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This Day in 1D History - July 24


  • Always x


  • Zayn gets in a late thanks
  • Mark gives us what we need, bless him
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Denver, USA


  • “Keep finding great pics on my phone! Louis and liam on the set of our macys Xmas commercial for the perfume last year” (via Niall’s Twitter) (of course)


  • Niall and Julian sneak peek Hey Angel on snapchat!!
  • Julian BLASTS Never Enough in his hotel room!!
  • (Julian was super hyped for MITAM last year damn)
  • pre-show M&G love
  • On the Road Again Tour concert—Winnipeg, Canada  feat. Hero (”WHY IS NO ONE KISSING ANYONE?!?!”)


alright so in light of this new pic of Louis and a baby and lots of Larries losing their shit I thought I’d share my concert experience… seems like a random time to share this I know, BUT this concert was July 24th in Winnipeg… months after Louis supposedly knocked up B so his reaction to my poster should be a bit of a reassurance during these trying times (someone plz save us).

I was 5th row. I kept my sign down most of the night to not bother people behind me, plus the 2 girls beside me were antis and I really didn’t feel like getting comments thrown at me or anything considering my sign was clearly very Larry lol 

Anyway, during the last song Louis was standing directly in front of me, singing/looking towards my general area. It was the perfect time to whip up my sign, so voila. I saw his eyes move up to check it out and he spent a few seconds looking at it. I froze and just stared at him with my Resting Bitch Face, lord help me. He looked from the sign down to me and made solid eye contact with me while singing. He was smiling and kept his finger pointed at me and when I didn’t acknowledge him after a good 5 seconds he started waving to me. I, at this point, still had not moved oh my god, so he keeps fucking waving because he’s a precious bub. Like, time was just marching onward and he’s still smiling and waving and pointing and determined to get my freaking attention. Finally I snapped out of it and i just remember thinking “HOLY FUCK HE’S WAVING AT ME” so I somehow coordinated all my muscles and managed to wave back and smile.

The whole thing wasn’t outrageous or anything but his reaction was SO positive and obviously he knew exactly what my sign was implying because he’s not stupid… and if he legit:

A) cheated on Harry with a girl and things were bad between H&L - I think my sign would have made him uncomfortable, which he clearly was not.

B) was never with Harry in the first place - again, sign would have been awkward, he would have ignored me.

His reaction was so reassuring to me in that moment that everything was all good with him and Harry, and it was what, 2 or 3 months after B got pregs? so yeah, just… he didn’t cheat, he was still happily with Harry, it’s not his baby (although it is a tiny cute munchkin) and this will all be sorted sooner or later :) 

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