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So my city, Winnipeg, is hosting the Juno Awards this year - for those who don’t know, the Junos are Canada’s major music awards. And this year, they’re considering having Robin Thicke as host. But the Winnipeg Free Press stated that it might not happen, if “humourless feminists wish hard enough”.

It made me sick. People need to know that glorifying rape is not okay at all, and that people who hate Robin Thicke’s song because they have been raped are not “humourless feminists”. I do not want this asshole in my city. Please signal-boost the crap out of this.

Winnipeg Woman Feeds Homeless Despite Her Poverty

A Native Winnipeg woman who prepares meals of bannock and soup and distributes clothes for the homeless needs a little help this holiday season.
According to a report from the Winnipeg Free Press, Althea Guiboche, a single mother who started “Got Bannock” in 2012, which is a grassroots mission to help feed the homeless, is in danger of losing her car, which she uses to transport meals, for failure to pay off speeding tickets.