• Winston:Mercy, forgive me, I tried to stop him. But when I pleaded with him, he merely responded with—and pardon my French, no offense—
  • Widowmaker:Some taken.
  • Winston:"Fuck the police.“ He then proceeded to tilt every painting he passed on the way here.
  • Mercy:(Sigh) Oh God...walking through that hallway is going to give me such a headache now.
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  • (McCree, Lucio, Tracer, Genji and the other overwatch kids all shuffle into the classroom in Watchpoint:Gibraltar)
  • Gabriel Reyes:Alright kids, it’s time for class.
  • Tracer:Excuse me! When will Mr. Morrison come back from his reassignment?
  • Gabriel Reyes:well if he’s smart he’ll stay away as long as he can, but until he comes back, I will be your substitute teacher.
  • (Mercy and Mei appear behind rolling blackboards)
  • Mei:Hello, children, who wants to learn about weather manipulation!?
  • (All the kids speaking at once)
  • Kid Winston:(Raising hand eagerly) Oh, oh! I do, I do!
  • Genji:(Waving hand insistently, trying to impress Dr. Ziegler) I do, Miss Zhou!
  • Junkrat:(In the back, glaring at Mei) NO ONE DOES.
  • Gabriel Reyes:(Points aggressively into the crowd of kids trying to find out who said that)
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Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley in a Harry Winston diamond choker photographed by Mark Seliger for Elle US, December 2015.

Jealous Glader

Winston x Fem!Reader

Requested By Anon

Winston glowered across the glade as you talked with Newt. He’d been keeping an eye on you all morning and had spotted Newt helping you more than normal and he didn’t like it.

After the afternoon slowly slid into the evening Winston made his way to the kitchens to help out, sighing when he saw you’d gone with Newt to light the fire.

“Why don’t you go talk to her so you can get out of my kitchen.” Frypan grumbled.


“Wouldn’t want to interrupt her day with Newt.” Winston huffed and was quickly shoved in the direction of the fire.

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anonymous asked:

concept: for christmas, poinsettia reaper

I want Santa Roadhog and just something winter themed Mei, maybe Grinch Winston or reindeer Winston? And ornament throwing Zenyatta or Candy Cane Mercy! Ahh I like Christmas too much ;;

taylor-carnage  asked:

Sylvia and Evie for the platonic ask?

- who steals french fries off the other’s plate?

evie eats all sylvias fries like wicked subtly so sylvia doesn’t even notice until theyre all gone

- who jokingly moves in for the kiss when someone asks if they’re a couple?

sylvia just like wraps herself around evie and is like giving her hickeys before the person who asked can even finish their sentence

- who has to bust or bail the other out of jail?

evie just like rolls into the police station every time she can’t find sylvia and is like “is the bitch here” and the officers like “yeah she was drunk and tried to assault seven officers with a lightsaber”

- who gives the other advice/comfort about dating issues?

evie gives great advice because she’s the only person in a stable relationship 

- who shamelessly cheats at games by reaching over to cover the other’s eyes?

sylvia tries to but evie like bites her hand when she does

- who immediately calls dibs on the top bunk?

sylvia like knocks evie over to get to the top bunk

- who starts and who wins the pillow fights?

sylvia starts, but evie wins because she like fakes an injury and then snipes her

- who says “your pants would look better on their floor” to the other’s potential crush?

sylvia says this to Steve on the behalf of evie at least ten times a night
How Tech Helped Winston-Salem Quit Tobacco
The North Carolina city was once a major producer of cigarettes in the country. Now it’s manufacturing human organs. By COLIN WOODARD

Inside a suite of laboratories nestled amid what was once the world’s largest tobacco manufacturing complex, a team of researchers is growing human bladders, tracheas and muscles using the patients’ own cells. In another laboratory, workers are producing human ears and tissue with a 3D printer. In the not-too-distant future they hope to “bioprint” kidneys, noses, livers and other tailor-made organs and tissue for surgical implantation. It’s work that’s healing wounded soldiers and sick civilians, but it’s also a remarkably apt metaphor for the regeneration that has helped bring this city of 230,000 back to life.

Just 20 years ago, Winston-Salem was a city in decline. Prostitutes and drug dealers roamed Trade Street, once the commercial heart of the city, while to the east, abandoned tobacco factory buildings stretched for block after block, a reminder of the downsizing of R.J. Reynolds, the city’s most famous corporate citizen, which had merged with food giant Nabisco and moved its headquarters to Atlanta. Punk rockers were jamming late into the night in lonely loft space at the center of the city because there was nobody around to bother. Once one of the richest and most powerful cities in the Southeast, it had lost tens of thousands of jobs as its manufacturing base retrenched or fled the North Carolina Piedmont altogether; its leadership was in shock. “We had been like a baby in the womb,” then Mayor Martha Wood later told the New York Times. “Reynolds had really nurtured this city. And over the years, the parent had provided.”

Today, the skeletal remains of Winston-Salem’s manufacturing history have been reanimated as labs, co-working space, university classrooms and swank loft apartments. People do yoga on the lawns and sip coffee under the umbrellas of a new downtown park completed last year in the shadow of the R.J. Reynolds company’s coal-fired power plant, now being transformed into restaurants and research labs. The expanding 200-acre research complex—dubbed the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter—employs more than 3,100 in 65 companies and five academic institutions, and is preparing to more than double its footprint. Trade Street is now a thriving arts-and-entertainment quarter, a shopping and nightlife destination, just as it was in the postwar years. The city’s once-neglected 1920s skyscrapers have been transformed into apartments and a hip Kimpton hotel. Over $1.6 billion has been invested in downtown over the past 15 years, much of it the result of the creation of the Innovation Quarter, the nation’s fastest growing research park which has its most famous rival, the Research Triangle near Raleigh, looking over its shoulder, not least because its located in the heart of a thriving city, not in an isolated suburban campus.

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fuckyesdallaswinston  asked:

give me angela and curly headcanons or you will die in 7 days

lit sign me up

haha jk ok here we go

- Curly is naturally a really good singer and he plays the guitar!!!
- he’s played since he was about 9
-Angela being about a year younger than him, was OBSESSED with the Wizard of Oz
- when their parents left, Angela would have really bad nightmares, so Curly would sing her “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to calm her nerves as she tried to sleep
- when Angela had her friends over, she’d BEG curly to put on a mini concert for them
- he did
- he loves to show off
- Angela friends would SWOON and they all had a pretty big crush on Curly
- but curly is #gay and he didn’t notice
- Angela could tell he was homosexual before curly could even tell himself
- she saw how he acted around Ponyboy and how he looked at guys walking on the streets
- when curly finally realized he was gay, he Pulled A Dally and pushed those emotions waaaaaay down into the depths of his soul
- Angela Could Tell
- she can always tell
- She could see that Curly got IRRITATED whenever her friends would talk to him/swoon over him and she put a stop to it
- literally he only liked the attention when they were smol
- curly also really likes to draw!!
- he would sometimes draw some makeup styles and have Angela do them on her face
- whenever it worked out nicely he would get really happy!!
- they made up names for the looks too
- but nobody got to know except them
- and NOBODY got to see his notebook with his drawings
- except ponyboy