wins losses and lessons

words for self

I’ve heard it’s hard to forgive
the ones that hurt you
but what about you
when you’re your toughest critic
when you overthink your mistakes
and question why you did it
how can you forgive yourself
for knowing you should’ve done better
thoughts to myself
while staring at my ceiling
learning to take to heart words from my mother
and never comparing myself to another
because your life is your life
and no one can compare
you can’t control it all
but you can control your attitude
make every loss a lesson
and every win a blessing
learning to be grateful for everything
because once I believed in me
I had everything.

WTNV Tarot

5 OF SWORDS - The Carnival

“Dynamism and determination overwhelm kindheartedness. The victor believes he is right and honorable, but has little compassion or empathy. Victory at what cost? Are those former friends walking away beaten and intimidated? Short term victory that may result in long term loss.  A lesson that you can never win with some people, and sometimes you just have to walk away.”

The Carnival is a great example of Night Vale’s hostility towards outsiders and self-righteous fury.  It is a town that suffers overall from its unwillingness to accept change.  Maureen’s disappointment and frustration at the end of the episode reflects that.

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