Lance's Love Interest

Okay guys. I could write a dissertation on why I think Keith will be Lance’s love interest, but that’s pretty much already been done. So what I do want to talk about is why Lance’s love interest won’t be Allura.

Before I get into this, I feel obligated to say that I’m a big ol’ bi sexual. Meaning that I’m not against this ship because ew girls. I’m not against it at all. Sure, I don’t ship it, but personal feelings about a pairing have no basis in cannon analysis.

Lets start with Lance’s vlog

What I got from the vlog is that nobody lies to Lance like Lance lies to Lance. Like seriously, how Lance can breathe beyond those Layers of Bravado is beyond me. He spends the majority of the vlog talking about how Allura probably does like him because he’s such a lady killer and yada yada yada, bull shit, bull shit, bull shit. You get the picture.

But then there’s this moment.

It’s legitimately sweet. Lance is gushing not about how he’s going to win over Allura or how awesome he is but about why he likes her so much. Only then he catches himself and goes right back into his Wow I’m So Awesome mode.

Then directly after this, he starts talking about how he’s not ready to settle down, which is… strange. Yeah, you could argue that Lance is saying this because he’s young, but the way it’s presented makes it seem like he’s covering something up, especially when you take into consideration Lance’s How to Fall in Love guide.

Lance loves love, not just as an end goal, but as an continuous endeavor. He understands it’s hard work, but he wants to put in that work. Lance wants to be in love.

What I’m getting at here is, Lance really likes Allura, but I think deep down he knows she doesn’t return those feelings. I mean, hes all like, ’Pff, yeah, of course Allura thinks I’m awesome, but sorry babe, can’t hold this stud down’ directly after we see him swooning over her, and honestly, how more obvious can it be that he’s hiding his real feelings/over compensating?

Lance knows Allura probably wont ever return his feeling and us as the audience knows that too. Or at least we should. Seriously, if I could say there was one thing I really have against this pairing, it would be the fact that Lance continues to flirt with Allura despite her obvious discomfort with it. The only reactions to his flirting we’ve ever gotten from Allura are disinterest and down right disgust. Meaning, his feelings are not returned.

Oh, but you might say, well they could be one day, and that’s where I’m going to have to disagree with you. I really don’t think Allura would just suddenly start to have feelings for Lance, not when there hasn’t been an ounce of romantic subtext between them and especially not when taking into consideration some of the comments made by the creators and voice actors.

Jeremy Shada said that Lance still thinks he has a chance with Allura, heavily implying that he doesn’t. The creators said that Lance would end up with someone he needed, not wanted.

Even if you ignore the blatant fact that Lance has wanted Allura from the beginning, it still makes this scene and Lance’s choice of words really interesting.

Lance straight up said that “Sometimes we don’t get what we want” while talking to Blue. And who is Blues new Paladin? That’s right! Allura! She even walked in right after he said it.

I know this has already been said, but just for the hell of it, let me point out that they also said Lance would end up with someone self assured, something Allura is not. She doubts herself more than any other character and has from day one. In fact, it’s Lance - one of the most insecure characters in the show - who gave her the confidence she needed in the season 4 final.

Now I really want to talk about this scene. I’ve heard people say that it parallels the ‘We are a good team’ moment from season one, and like, totally. It does, but apart of what this scene accomplished - at least to me - was solidifying the fact that Allura does not have feelings for Lance.

Lets break it down: There’s the obvious differences between these scenes. Keith and Lance’s has soft background music, unnecessarily long eye contact, fond smiles, a purple background (the combination of their respective colors), and a total mood shift. Its filled with romantic subtext and is also brought up later on several occasions. Lance and Allura’s moment had none of that.

Something less obvious Id like to point out is that if these scenes do parallel each other, then Lance would be the Keith in this situation and Allura the Lance. You may not agree with me, but I’m pretty positive that Keith has been low key pining for Lance since season one, which is fitting, because Lance has been pining for Allura. In Keith and Lance’s scene, Lance is drawn in by Keith whereas Allura merely glances back at Lance and then brushes him off. Insinuating that while Lance and Keith’s scene is a big moment to both of them and could be the start of feelings that Lance may go onto reciprocate, the same can not be said for Allura and Lance’s scene. In summary, Allura - being the Lance in this situation - did not show the same interest that Lance showed to Keith in their scene.

You could say that the situation was dire, and yeah, you’d be right, but for one, they don’t show us parallels for nothing. They’re used as a means to compare and contrast. Two, Keith straight up almost got his ass handed to him in the midst of a battle all because he was too busy making doki doki eyes at Lance. Meaning circumstance isn’t really an issue when dealing with this sort of thing.

The last thing I want to point out is, while Allura never reciprocates Lance’s advances, Lance - in his own self deluded, deny the bi, sort of way - does reciprocate Keith’s. First off, it should be heavily noted that Keith’s interest in Lance is much more subtle than Lance’s interest in Allura, because as we all know, Keith has abandonment issues, walls, and all that fun stuff. He doesn’t parade around his interest because he probably doesn’t see it ever being returned, not realistically.

But he’s wrong and here’s why: Lance feels inferior to the entire team, so the idea that he goes around challenging Keith and constantly vying for his attention out of pure jealousy/a need to prove himself makes no sense. If that were the case, he would behave that way towards everyone. Granted, Lance did think that Keith thought he was better than Lance, but in season two, Lance said, “I guess no one else thinks that” in regards to his marksmanship. Meaning Lance thinks that the rest of the team thinks hes not as talented as them also, and yet he treats them the same way he always has. Lance is literally obsessed with Keith, especially in season one. He’s the embodiment of the boy pulling on the girls pigtail to get her attention.

He also talked about Keith in admiration when he wasn’t around, wearing a similar face to that of the one he wears when hes flirting. Hell, he wears that same expression every time he teases Keith, but when he does it here, paired with this praise, we know it’s meant to be interpreted as a fond expression.

(also note that his expression morphs to this when he starts talking about Keith and only Keith despite the fact he’s praising the entire team)

He admires Keith. He wants Keith’s attention and respect. He flirtatiously banters with him. He goes to Keith when making important decisions about his future and place on the team. He expresses ambiguous jealousy every time Keith is with a girl.

Allura does none of this. So if you want to say that she could possibly reciprocate Lance’s feelings then you have to say the same for Lance towards Keith.

Look, my purpose here isn’t to dissuade anyone from shipping Allura and Lance or to down said shippers. I’m just trying to analyze cannon material and reach an conclusion. So my final theory on the matter of Lance’s love interest is that Lance has feelings for both Keith and Allura. He just doesn’t get that he has feelings towards Keith for the same reason he doesn’t want to admit he knows Allura doesn’t like him romantically. He likes to keep a lot of things tucked away in his head and chooses ignorance over introspection until those thoughts some how make it to the forefront and he’s forced to do otherwise. I think in season 5 the vlog will come into play and we’ll see the summation of Lance’s feelings towards Allura, but I have little to no doubt that it will not go the way he hopes it will.

And hey, if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. More power to you Allura and Lance shippers.


Before the set releases tomorrow, I just wanted to say a quick word about something very important to Unstable - play behavior. Magic can be a very competitive game and that’s great. We have a giant organized play system set up to let people test their skills against one another. Unstable though is pushing towards the other end of the spectrum, Magic as a fun social activity.

Part of having the best Un-experience, is entering it with the idea that it’s more about the experience than the outcome. Yes, you can try to win, but please do so with the spirit of silver border in mind. When you come to a fork between doing something awesome or doing something boring but more likely to win, consider taking the awesome path.

You win at Unstable if you walk away having had a great time, so please, just enter into this experience with the mindset that it’s okay to not always play optimally if doing so creates a fun story and would lead to having an overall better experience.

Trust me, Magic will return to its normal (for some) competitive mindset soon enough.

BTS Reaction: You flinch during an argument

Anon said: If it’s not requested or done, their reaction to you flinching during a really bad argument?

Thank you for requesting! I️ hope you like it! ❤️❤️

(Gifs are not mine. All credits go to the owners 💕)

Kim Namjoon:

“Y/n, I️ really don’t have time for arguing right now. Can we do this later, please? I️ just came home from practice and I’m so exhausted.” Namjoon tells you. As soon as he had gotten home, he had gotten an earful from you. Mostly, it was because he always left the house a mess and barely cleaned after himself.

You continued yelling at him. If you didn’t let him know now that he needed to clean up after himself, then he would never do it. “If you leave the house dirty one more time, I’m gonna—” You started, not even knowing what you were going to say.

“You’re gonna what?” Namjoon asks, raising his voice as he takes a step towards you.

You flinched immediately. You knew he wouldn’t hit you, but it was like a natural reaction. Seeing you flinch, Namjoon’s eyes widened and he immediately apologized.

“I’m so sorry, y/n. You know I’d never hit you. Never.” He assures you, wrapping his arms around you and resting his chin on your head, mumbling apologizes.

Kim Seokjin:

“Jin, I’m so sorry.” You apologized. You had accidentally knocked down the small glass figurine of Mario that Jin kept in his room. It meant a lot to him. It was one of a kind and he had won it in a bid.

“Jeez, y/n! Maybe if you stop being so careless around the house then you wouldn’t knock over my important stuff!” He yelled, getting down on his knees to pick up the big pieces of glass that were on the floor.

“I’m sorry. I️ was an accident! I️ didn’t mean to.” You defended yourself. Jin rolled his eyes. “This is was of a kind, y/n! I️ can never get this back!” He continued yelling. He stood up, holding a piece of glass in his hand as he yelled.

You took several steps back. After realizing that you were getting afraid, his eyes softened. He put the glass down and walked towards you. “Y/n. I️ wasn’t going to hurt you.” He says, softly. “It looked like you were going to.” You tell him.

“I’m sorry. I️ didn’t mean to yell at you like that. It was just an accident, it wasn’t your fault.” He says, pulling you in for a hug. “I️ wouldn’t ever hurt you, y/n. I️ love you too much.”

Min Yoongi:

“Y/n, don’t lie to me. I️ saw you with him!” Yoongi says, raising his voice. You told Yoongi that you were going to the mall with your friend, but you didn’t tell him that it was a guy friend. You didn’t tell him because you knew that Yoongi didn’t like most of your guy friends, especially not the one you were with today.

Yoongi just so happened to turn up at the mall that you were at and see you with your friend. When you two got back home, he wasn’t afraid to yell at you for it.

“I️ didn’t do anything wrong. I️ was just hanging out with my friend.” You tell him. “So what? Are you cheating on me with him? Are you serious, y/n? You’re going to throw away the years we’ve been together just for that asshole?” Yoongi asked.

“I’m not cheating on you, Yoongi. I️ would never.” You say, standing up from the couch you sat on so you were now standing directly in front of him. “Bullshit.” He says. “I️ told you to stop hanging out with him a long time ago. And you disobeyed me!”

“He’s my friend.” “And I’m your boyfriend. Who have you known for longer? Me. Who cares more about you? Me. Who means more to you?” Yoongi asked, taking a step closer to you, accidentally knocking your foreheads together. You held your head in pain and Yoongi instantly regretted everything.

“Y/n, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” He says. “How bad does it hurt?” He didn’t even give you time to respond before you wrapped his arms tightly around you, kissing your forehead. “I’m sorry. I’ll forget about that asshole. I’m such an idiot. I️ love you.”

Jung Hoseok:

“You said you’d be home at 8. It’s 11:30, Hoseok.” You said to the man who had just walked through the door. You didn’t even give him any time to speak before you were yelling at him.

“I️ told you that I️ was making dinner for us tonight. You didn’t even call to tell me that you’d be late! I was in the house scared to death that maybe something happened to you on your way home!” You yelled.

“Y/n, please, not now.” Hoseok sighed, trying to walk past you to go into your bedroom. “No.” You stood in front of him. “Not until we talk about this! I️ made dinner and sat here like an idiot, all by myself, waiting for you to get home!”

Hoseok dropped the bags that he had in his hand, containing his dancing clothes, causing a loud sound as the bags hit the ground. “Don’t you think I️ would’ve called you if I️ could? I️ was in dance practice fucking starving for like eight  hours, just hoping that I️ could just go home and be with you! Our instructor didn’t let us leave until we got the whole choreography down! On my way home, I️ was so fucking upset! I’m expecting for me to get home and you to hug me and make me feel better but no, you’re just fucking yelling at me. I’m tired, okay, y/n? Just leave me alone!”

You never dealt well with people yelling at you. Hoseok yelling and cursing just make you even more upset. You’ve never been afraid of him until now. You stepped back and he must’ve seen the fear in your eyes because he immediately softened.

“Don’t be scared, y/n. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” He says, not yelling anymore. “I’m sorry. I’m just so stressed. I️ didn’t mean to yell at you like that.” Hoseok held your hands in his before bringing you in for a hug. “Come on. Let’s go eat the dinner you made and then we can take a nice, long bath together, okay?”

Park Jimin:

“Y/n are you serious?” Jimin rolled his eyes, holding up one of his white shirts that you accidentally messed up when you did his laundry.

“I’m sorry, Jimin. It was a mistake. At least that’s the only thing that got messed up.” You tried to make the situation better, but Jimin was furious. “This was my favorite shirt, y/n! How could you be so careless?”

“I’m sorry. I️ can buy you a new one if that makes it better.” You say. “No, that doesn’t make it better! This shirt was a gift, y/n. And you messed it up!” He threw the shirt, not exactly aiming at you, but you flinched anyways as the shirt flew past your head.

Jimin’s eyes widened. “Oh my gosh.” He says. “I️ wasn’t trying to hit you. I’m sorry. I️ didn’t mean to make you scared.” He says, walking closer to you.

“Let’s forget about that stupid shirt, okay? You mean way more to me.” He pulled you in for a tight hug and kissed your cheek. “I’m so sorry.”

Kim Taehyung:

“Taehyung!” You yelled. The smile on his face instantly went away as you yelled at him. You were on your laptop, writing a very important essay for school and Taehyung was constantly bothering you. He kept kissing you all over you face and asking you questions and touching you, all while you were trying to do your essay. He had crawled over you, in desperation to get you to pay attention to him, when he accidentally shut off your laptop. Your essay was not saved.

“Y/n, I’m sorry! It was an accident.” He defended himself. “My essay is due in two days! All of it isn’t even saved to the laptop!” You yelled. “You’re so annoying! Why can’t you just leave me alone sometimes!”

“Stop yelling at me!” Taehyung yelled back. He rarely yelled at you, which is why him yelling shut you up real quick. “I️ told you it was an accident! I’m sorry, okay? I️ can’t do anything to fix it!”

He moved to get off the bed and you flinched, not knowing what he was doing. “Y/n, I️ wasn’t going to hit you. Don’t flinch like that. Don’t be scared of me.” He says, sighing and running his fingers through his hair.

Instead of getting off the bed, he sat beside you and kissed your cheek before turning your laptop back on. “Let me help you with your essay this time, okay? So you can finish it faster.”

Jeon Jungkook:

“Y/n! Leave me alone! You made me lose the game!” Jungkook yelled at you as his character on screen died. “This was a tournament and I️ died! I️ can’t play in the tournament anymore until next month!”

“I’m sorry! I️ didn’t know it was this important.” You tell him. “Well it is! I️ was in the final round! I️ could’ve won and you ruined it!” He continued yelling. He set his controller down hard and stood in front of you, angry. You backed up, afraid. “I’m sorry.” You say again.

He saw how afraid you were and regretted yelling at you. “I️ shouldn’t have yelled.” He sighs, looking down at the floor. “It’s whatever. I️ made you lose the game.” You say.

“You mean way more to me than that game. Although winning would’ve been awesome.” He chuckles, looking back and you and holding your hands in his. “I’m sorry for yelling.” He apologized. “Please don’t flinch like that again. I️ would never hurt you, you know that.”

dandoperalski: Congrats to Alexander Skarsgard on his Emmy win! “Big Little Lies” is awesome and you all should watch it. Here is the pic I took of him a few months ago. He’s even more beautiful in person. …..
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Original post with podcast from Variety. - Thanks to @askarsjustsoswedish for the find!

AJ Styles & Finn Balor
[October 22nd, 2017]

WWE’s TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs was definitely interesting, especially with the wrench thrown in of two of the event’s top stars being taken out with illnesses. However, it was because of that illness that one of the best matches of 2017 took place. AJ Styles, who flew 18 hours from South America as a last minute replacement for Bray Wyatt, had (arguably) one of the most exciting matches of his career against Finn Balor with zero preparation, with no storyline build-up, with no reason to win other than awesome competition, and it worked. It was a fun match for fans young and old, passionate or passive. The two former Bullet Club members showed that being students of the game and giving your lifeblood to wrestling will always persevere over ridiculousness. Bravo, AJ and Finn, and thank you.


🎉Congratulations to @kazulgfox for her awesome win as Hogger at the Blizzcon 2017 Costume Contest!!🎆🎇✨🏆
✔her out & show some❤

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The LEGO Movie sentence starters

122 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
‘read-more’ added for length

  • “He is coming. Cover your butt.”
  • “Now my evil power will be unlimited!”
  • “All of this is true… because it rhymes.”
  • “Hey, _____, what do you wanna do this morning? Watch TV? Me too!”
  • “Oh my gosh, I love this song!”
  • “Everything is awesome.”
  • “Everything is cool when you’re part of a team.”
  • “Everything is awesome when we’re living our dream.”
  • “Man, I feel so good right now!”
  • “I could sing this song for hours!”
  • “Hey, pal, I hate to tell you this, but, uh, I don’t think you’re supposed to be here.”
  • “Where are you going? Miss! I didn’t mean to scare you!”
  • “I feel like maybe I should touch that.”
  • “It’s your turn to be the hero.”
  • “I don’t—where am I? What’s happening?”
  • “Get it off me! Get it off me!”
  • “Come on, you can’t be this stupid.”
  • “He’s not… that… special.”
  • “I know that guy, but I know, like, zippy-zap about him.”
  • “We all have something that makes us something.”
  • “I told you I was a nobody.”
  • “There’s obviously been a mix-up here.”
  • “Come with me if you wanna not die.”
  • “So, uh, didn’t catch your name… Or anything about what you’re, uh, up to or what we’re doing here.”
  • “You can drop the act with me. It’s cool.”
  • “Will you please tell me what is happening?”
  • “I wanna go home!”
  • “Do you have any idea what that does to your colon?”
  • “Uh, I’m not sure why exactly you’d bring that up.”
  • “I like you, but I’m angry with you for some reason.”
  • “Great. I think I got it… but just in case… Tell me again because I wasn’t listening.”

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I finally got around to making a commission price list for various art services that I would love to offer. It’d be great to tackle a few between freelance projects, and it’d be a win-win! People would get awesome art and I’d get money to help me through a rather rough patch. Share this and reblog this, because even if you aren’t in a financial state to commission me, a signal boost would help me out greatly. Big thanks and lots of hugs!

Chibi Art

Lines - $15 ($5 per additional character)

Color -$25 ($10 per additional character, $5 add BG element)

Character Art

Lines - $45 Full Body, $35 Waist Up  ($10 Per Additional Character)

Color - $75 Full Body, $55 Waist Up  ($15 per additional character, $5 add BG element)

Color Illustrations

Prices start at $200 and includes full color and detailed background.  ($30 per additional character)

You’ll Get - A digital copy for your viewing pleasure. You may print it for yourself, but you may not sell or claim the work as your own.

Payment Method - Paypal

How To Commission Me - PM or email me ( with the details of your commission and your Paypal Address. I’ll send an invoice/payment request, and I’ll begin as soon as I receive it. You’ll first get a sketch of the beginning process where I then move on to the final piece after confirmation. You can ask for minor revisions two times. 

Things I’ll do - OCs, fictional characters, fan characters, MMO avatars…just ask, and I’m sure I’d be willing to tackle it!

Things I won’t do - I will not draw excessive NSFW material. Explicit sexual content and explicit gore is off the table.

thoughtsappear  asked:

Chris/Phichit "Routine Kisses Where The Other Person Presents Their Cheek/Forehead For The Hello/Goodbye Kiss Without Even Looking Up From What They’re Doing"

63. Routine Kisses Where The Other Person Presents Their Cheek/Forehead For The Hello/Goodbye Kiss Without Even Looking Up From What They’re Doing

The apartment is quiet as Chris pushes the door shut after himself. The jingle of his keys sounds loud in the silence, and he drops them on the door-side table where another set of keys already sits. The keys on the table are a dead giveaway—Phichit is home, but where is he?

Chris takes off his coat and shoes, pushing his feet into those comfy slippers they have in a basket by the door. Phichit would murder anyone who walked into their home with shoes on, and he would do it smiling as brightly as ever. He would also use a pillow or something to avoid bloodstains on his carpet.

Chris sets his briefcase down in the hallway and loosens his tie as he walks around the apartment.

The kitchen is empty, but there are dinner ingredients spread along the countertops and on various chopping boards. Chris furrows his brow, because it’s not like Phichit to leave things lying around like that.

Next he checks the living room, but it’s empty aside from the hamsters in their cage and the cat napping on the couch. Chris continues his search, walking up the two steps leading into their bedroom. The door is ajar and he pushes it open all the way, and there he finds Phichit.

Phichit is sitting on the bed with his back turned to the door, and for a moment Chris feels a pang of worry, because Phichit looks like he’s slumped down in a bout of depression. As he walks around the bed, Chris stops and smiles, because Phichit is definitely slumped down to look at something but there is a wide smile on his face and no hint of sadness anywhere.

Phichit doesn’t say anything to acknowledge Chris’ presence, but he tilts his head just slightly to the side. Chris paces over and presses a gentle kiss on the upturned cheek, muttering, “Hello, love.” He sits down beside Phichit and wraps an arm around his shoulder.

“Mmh,” Phichit says and leans into the touch.

Chris kisses Phichit’s cheek again, because it’s there and because he can, and because the cheek is connected to the most gorgeous being on earth, who just so happens to be his husband.

“What’s up? I was worried for a moment because you left the kitchen in a mess. I thought you were abducted by aliens or something,” Chris jokes, smoothing a hand down Phichit’s arm.

“Oh, sorry,” Phichit says, finally looking up from his lap. “I was making dinner and I happened to remember that there was this one photo in the album that I just needed to look at.”

Chris smiles as he cranes his neck and looks at the photo in question. It’s the two of them in white tuxedos, arms looped around one another’s as they feed each other cake. “The wedding album again?”

Phichit smiles without shame. “The best day of my life, why wouldn’t I want to look back at it?”

Chris hooks a finger under Phichit’s chin and is granted access to his lips. “Mmh, best day of my life as well,” he mutters after the kiss. “Truth be told, all days after that day have been the best day ever, because I get to wake up next to this gorgeous being and call him my husband.”

He expects the elbow in his side, and Phichit doesn’t disappoint. “I love you, you sappy dork,” Phichit says, softening the jab of his sharp elbow.

“Now this day has already been the best day of my life and all, but it would get better if you put down that photo album and—” Chris wiggles his eyebrows, “—came into the kitchen and made dinner with me.”

Phichit rolls his eyes.

“And then afterwards I get to eat strawberries off your nipples, right?” Chris bats his lashes.

Phichit laughs the whole way into the kitchen, but he lets Chris eat strawberries off his nipples after dinner, so Chris counts that as a win. It’s awesome when all days are the best day of his life.


Send me a pairing and a number from this kiss prompt list and I’ll write a short drabble of it!

anonymous asked:

I would love a follow up to Soft Jules headcanons for the Queen of my heart. Pls give us soft Nadia hcs for a fluff-thirsty soul

and in that moment, i knew, my entire gay life has led up to this ask

  1. ok but we all know nadia has a Thing for giving the mc stuff. like majorly into spoiling u. but can we talk about her soft surprise when you get her something??? 

  2. like she’s completely silent just staring at it with wide eyes and the mc is totally freaking out and babbling about how they tried really hard to find something that would suit her tastes but maybe they got it wrong and they know they can’t afford anything very expensive but it reminded them of her and nadia looks up at them and is like “i will treasure it always” and pulls them into her lap for cuddles bc

  3. nadia is very touchy-feely!!!! like she’ll respect ur boundaries if you’re not comfortable with it but she’s the type of person who likes physical reassurance over words so just a brush of your hand over hers or her hand on your knee just makes her feel so relaxed

  4. nadia tries to teach the mc her yoga routine and they’re wheezing and she’s laughing and eventually they just flop and she leans over them and kisses the tip of their nose and is actually pretty touched that they keep trying

  5. nadia is a cuddler. like she wants nothing more than to lounge around in bed feeding each other grapes and curling up while she says romantic things in order to get the mc to blush

  6. she is secretly delighted every time u do something to wow the court. like you just casually shut down a courtier with a charming smile or stun them with a story and she’s like “mmm yep that’s my magician” like she loves to see the mc succeed and win and be their awesome self