wino weinrich

The last couple of days, Im digging my Vitus albums again, and even though I like all Saint Vitus periods, I can’t deny that the “Wino” albums are my favourite. I really love this dude, and not only through Vitus. His vocals, his lyrics and his guitar tone are amazing in all of his projects.

Some months ago, I had the chance to talk to him after Spirit Caravan’s concert in Athens. I wont forget how kind and low profile he was. The guy that deserves to drink from the same bottle with Iommi and Lemmy, was totally friendly and cool,  answering my questions.

Matt Pike (Sleep, High on Fire), talking about Wino, once said: “If anyone deserves to be a rock-star is that guy”. I second that.  

Long live mr. Weinrich.


Wino interviewed by cool little lad.