Truly sorry.

I had these home plants for over a year and never knew what they were called, until I did a thorough search… only to find out their actual name is 🍃 ‘Rubber Tree’ 🍃 Seriously tho?! #realplantcalledrubbertree But I love them, they’re such low maintenance, I water them every 2 weeks and clean the leaves with a wet cloth, plus they’re the only plants my cats don’t destroy. Win, win. ✘

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@People that voted for Gary Johnson

You fucked me
You fucked me, all LGBT people, women, and minorities 
You just couldn’t get your head out of your ass and realize Hillary isn’t nearly as fucking bad Trump. You just had to take the moral high ground and support the moron who couldn’t name a single fucking world leader. You just couldn’t sit down and take a SERIOUS REALISTIC look at the election and realize voting 3rd party would usher Trump into office. 

A Trump win won’t destroy the country, but it will damage our culture big time. A Trump presidency will tell the racists and homophobes of the country (of which there are a lot) that their shitty beliefs are not only ok, but their beliefs are leading this country now. 

In summary, if you didn’t vote for Hillary, eat shit this is your fault

Here’s a bright side because I need one.  If Donald Trump wins this election, it will definitely be a disaster, especially in the short term.  But it will also fuck the Republican party over for the foreseeable future.  They will no longer be able to pretend that this never happened; they will no longer be able to act as if Donald Trump wasn’t a part of the Republican history.  If he wins, he will destroy the United States, and the Republican party will go down in fucking flames, and it will take them decades to recover, if they ever even can.  This is the only bright side, the one spark that I’m holding onto in this darkness.

But, like.

Emma hearing this from Meg.

Emma realizing her good man, her hero, her true love hasn’t been destroyed. That he’s still him. That he’s still sacrificing himself and trusting in her. That he’s fighting for her already, on the slenderest chance Meg can reach her.

That the darkness did not win.

I’m so fucking emotional right now I just.


Which Sonic-For-Real-Justice Mod Should You Fight?

Sonic | Who wins: You
PLEASE fight Mod Sonic. I will pay you. This hedgehog is all talk, no game. His girlfriend Amy will not help rally the troops to bring you to “justice”, and without her sway, he is lost. Mod Sonic is corrupt and must pay the price. A coup is much needed. Fight Mod Sonic.

Amy | Who wins: Amy
She will destroy you. She has done it before, and will do it again. Mod Amy is ruthless and cruel, and with Mod Sonic’s added backup power, will absolutely ruin you. Do it anyway. Avenge Mod Silver. Fight Mod Amy.

Tails | Who wins: You
Tails doesn’t want to fight. They will leave when it starts getting hairy. They may try to swing the tide in their favor with emotional warfare, but it won’t work. Don’t fight them, it isn’t worth it.

Shadow | Who wins: Shadow
This guy will wreck your shit. He just doesn’t give a fuck. I wouldn’t recommend it, he’ll just embarrass you in front of everyone you’ve ever loved. Hell, he’ll embarrass you in front of your dog. This fight is followed by a transformation almost on par with that of a magical girl - he will throw one last, nose breaking, teeth shattering, bone cracking punch, and fly back up to the stars where he belongs. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Mod Shadow.

Knuckles | Who wins: Knuckles
She is done with the bullshit. Don’t even try, unless you want your ass handed to you by the law. This one is an expert in the field of keeping people in line. She’ll break most bones in your body and then some - after that, she’ll bring you to the hospital, once you promise to never attempt that again. Fight Mod Knuckles. I dare you.

Silver | Who wins: Nobody
why would you fight this precious flower

Sally | Who wins: You
They’re too caught up in the drama that has been forced upon them. If you have to do it, do it fast. They don’t deserve this, they’re already going through enough as it is. Don’t fight Mod Sally.

Tikal | Who wins: You, but full of regret
What would make you do such a thing? Mod Tikal was sweet and kind. They only wanted to help the blog. If you have to fight her, the haunting memory of their pleas will follow you in to those deep endless nights, where you are left alone with only your thoughts.
Don’t fight Mod Tikal.

Lord, may Your perfect, Eternity-winning, death-destroying, life-giving love for us cast out all fear - even the deeply rooted ones we try to hide away. Hallelujah - our Redeemer L I V E S. We have reason not to fear.

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Lord Dominator, The Heart Breaker and Fairytale Killer

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In “The Date,” viewers are introduced to a pink and purple heart-shaped planet with an arrow lodged through the middle. There’s symbolic significance to this particular planet, especially in regards to Lord Hater. 

“The Date” is where the seed for the idea “Lord Hater wants a girlfriend” gets planted. He gets stood up for a romantic dinner date, but becomes absolutely exhilarated when he goes out on a long and fun night with Linguini von Breadstick (Sylvia in disguise). In short, this planet is where Lord Hater experiences one of the most romantic nights of his life. It’s where viewers see his softer, sweeter side; how vulnerable he really is behind the tough and overconfident facade. Though, viewers also learn just how much of an all or nothing deal romance is for Hater: He either wins the girl or destroys her. Over the course of the episode, Lord Hater threatens to blow up the heart planet twice: once after getting stood up, the second when he forces Sylvia (Linguini von Breadstick) into marrying him. For argument’s sake, let’s say that the heart planet represents Lord Hater’s heart. 

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Another important factor to note is that Wander himself also sees Lord Hater’s more vulnerable side. He even comments on what kind of impact he thinks the right lady would have on Hater. Perhaps, she’d make him so happy that he’d become a better, nicer fellow. This ties into how much Wander adores fairy tales. From “Battle Royale” onward, he adopts Lord Hater’s fairytale fantasy with the same original gusto he gave Brad Starlight’s quest in “The Hero.” 

So, over the course of the Lord Dominator arc, there’s emphasis on Lord Hater’s all-consuming infatuation with Dom and Wander’s infatuation with orchestrating a real-time fairytale romance. 

Symbolic Significance of the Heart Planet

Why I took time out to set up the heart planet as a symbolic stand-in for Lord Hater’s heart is because of a specific sequence in “My Fair Hatey.” During Dom’s big musical number, her ship is drilling for Volcanium X…on a very familiar heart-shaped planet. She presses her face against the glass, watching with wide, gleeful eyes as the planet “shrivels up and dies.”

One of the major points for the episode is Lord Hater getting rejected and absolutely heartbroken. This serves as an eerie, heartstring-pulling visual since it shows just how much of a number it’s taking on the poor skeleton man. He was at the pique of obsessive, hopeful infatuation. His fantasies were bright and vivid, he’s willingly reached out to his greatest archnemesis for help at least twice now, and he ignored obvious red flags more than once. In “The Rival,” he ignored that Dom outright called him an ‘idiot’ and spoke of him in demeaning, belittling terms. On top of that, his enthusiastic musical number showcases that he’s willing to fold his pride and re-think his ambitions if it means winning Dom as his helpmate. He’s fallen so hard, these feelings took over his entirety and being for awhile. He really is a different person “in love.”

So, as the Volcanium X gets sucked out of the heart planet, it’s an appropriate parallel to Lord Hater’s hopes and dreams drying up just as quickly. He truly becomes a defeated, hopeless wreck.

The Death of Wander’s Fairytale Romance Expectations

To some extent, Lord Hater and Wander entertained very similar fairytale fantasies about Dominator. The biggest difference is that Lord Hater’s variant includes the galaxy-conquering power couple twist.

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Some of the lyrics to Dom’s big number are a callback to and shutdown of any fairytale brand expectations whatsoever:

“I’m not the damsel in distress.
I’m not your girlfriend or the frightened princess.
I’m not a little bird who needs your help to fly.
Nope… I’m the bad guy.”

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This scene could be seen as a thematic partner to Princess Demura’s set-up in “The Hero.” The first twist is that Brad Starlight is the true antagonist rather than the Price Charming figure. The second is that Demura can very readily fend for herself and the third is that Demura doesn’t necessarily have a ‘happy ending’ with the Dragon King. Fairytale pairs are brought together by fate or chance. In Demura’s case, she deliberately chose the Dragon King and they’ve spent time cultivating and developing their relationship. While Demura is an obvious parody of and subversion towards fairy tale tropes, this fact shot over Wander’s head. 

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It takes meeting the deadly Dominator and her spelling out her role in bold letters for the message “Life isn’t a fairy tale!” to finally hit home. Another interesting insight are exactly what Hater or Wander expected from Dom. Wander expected her to be a “damsel in distress” or the “frightened princess.” He believed that he and Hater could rescue her from evil through the power of love. Wander’s logic could be chalked up to: Perhaps she’s so evil because she has similar self-confidence and self-esteem issues. There’s some big, dark shadow looming over the sweet, innocent princess. That’s similar to what Wander sees in Lord Hater, so why wouldn’t he expect these results from Lord Dominator? Where the evil villainess gets reformed because she fell in love in other fiction, Wander’s personal hopes, Dom is happy exactly where she is. She’s the darker subversion of a similar trope to what Demura subverted. 

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The “I’m not your girlfriend” line is an obvious allusion to Lord Hater’s grander, overarching goal. Look at the line “I’m not a little bird who needs your help to fly.” While Hater does acknowledge that she’s more capable and powerful than him as a villain, how does he view Dom? Does he believe that they’d be an even more formidable force if they worked together? Technically, Hater isn’t the first to sell the idea of being Dom’s conquering partner. When Emperor Awesome presented the idea in “The Rival,” she accused him of trying to ride her coattails. Awesome believes that he can seduce her into helping him climb up the leader board, if not gain power status. Nobody stands on her level. So, Awesome had ulterior motives, but Hater doesn’t. The way Hater frames his offer, he sets up their potential romance as a mutually beneficial, life-changing arrangement. Love reforms people and for Hatey, gave his life new meaning. Flight is essential to a bird’s daily life. So, Hater sees his offer as similarly important. (I’m sorry for how ridiculously sappy that came across…)

But, of course, Dom doesn’t need or want anybody. She wants to watch everyone and everything burn for her own personal amusement, if nothing else. In regards to Wander and Lord Hater, they’re back to the Looney Tunes chase status quo, but Wander is more worldly aware and Hater has higher capacity for empathy. I’d bet money that Lord Hater will get some redemption before the series ends. He’ll reform somewhat, but not to an extreme degree. 

i didn’t start supporting arsenal to win titles at any fucking cost man i don’t support any of my teams solely because i want to win. i support the teams i do because they represent aspects of the sport i love and respect and that’s not just trophies and glory and it’s definitely not that at any cost.

i love arsenal’s style of play, i love that we have a manager who has consistently denounced homophobia and racism in this sport, i love that we have a core of loyal players who have given us so many years and grown and developed here and made me so damn proud.

i don’t support bringing in a 29 year old racist who has had a single year playing well (HE SCORED FIVE GOALS IN THE PL LAST SEASON OH MY GOD), has no promise of continuing at that level (he’s not even standing out at international level in a very young squad) and given his position has something like 3 more years on him. not only that but his style of play goes against what i believe are the principles of this sport (the diving, the backtalk towards other players and officials), his attitude has consistently been garbage (see previous point and multiple posts detailing this), and it goes against the principles of a club that has always prided itself on cultivating talent not buying it.

you can’t buy class and even if you could, it’s not vardy, not by a long shot. 

While talking with shibaface last night, I came up with a headcanon, which she took and immediately proceeded to make worse. 

Aoba-chan spends time on the beach looking out at the ocean because this is how he finds peace from the voices in his head; the fact that Ren wears some of that ocean water around his neck is a testament to the ocean’s calming influence over Aoba. This is why his hair is blue: the blue reminds him of the ocean and calms him. 

Sei’s hair is black; black is the color that calms him and soothes his mind because the lab is dark when all the lights are out. Or possibly, as TK said, the oblivion of unconsciousness. She also pointed out that Virus and Trip’s rooms are almost entirely decorated in black and their Allmates are black as well…