any closure from it.

Many couples are more than just lovers. Many of them are friendships that are able to connect on several levels. And it’s moments like these, where John want’s Cynthia to let loose and have fun, show that he saw her more than just some girl who happened to be his wife. She was a person. A very kind, gentle person, whom he could relax and goof around with. Plus, it’s just fun to visualize how these two sounded like when singing this song. I can’t imagine it being as bad as Cynthia says it was. But then again I’ve heard John in some of The Beatles outtakes and yeah, it’s not what you call pretty. Lol!

Number 7: The Jade Ring

Over the years, Cynthia had to give up some of her possessions in order to pay the bills. At the same time, she also had to move on from John and The Beatles. You can only hold on to the past for so long. As such, many of the gifts and items she once had were sold. But there is one gift that John gave her, that she never gave away. One gift that has always been very precious to her… That gift is the jade ring.

It was the summer of 1966. John bought her this ring while he and the boys were on tour in Asia. Cynthia was on vacation in Italy at the time. John managed to sneak away from the hotel that he was staying in and buy her this ring. And until her dying day, Cynthia kept the ring that he gave her all those years ago.

John loved buying gifts for Cynthia, whether it was coats, shoes, lingeries, cars, you name it. Each gift was a token of his love for her, and each was cherished by her. But it’s clear that this ring holds a special place in her heart. Why the ring stands out among the rest is fun to speculate. Maybe because its so beautiful and one of a kind. Maybe the gift is one of the few that sincerely express John’s love for her to its full capacity. Maybe it’s the fact that he bought it while on tour, while she was on vacation, indicating how he always had her in his mind, despite the distance. All we know is that it was precious to her, and a valuable symbol of John’s affections. And just for clarification, the ring is the one on Cynthia’s right hand. And I must say, it is quiet beautiful.

Stay tune for numbers 6 and 5

Dally x Reader Smut Making Love In The Bath

Request: Y/n and Dally making love in the bath.

You and Dally had been together for about a year now, at first you thought it would just be a fling but it turned out to be something much deeper than that. You had fallen in love with him so quick it was as if it had been meant to be. Perhaps it was? He had fallen for you just as quick, if not quicker.

It was surprising since usually there was one person who loved the other more but in this relationship it seemed to be even or at least close to being even. You figured that meant that it was going to last.

The things that made relationships last were communication, determination and equality. Your relationship with Dallas surprisingly had all three.

Dallas didn’t seem like the romantic type but if he really tried he could be, right now he was trying hard. He didn’t try hard for everyone, you were special to him, he really loved you deeply just as you loved him. Everyone and I mean everyone knew that he was more so sexual rather than romantic.

Usually you would have rough sex and sometimes it was kinky, like public sex or bondage, you loved that but wanted something more loving and romantic.

You’d expressed it to Dallas and he agreed to try it out. He was probably curious and wanted to try it too but he didn’t let it on. Probably didn’t want to be seen as a wuss or girly. Love wasn’t girly and it didn’t make you weak that was something you had to teach Dal.

Anyway getting back into the moment… Dallas made a romantic dinner lit with candles; he gave you slow passionate kisses compared to his usual rough and lustful ones. He brought you flowers too. You could easily tell he was attempting to make it as good as possible, so far he was succeeding.

You had finished dinner now and he had your hand in his, leading you to the bathroom. It was also dimly lit with candles, god you loved candles, and there were rose petals everywhere.

Funny enough it was causing you to fall even more in love with him. This was the side of Dallas not many people got to seem they only saw the tough and cruel side of him.

He lets go of your hand as he starts filling the tub up with, what you assume is warm, water. The rose petals that are in the tub begin to float as it fills up. The rose petals floating are just like you right now, you feel light and carefree; you are filled with love, content and happiness.

Dally sits on the bathtub ledge and you sit beside him, he cups your face with a hand. His blue eyes staring deeply into yours with a look of complete admiration.

Moving slowly he closes his eyes, as do you, kissing you slow and loving. At that moment you knew you would marry Dallas Winston. Y/n Winston, it had a ring to it. He pulls away, gazing into your eyes for a moment before standing up.

He starts taking off his clothes, you follow suit. There were two clean towels folded neatly and placed on the bathroom counter. You both had taken off your shirts before Dallas stopped you from taking anymore off, he started taking off your clothes for you.

Dally kissed random places on your body as he took off your skirt and panties. When the panties came off he kissed your clit, your legs were spread apart making it easy for him.

He stands up so he can help take off your bra, his arms go around you as he takes it off so it seems like he’s hugging you. After he places your clothes on the ground you help him take off his jeans and underwear, rubbing his crotch gently as you do.

By the time you’ve finished the tub is filled up. Dally turns off the water and kisses you again, another kiss full of love.

You’re surprised he is able to control himself; he was completely hard, you were surprised you could even control yourself. Dallas helps you get into the tub without falling, as you step in he holds your lower arms and you hang on to his own.

You sit down in the water that was as warm as a blanket. He does the same, facing you.

“I love you so damn much, Y/n. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“I love you too, Dallas. I’m so glad I have you.”

This time it’s you who initiates the kiss, touching his cock as you kiss. The water probably added to the pleasure. You soon find out that the water does since he starts playing with your clit. You both break apart, resting your foreheads together, moaning quietly.

“I’m gonna change positions really quick.” Dally tells you.

He moves you so you are on your back, leaning your head on the edge of the tub, and he goes in between your thighs. You know what’s coming; just the thought of it gets you excited. You stare affectionately into his eyes. It doesn’t take long at all for him to start brushing his tongue against your clitoris, you grab onto his hair pulling him closer and making him go faster.

He sucks on it and flicks it with his tongue, touching himself as he does so. Dally knew all your pleasurable spots and he knew how to give you the most pleasure that he possibly could. You feel your high coming closer and notify him about it. You wanted to orgasm with him inside of you.

Dally lines himself up, makes eye contact with you and pushes his cock into you. You let out a loud moan at the new feeling inside of you. It was weird having sex in water but you liked it. The water tickled and caressed you. He thrusts slowly but deep, you moan at each thrust and he groans and moans. You loved hearing him moan, guys moaning instead of groaning really turned you on.

Dally starts making-out with you and ups his pace a little. You were sensitive because you were about to orgasm earlier when he was eating you out so you know you will orgasm soon. You can tell he will as well, his pace quickening was a sign.

“Dallas!” You moan loudly as you orgasm, clenching down on him.

“Oh, fuck, Y/n!” He moans as he cums inside of you.

He doesn’t go slow as he cums, his pace became fast like it usually was. Fast and deep. He pulls out of you after you both finish. You clean up, drain the tub and dry off, kissing often.

“Thank you for trying that out, I really liked it.” You say to him.

“I hate to admit it but so did I.” Dallas says and then kisses you.

imagine : marriage? (TOU) [DW]

Dallas realizes he wants to marry the reader and goes to the gang for their reaction.

Warnings: trying Dally POV so kill me if it’s bad + slight ooc Tim.

— requested.




She’s shrugging off my large leather jacket, not bothered by the money bulging the pockets.

“That was fun, huh?” She’s fucking crazy, isn’t she? But she’s mine and she knows it.

“Yeah,” I smirk. Buck’s downstairs and the music sucks. “‘Expected you to chicken out.”

“Like I’d ever.” She tosses a heater on the bed and catches my eye. “It’s fake — got it out of my brother’s room. Glad you care, though.”

I take her by the waist and throw her onto the bed and she giggles. I laugh and we do that disgusting thing she likes.

She grins at me with her head on my chest. “I got you to cuddle.”

I roll my eyes but I ain’t really ticked off much. “Don’t rub it in, you bitch.”

“Hey!” She gasps. “That’s gonna cost you.”

That’s what I hate about her. I hate it so much I could kill someone. If she was anyone else, if she was Sylvia, I’d of kicked her out by now.

Dallas Winston doesn’t fucking cuddle. And he doesn’t apologize and he doesn’t give butterfly kisses without expecting a few special favors, you dig?

But I start peppering her with kisses. Innocent ones, and I don’t know why.

“What’re you gonna do with all that money?” I have a few ideas, some part of me doesn’t like one of ‘em too much.

“Probably buy a pack ‘er two,” I say.

She takes a deep breath and climbs on top of me. She’s such a tease but I love her.

She’s hugging me and not moving so I groan. She gets me all worked up, but I guess it ain’t real hard to do.

“See, now pig-Dallas is back.” She comments. I’m playing with her hair and twirling it around. She likes that.

“Pig-Dally never left,” I grin and she hits me.

“I love you,” she bites her lip. She scoots a bit higher on me and puts her lips to mine.

I can’t describe kissing. It’s different with her. I can’t describe how it feels when I kiss her. And if I could I wouldn’t, because I’m not mushy like that.

“I know you won’t say it back,” she says. “But that’s okay.”

We lay there for a while. Someone knocks on the door and I start swearing.

“Glory, Dally, contain yourself.”

She gets up and whips open the door. Fucking Tim’s there with his ugly scar.

“You get lucky, Dally Winston?” He asks.

“Fuck off. You’re here for what, again?”

“Relax,” my girl says. “He owes me.”

I scoff and light up. The fuck kind of business she got with him? He’s nothing more'n a fucking loser. I’d kill him if we didn’t know each other for so long.

“About that,” he trails off.

Her head tilts to the side. “You thinkin’ about not givin’ me my money, huh? Fucking dirtbag is what you are, Shepard.”

“Hey,” he cackles. “I got the dough, doll. Sure are feisty.”

“Who told you that — Sylvia?” She busts out, laughing. I look at Tim ‘cause I have no idea what she’s implyin’. “She didn’t tell you? I made her bleed the other night. Once you get past all that eyeliner and slutty-ness she ain’t more than a petty little girl.”

They exchange money and something else.

“You must have a lotta’ fun with this one, huh? Crazy broad.” Tim remarks.

“Yeah,” she nods quickly before I can tell him we ain’t like that. “Tons.”

“Somethin’ like that,” I agree. Nothin’ like that, is the real truth.

Tim leaves.

“I hear my brother downstairs,” Y/N says eventually. “I should go,” she grabs my leather jacket and tucks more money in the pockets.

“Glory, spendin’ less and less time with me, aren’t you, now?” We grin at each other and suddenly I don’t mind the stunt she pulled.

She comes over to me and climbs on my stomach again and leans down to kiss me and I want her to keep it going but she stops. “Nothing I said to him was true.”

I think for a second. “You never beat up Sylvia?”

“'Course I did; the bitch!” She smiles totally unaffected. “I may have pulled a switch on her, too.”

“You ever gonna get outta here? Brother’s waiting on you, doll.“

“Yeah, I’m going. I love you, alright, Dallas? Don’t go getting into trouble.”

“I won’t.”


She starts walking away, and I’m sure I fell off my rocker. “I love you.”

I don’t ever usually say that. When Y/N leaves I get my shit together and run off to the Curtis place.

Door’s open and I remember to put out my cigarette. My fucking hair is everywhere and the money’s gonna slip out my jeans.

“Glory, I’d of thought y'all were dead,” I drawl at the threshold.

All the guys are spread around the little television watching something I don’t recognize. I don’t get to watching tv real often.

Johnny looks up at me. “Dal? That you?”

I scoff. “Yeah ‘n you’d know it if these fucking lights were on.” I clap loudly, “rise and shine, idiots. Fuckin’ bright outside. Don’t waste the sunlight while you got it.”

“Aye, aye,” Two-Bit Mathews whines and gets his ass up. “Why’re you interrupting a perf'icly good nap time?”

“I need ‘ta talk to you guys.”

That seems to be what it takes for them to get their asses up.

Ponyboy, the kid, sits up and drags Sodapop up. Steve goes and gets me a beer 'n I know Darry’ll flip if finds out the kid brought booze.

“You ain’t thinking of doing nothing stupid, right?”

“Already did,” I grin. “Today with Y/N. I’m just swimming in cash, man.”

Randle gets annoyed by that. I start opening all the blinds and curtains and sunlight streams through all the windows and stuff. It’s real bright, now.

Feels happier too. Light’s positive and shit, right? That’s what everyone says, ain’t it?

“I’ve been thinkin’ about something… 'n someone.” I explain, itching for a weed.

The kid senses it and lights me up one. Darry always yanks my chain about smoking in their house but I guess it’s 'cause I tear through 'em like they’re candy.

“So, what’s up, Dally?” Soda asks with that irritating smile. I wanna say something to make it disappear but I stop myself. Y/N wouldn’t want me to do it.

I run a hand through my hair. It’s getting long but Y/N likes it and I don’t got the time to cut it.

“I,” I can’t meet their eyes. “I got this crazy idea and you guys like that stuff so I think it’ll be cool —”

“What is it, Dally?” Johnny asks softly.

Y/N likes him a ton. She likes Ponyboy too, which makes no sense to me. I hate him. The kid's just a weird little dude.

“I think…” I start unsure. “I think I wanna marry my girl, Y/N.”

They start making all these crazy sounds like animals like I figured. Maybe it was stupid for me to think for even a second I could go through with this whole thing.

“Fucking forget it,” I growl and start to leave. I’d just go back to Buck’s, maybe ask some drunk tool what they think.

“You’re serious, man?” Steve asks me. They think I’m fucking kidding?

I narrow my eyes. “You think I’d fucking kid around about that shit?”

Soda looks at me and he ain’t laughing or nothing anymore. “Dally, you really love her? I mean, if you do I think it’s great.”

“You on something?” Mathews gets up and looks in my eyes. “Naw. You’d break her heart, man. You really wanna stick wit 'er for the rest of your life?”

That’s the weird thing about Y/N. I could spend eternity with her and only her. She ain’t like the other girls. “Glory, I think so. Sometimes I feel like I gotta two-time 'er but then I always stop myself.”

The kid shuts the fucking book next to him. Who was he to give me advice about broads? “You’re trying not to fall in love with her, Dally. But I guess it’s too late for that.”

“If you’re gonna stick by her, you should, Dal. But you can’t mess things up with her,” Johnny says. “You can’t break her.”


“I don’t intend to,” I don’t really mean to, but I snap it at him and the boys.

“I can’t believe you’re going settle down first,” Two-Bit shakes his head with dismay or something.

“You’re not gonna keep gettin’ in trouble then, right?” The kid asks me. Shit, I never thought of that. Y/N really hates when I spend the night in the cooler and stuff.

Soda looks at his greasy hands. “Where’re you gonna get the money for the ring?”

I grin and feel the cash in my pockets. “Got that covered. Me and the girl bagged a real nice gas station today.”

I can tell the boys are jealous of her. Why wouldn’t they be? Evie and their girls couldn’t pull off something like that. Not like Y/N can.

“You got yourself somethin’ special, Winston. Don’t blame you for puttin’ a ring on it,” Steve laughs dryly and sips his beer. “She’s real tough, huh?”

“She’s only tough for show,” I tell him. “She still picks flowers and sings and cuddles and all that shit.”

Ponyboy snickers and throws his stupid head back. God, that kid can be annoying sometimes. “Dally, don’t that mean that you cuddle 'and all that shit’?”

“Hey, hey,” Soda pushes the kid lightly before I can smack him senseless. “I think it’s just dandy they can bring out that sweet stuff in each other.”

I look at the guys for real this time. “So you think I should marry 'er?”

Johnny shrugs with finality. “Yeah, I do, Dally. I really do. But for the right reasons. You gotta promise not to cheat on her or nothin’. Marriage is supposed to be eternal, you know? Lasts forever.”

“I love her,” I say and I can’t believe those words are coming out of my mouth. I sound whipped or something. Dallas and Y/N Winston, it has a ring to it, doesn’t it?


Fuck, I think I’m really gonna go through with this. I’m getting married. Dallas Winston is getting married. “I’m gonna marry her, man. I’m getting married.”

 Steve grins at me. “Congratu-fuckin’-lations, man!”

“I never thought this day would come!” Pony’s gonna faint or something.

Even Johnny’s grinning, now. “You what’ll happen when we get hitched, don’t ya?” I ask him. “We’re gonna have to get our own place. Me and the ball 'n chain, man.”

“Okay,” Johnny says. “That sounds neat, Dal.”  

“Well,” I don’t meet his eyes. “I think Y/N and I wouldn’t mind sparing the guest room for ya, Johnny…”

His eyes widen to a gigantic size. “You serious, man? Gosh, thank you. Thank you, Dally — I mean it.”

“Let’s go look for rings or something,“ I snort. I can only imagine Y/N’s reaction to me proposing. How the fuck was I gonna do that?



I finally got this posted! Wasn’t too bad for a Dally POV, right? I feel like I wasn’t sappy enough, but I tried to fix that with the cute ending. What’s an imagine without fluff, am I right?

expect some timothy shepard imagines soon :))