New Information

Rips into CPEX’s data has revealed that characters have arcade winquotes against Hibiki Kohaku. Take this with a grain of salt, but it’s interesting information, nonetheless.

Ragna: Those moves aren’t for combat. You sure you want to do this for Kagura?

Jin: Hm… This is the legacy of the Kohaku family, yes? Little wonder Kagura trusts you so.

Noel: Wow, that was amazing! You’re just like a ninja. I… huh? D-Don’t compare you to him…? Who’s him?! What do you mean?!

Rachel: Your cooking is exquisite. Why not leave the service of that cad and enter mine instead?

Tao: *Sniff* *Sniff* I smell food! Make me something! Food!

Teiga: It is good to meet another man who understands the… difficulty of service.

Litchi: Your commander is unpleasantly single-minded whenever he talks to me… Could you… do something about that?

Arakune: No interest… Not… worth eat.

Bang: Your form was brilliant! You should become a ninja of Ikaruga! What say you? N-No?! That is… unfortunate.

Carl: You’ll have to be more than just fast to beat us.

Haku: One of the Mutsuki children? Begone. You lack the power necessary to create change.

Nu: Calculating target’s combat effectiveness. Evaluation reduced to “C”. Examining target.

Tsubaki: You are under arrest, by order of the Imperator. We have questions about Colonel Mutsuki. Answer them honestly.

Hazama: Your dedication just warms my heart! I’d love to have you come work for us in Intelligence. Oh, and, you know, if you feel like talking about Colonel Mutsuki, that would be nice too.

Mu: Um, if you don’t mind, could you… not tell Kagura about this? About how I look, I mean.

Makoto: Hibiki, I need to talk to you about Colonel… What? You’ve already got a bunch of complaints? …Yeah, that figures.

Valk: Your loyalty and devotion are unimpeachable, but your combat effectiveness is somewhat less so.

Platinum: I’m so hungry… You’ll feed me if I say that, right? Somebody told me that.

Relius: An interesting technique, but ultimately not one worthy of research.

Izayoi: I can sense Captain Kohaku’s spirit in you. I see you have aligned your sense of justice with Colonel’s Mutsuki’s.

Amane: Mmm, I think you might give Carl a run for his money. I like you, young man! You should join our troupe at once!

Bullet: You’ve got some weird techniques. Are you a mercenary? As a fellow woman I should tell… What? You’re a man?

Azrael: Ha! That’s all I’m going to get out of the Black Knight’s squire? Guess your master won’t be much of a challenge either, then…

Kagura: Ugh, fighting you is exhausting. Maybe we can put some of that energy into our next mission? I believe in you!

Kokonoe: Hmph… About what I’d expect from Kagura’s right hand. If you’d applied yourself differently, you could’ve been something else.

Terumi: If you’re so devoted to your “master” then why don’t you run along home and polish his shoes or something? HA HA HA!

Celica: Gosh Hibiki, you really can do anything, can’t you?

Lambda: Target threat level has declined. Verifying… Target confirmed as non-hostile. Standing by for further orders.

Again, take this with a grain of salt. Regardless, thanks to the ripper for doing this.