Simply Basketball Preseason Awards 

Before the first week of the NBA ends, I would like to pick out my favorites to win the season awards. Let me know what you guys think and who are your favorites?


1. Lebron James 

2. James Harden 

Defensive Player of the Year 

1. Kawhi Leonard 

2. Hassan Whiteside 

Most Improved Player 

1. D’Angelo Russell

2. Dennis Shroder 

Rookie of the Year 

1. Joel Embiid 

2. Kris Dunn

Sixth Man of the Year 

1. Enes Kanter 

2. Andre Igoudala 


Brandon Ingram didn’t have a ton of highlights in his NBA debut. But this finish was one of them, and he and the Lakers looked very entertaining in their season-opening win.

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13 July 2014 - Dekalb, IL 

Crowley For King of Hell

I’m sure we all know Crowley.

Let me show you a couple of words that describe him (x):

Here are some fabulous quotes by the classy demon himself:

Now I know what you’re thinking. “What would I get if I let Crowley be King of Hell”?

You get someone you can make deals with instead of someone who’d snap your neck in an instant. A sane person willing to blackmail, bribe, and lie his way to the top. You get free virgins and the free will to be as sneaky as you want to be without forcing people to do what you want like a savage. A civil hell where everyone waits in a line for the rest of eternity. A democratic, business hell that will keep order and stay evil in the funnest of ways.

With Crowley comes free will and order.

With Crowley, comes a hell you can negotiate with.

Vote for Democracy and Cut Throat Business Tactics and Someone Who Won’t Wear Either Dean or the Moose as a Meat Suit.

Vote Crowley.