Y’all really wouldn’t vote for Victor in the end? Like he didn’t have these buybacks handed to him, he won them rightfully. He has won 4 comps and is tied for most HOH wins this season. As much as I want a Meech/Nat win, he is a huge threat and if he went to the end I feel like he has proven himself again and again. I mean, unless the jury is bitter he got two extra chances but like Z/D jumped and B/P couldn’t beat him themselves so if they are that petty it’s dumb. And if Paul is in jury that’s a fifth vote right there… Compared to Corey/Nicole/James who have done nothing…really?

despite who wins this season… i want y’all to remember what kind of epic female cast we had. problematic behaviour and cattiness aside, the girls were (are) strong, smart, competitive and rooting for each other. and i’m really proud. they really did, just that.

I’m confused by all the James hate. Like, I get that he’s a flop with game play, but sometimes he makes smart movies. Also, he’s good for Nat’s game at this point, and Nicole is not. Also, he’s the least offensive guy in the house. Like, has he been a part of all the sexist bullshit the other guys have said??? Maybe he has and I missed it, I dunno. I don’t want James to win the season, I just want him to win this HoH.

Hold You Tight

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If there was something Hykwoo looked forward every day apart from going to AOMG’s office to further develop his music rather than treating it as his job, it was coming back home every night. For him, nothing could top the fact that at the end of the day he’d be able to see you again in the apartment you two shared.

Before he met you he only loved two things: his mom and hiphhop. He poured his heart in making the best music so that he could give his mom, whom he loved unlike anyone in the world, a better life. He worked hard, knowing that one day everything would pay off, and after winning the first season of Show Me The Money and joining AOMG he knew he was well on his way.

But amidst his success, he felt an invisible pit inside him, tugging him down from time to time. Whenever his seniors introduced and brought their girlfriends, he always tried to hide the pang of jealousy in his heart. Just as he was happy for them, he didn’t want to covet what they had. Still he was a human—a healthy man to be exact—and he wanted to be loved.

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letting victor stay over corey who doesn’t even know what’s happening 98% of the time????? i mean i hate them both but this is just stupid why do they trust victor why would he suddenly go against paul it makes no sense these girls had such a good read on the game and they’re falling for this shit another pos male is gonna win this season

Paul HAS to win. He is the only one who will protect Victor, and he’s getting James or Corey out. I’m in full on stan mode with Victor and Nicole, and waiting for Natalie to redeem her last HOH week. I don’t even care anymore. This is what I want.

Honestly though, Victor and Paul are the only ones who really deserve to win this season. Natalie and Nicole could redeem themselves, but if they go to F2 with Paul or Vic, they’re losing anyway.

The Raiders just made another big move in their push to relocate to Las Vegas

(Raiders fans may not see a single win this season.Getty Images)

The Oakland Raiders seem to be pushing forward in their quest to leave the Bay Area after they filed for three trademarks for the phrase “Las Vegas Raiders,” according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

The move for the trademarks is to allow the Raiders organization the exclusive right to use the phrase for sporting events and to advertise on everything from helmets to bikinis.

However, as Rovell points out, it could take some time:

“Six individuals have sought to trademark the phrase before the Raiders did and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reviews filings in the order in which they received them. Those individuals — who all filed their trademarks on Jan. 29 and Jan. 30 when owner Mark Davis began his flirtation with moving to the city — will likely then have to make the case that their filing is unrelated to the team.”

The team has not sought to trademark a logo yet, but they are moving ahead with a plan for a new domed football stadium that could cost an estimated $2 billion. The project is supported by the Raiders organization, Las Vegas Sands, and a realtor and has the backing of the state.

Still, as we’ve previously noted, stadium financing is only the first step in a long process to relocate a team.

If the financing for a new stadium in Las Vegas were to pass, 24 of 32 NFL owners would still need to approve of the relocation.

It remains unclear which way the ownership is leaning.

When Stan Kroenke moved the Rams from St. Louis to Los Angeles, we learned that NFL ownership is staunchly divided between old-guard owners like the Mara and Rooney families and the comparatively new-money owners like Jerry Jones and Kroenke.

It’s not inaccurate to think that these two factions of ownership will also butt heads on Las Vegas: John Mara has expressed trepidation about Las Vegas because of the casinos, whereas Jones and Kroenke are reportedly interested in the Las Vegas for the same reasons they were interested in Los Angeles: It is another big market for the league to tap into.

For now, we’re still a long way away from any vote. But the latest news of trademarks certainly means Mark Davis has every intention of making that vote take place sometime in the future.

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