The comic series I followed while growing up was ElfQuest. The Original Quest through Kings of the Broken Wheel was my favourite because Wendy Pini was doing all the drawing (and most of the inking). All of her characters looked unique because she didn’t have a single ‘cookie cutter’ body and face type. 

It’s all available to read online now, so you don’t need to spend years piecing together stories through used book stores.

Nice Guy Rayek

I don’t understand why the elves are allowing this. There was a time when Winnowill being imprisoned was presented as a necessity. But that time has apparently passed. Now, it seems, that Winnowill could be safely separated from Rayek. But now Rayek is refusing to give her up.

Worse, he basically says that he will refuses to free her until she loves him back.

Rayek: Not even you, Timmain, can know the depth of my love. Winnowill is capable of it, too, if only… I-I won’t be parted from her! I must feel her love returned in full measure.

That’s HORRIBLE. He is literally holding her soul hostage until he can make her love him.

I mean, his presumption that HIS LOVE is so much more deep and complete and pure and sincere than any love ever known is typically arrogant and characteristic of Rayek, but his refusing to release her soul until she loves him is despicable.

If this story arc DOES play out with Rayek finally convincing Winnowill to love him, doesn’t that kind of reinforce that being a Nice Guy™ works? “No matter how much she hates you, if you show her enough affection, she’ll eventually change her mind.” And that would be considered REDEMPTION for Winnowill???? That’s awful. It doesn’t matter how evil Winnowill was. This is NOT justice.