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fic: How to (Try to) Propose to Phil Lester

title: how to (try to) propose to phil lester

genre: fluff / rating: pg-13 / warnings: swearing

word count: 5500

description: “we have one month, the best proposal wins, and the loser has to get the other’s name tattooed on their ass at the wedding.”

or, the one where they both intend to propose to each other on the same night and dan isn’t having any of it.

“You’re a fucking idiot.”

Phil doesn’t even blink. “Most people say yes when their significant other of over six years proposes, but then again we’ve never really been ‘most people’ have we?”

a/n: when i spend two months writing a fic, you know it’s gonna be good. i hope. enjoy!

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Omgcp Drag Race au things i think abt a lot

- bitty doing Paula Deen for snatch game

-jack, NHL star and guest judge on rupaul’s drag race, asks rupaul if she’ll give him the number of that cute drag queen, Georgia Peach

- Nursey and Dex having to be partners for a challenge, and go from hating each other to making out in the “untucked” lounge, after winning said challenge

- Holster proposing to Ransom onstage at the season finale. It goes something like this:

RuPaul: so, Eve (Holster), you gained quite the fan base durin-

Holster: RuPaul can I do something real quick?

RuPaul: ….uhh…..

Holster: *turns to Ransom, who’s sitting next to him* wanna get married, babe?

Ransom: sure.

Audience: *claps excitedly and confusedly*

- chowder does the splits at the perfect moment during a lip sync and everyone goes crazy

- Dex gets into an all-out cat fight with Michelle visage

- bitty lip syncs to halo and everyone cries

- Dex doing cool things with his freckles, like painting them shimmery gold

- “Hockey Couture” runway theme, where the queens have to glam up old NHL outfits

- bitty’ specialty is dancing and modeling

- Ransom’s specialty is acting and comedy

- Holsters specialty is lip syncing and comedy

- Dex’s specialty is fashion and modeling. He sees his own clothes and they are AMAZING

- Nursey’s specialty is makeup and acting

- Nursey acts very “flazeda” throughout the show but near the end he has an emotional breakthrough/breakdown, and starts being really sincere about his emotions for the rest of the show.

- winner: bitty
2 & 3: Nursey and Dex
4th: Holster (lost to bitty during the epic halo lip sync, his fan base is tearing shit up until he gets on allstars)
5th: chowder (lost to holster bc the guy can Lip Sync!)
6th: ransom (lost to holster. It was very dramatic and emotional. There was crying. They kissed at the end and Michelle visage needed to take a moment to dry her eyes)

- Dex and Nursey start officially dating after the show. Dex makes their drag outfits and Nursey does their makeup

- Dex, Nursey, Holster, and ransom all end up on allstars bc not only r they amazing queens but their respective romances bring a big audience

- bitty gets a call from a certain NHL athlete. They start dating soon after.

OTEverybody: Arrival

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Rated: </unavailable/>

Pairing: I’m sure you’ve gotten the hint by now

Summary: Being NCT’s manager was challenging as it is, add to that the fact that suddenly half of them feel the need to win your affection.

Proposal | Practice Room | Meeting | Third Floor | Airport | Arrival

“It’s very warm here.” Win win said once they left the air conditioned airport.

“What else did you expect from a tropical island?” Ten asked him confused, Winwin let out a loud ah in realisation earning a chuckle from you.

“Come on, you guys have two vans so divide yourself without fighting.” Taeyong laughed at what he assumed was a joke made by you.

“The only time these kids don’t fight is when they’re too tired, and even then there’s annoyed kicking. You only handle three of them, you’re in for a real treat.” Taeyong provided helpful information. You turned to him, evaluating his words.

“Haechan go to the car at the back with the kids.” You told him pointing at the car in question.

“But-” He was already prepared.

“You’re in charge.” You let him know and he happily complied.

“Yuta you can go to the same car.” You told him next.

“I don’t want to sit with the kids.” He frowned at the prospect.

“Take Sicheng with you.” You allowed quickly before he could say something else.

“Okay.” He answered before pulling Winwin to the car, telling him something about the food he wanted to try here.

“The rest of you can sit in this car.” You said.

“I don’t have to listen to you.” Doyoung said between sniffling.

“Fine, go to the other car. Here take another pill.” He looked like he wanted to say something else, but coming short of a retort he just took the medicine and walked away.

She turned to Taeyong with a satisfied smile while he stared in stunned silence.

“I’m spreading rumours that you’re the NCT whisperer.” He said before getting into the car after everyone else.

You were on your way to the staff bus when a voice diverted your attention, it was Minho.

“There’s place in our car if you want a ride.” He was walking up to you with a smile.

“Thank you so much but I need to go match schedule with the staff.” You backed away apologetically.

From inside the second car Donghyuck watched Minho give her his best dazzling smile, when a equally bright idea popped into his head.

“Winwin hyung your Korean hasn’t gotten any better since you started.” He turned around to Winwin who was focused on a korean book till he looked up, pouting at the criticism.

“What do you mean?” Yuta spoke up defensively almost immediately, “You wouldn’t be able to learn Chinese even if it’s all you did all day, and he has so many different things to do.” Donghyuck just shrugged.

“You’re too loud.” Doyoung complained, nursing a headache.

“Shut up humdrum Bugs Bunny.” Yuta responded.

“Excuse me!” Doyoung raised his voice, thoroughly offended.

From outside, you had to divert your attention from Minho to the increasing noise in the car. With a sense of dread you realised that you put Yuta, Doyoung and Donghyuck in the same car. This wasn’t going to end well.

“I have to go, take care of this.” You said quickly before turning away.

“What is wrong with all of you?” You opened the door, annoyed at the immature behaviour. All of them, who seemed to be in different quarrels stopped and looked at you like children being caught stealing from the cookie jar.

“Haechan started it.” Yuta was the first to respond, voice still raised from being in fight mode.

“I don’t care,” You snapped. “Behave yourselves, you aren’t 10 years old. Do I have to sit with you?” You threatened.

“Yes.” Donghyuck said far too quickly.

“I don’t mind.” Yuta’s eyes lit up.

“You can do what you like.” Doyoung mumbled grumpily.

“I’m scared.” Renjun said.

You looked around at all of them confused at the quick compliance.

“Renjun can you sit beside Donghyuck? Let me sit with Chenle.” You asked him with a softer voice and he nodded.

“The seat beside me works fine.” Donghyuck spoke immediately.

“Chenle is sick.” You explained.

“So am I.” Doyoung mumbled.

“Yes, but you aren’t as miserable as him, and you’re an adult.” Your response flustered Doyoung, who didn’t expect you to hear, “You can come up at sit with us if you want.” You offered and he tried to hide his blush.

“N-No Thanks. I’m good.” He turned away and you chuckled.

As the car finally made it’s way, Donghyuck stared at you once longingly before turning away.

“What was the point of starting that spat.” He mumbled to himself, sulking.

“Did you say something?” You asked.

“Just that this will be a great trip.” He smiled before turning away, still seething.

When you arrived at the hotel, your work was cut out for you. You still had to coordinate schedules, which got delayed, and you had to do many other tiny things like give the restaurant a list of allergies and speak to the staff about clothes and makeup. You were already dreading the insane schedule ahead of you when you turned to see your group of boys already looking lost without helpful guidance. You sighed and proceeded to the reception to get their key cards.

“Here, four of you have to share a room. The order is decided so don’t even try fighting.” You warned before they could intervene, “You also have adjoining rooms. So it’s essentially eight of you sharing a space. Please try not to scream too much. Seventeen complained about us at Kcon. Even Seventeen thinks you’re too loud!” You chastised.

“Go rest a little for now, there’s a company dinner in the evening. I’m sorry you guys can’t go out today but I have too much work to do.” You were deeply apologetic but they nodded.

“You need to rest too. You look very tired.” Johnny spoke looking worried, you smiled at him gratefully.

“I just have a few things to do and then I can get some sleep.” Your voice was softer now, “Now go all of you. Your seniors are all on the same floor so don’t be loud.” You left them with that warning, walking away to the staff waiting for your instructions.

“You were on the phone with the social network director of the company when one of the stylists who was sharing the room with you walked in looking like she’d seen a ghost. You watched her clumsily walk around the room for a while till you ended your phone conversation.

“What’s wrong with you?” You asked her.

“There are a bunch of idols outside our room, quarreling. Sorry I was just a little rattled.” You got up immediately groaning loudly.

“Is it my kids?” You asked already dreading her response.

“No see, I see them all the time, I wouldn’t be this shocked.” Your eyebrows knit further together as you decided to just approach the door.

When you opened your room door you were shocked to find Minho and Baekhyun in the middle of a serious round of rock paper scissors and Jeno standing at the back with Jisung looking like they would rather be anywhere else.

When Jisung noticed you his eyes blew wide and he tugged on Jeno’s shirt eagerly.

“We were coming to call you for dinner but these hyungs came with us, I’m very confused.” Jeno said looking as lost as he sounded.

“(Y/N)” Minho breathed out when he noticed you, both of them turned to look at you and hurriedly put their hands behind their backs.

“What’s going on?” You asked, you seemed to be very confused all the time lately.

“I was just wondering if you’d join me for dinner?” Minho asked.

“Come with me!” Baekhyun said a little forcefully but added a smile.

“We’re going to the same place for dinner.” You clarified and they all went quiet from the realisation. You gave them another perplexed look before leaving with the two kids.

“Noona I’m going to say it now, these hyungs are getting seriously scary.” Jisung said and you laughed, ruffling his hair.

They watched you walk away. Minho scoffed.

“Sure the kid gets a pat, I don’t even get coffee.” He laughed again.

“Honestly hyung, why are you so obsessed over coffee?” Baekhyun asked animatedly, “She’s just a game to you isn’t she? Wow! Here I thought you were a decent guy.” He shook his head in disbelief and Minho glared at him.

“My intentions are pure!She choose work over spending time with hot and sexy Minho, I was impressed.” Minho admitted in a fit and then blushed, heat creeped into Baekhyun’s cheeks too but he laughed at the ‘hot and sexy’.

“She told me I was very loud backstage once, to my face.” Baekhyun was suddenly in checking his nails.

“That’s why you like her?” Minho asked seriously. Baekhyun nodded biting his cheek.

“But you are loud!” Minho exclaimed and Baekhyun faced him with fresh rage.

“You know she’s too young for you! She’s not exactly your very pretty noona.” Baekhyun did the dance step and Minho smacked his chest. He clutched his chest dramatically, his face scrunched up in pain. Minho just rolled his eyes, knowing the boy all too well. He peaked from an eye and when Minho didn’t show any signs of caring he dropped the act.

“Let’s go for dinner.” He said with a straight face.

“Do you really think these kids have a better chance than us?” Minho asked and Baekhyun was uncharacteristically silent.

“They spend more time with her than we do. Also the kids aren’t lacking you know.” He gestured to his face to imply visuals.

“But we’re Minho and Baekhyun? From Shinee and Exo? Does that mean nothing anymore?” Minho asked incredulously. Minho put an arm on Baekhyun’s shoulders, both of them sharing a moment. When they finally reached the Restaurant they saw you waiting outside.

“Since you were thoughtful enough to come to call me for dinner I didn’t want to go in without you. As a simple staff member I’m grateful, but as a fan I can get a little flustered, I’m sorry if I come of standoffish.” You bowed politely and Minho dropped the hand on Baekhyun’s shoulder going up beside her.

“You listen to our songs?” He asked with wide eyes.

“Ofcourse!” She said like it was obvious, “You’re all legends, who hasn’t listened to your music?” Minho grinned at her words.

“What about me?” Baekhyun demanded.

“I always listen to your songs when it rains, your voice really calms me so I’m grateful.” He grinned.

“I’ll sing for you if you want.” Baekhyun laughed flustered.

“So, I figure that this is as good a place as any to ask you this question. Mainly because it’s gonna really upset all the single guys and gals in here, but I want to mash-up with you forever, Britt. I mean, some people love someone because they make them a better person and that’s not why I love you, because you’ve always just wanted me to be myself. You’re my favorite person in the whole world. And we’re a big deal, you know. Like no matter how many times we’ve tried to put our thing down and walk away from it we can’t, because, I don’t wanna live my life without my one true love. I normally say a lot of words when I’m saying something negative, so since this is the most positive thing I’m ever gonna do, I’m gonna keep it simple. Brittany S. Pierce, will you marry me?”
- Santana Lopez

[ Jagged Little Tapestry - 6x03]

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I proposed to my boyfriend @stuarthausmann this weekend. There was a marching band, a color guard, and a confetti cannon. And I filmed it all so I could share it with you. :)

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i really think the flash is going to get that Emmy nom for RHTY. i just saw an article in THR about how Pasek and Paul could get closer to the EGOT for it- the Emmys will probably want to be associated with Oscar winning songwriters

I’m down for WA’s second proposal winning an Emmy.

Heart-Fixing Birthdays || Luke Hemmings


Today was (lol is) Luke’s birthday. So, as his best friend, you decided to fly over to where he’s currently on tour at. Not only because he was your best friend, but you loved him as such. More than a best friend as well… But you didn’t admit it. Although, Ashton tended to tease you about it and tried to get the desired truth. But you wouldn’t budge and he stopped barking up that tree. You were now at a party with the boys, Lukes family, and some of the team. You would’ve been more ecstatic than you were, but Arzaylea was also invited to the party.

“Hey, Mrs. All Concentrated, what’s up?” Michael came over and teased you, making you sigh. You had a very heavy, inpenetrable fix on Luke dancing with his girlfriend that you didn’t realize anything else around you. With a beer in your hand and your feelings down in the garbage, you weren’t having the best night.

“Getting drunk,” you said simply, taking a chug of the beer. “Later, I’ll be getting even more drunk over my already drunk state. I’m having a spectacular time.” In reality, you weren’t. You saw as Arzaylea used the boy you loved so dearly for money and publicity. It made your skin sear to watch as the sweet boy you fell in love with was simply eating up all the stories and excuses she made for herself. Attacking his fandom, trying her best to weave into his life like she’s so significant. It was unbelievable and disgusting because you saw the beautiful boy Luke was. Luke was the boy who can light up a room without words. He was the boy who had a cute adoration for penguins and shared his food a lot. He was the boy who cared for everybody, even if knowing them for just one day. And it hurt that he didn’t get what he deserved: a better girlfriend.

“You know, Y/N, Luke was ecstatic that you came,” Michael told you as the two of you leaned at the bar while staring at said boy dance with the she-devil. “He was saying how you guys were going to do everything while you were here. Pretty much excluding the rest of us.” Michael chuckled, making you giggle a bit.

“Thanks for trying, but I don’t think I can get over this,” you sighed, chugging your beer empty. You watched the blonde boy spin Arzaylea, causing her to laugh and smile. She had her phone out, recording it all. It made you sick inside, all of it. “I’m just trying to be happy for him.”

“Aw, Y/N,” Michael moaned, taking you into his big arms. You felt a bit happier in his arms, feeling like you do matter. “How about we have a drinking competition? Whoever drinks the most shots wins.” Michael proposed, giving you a devilish smirk. You looked into his green eyes and nodded, giggling in anticipation. Luke was happy without you, so you might as well find your happiness, too.

15 shots each later, and the both of you were giggling idiots at the bar. Michael was drinking another shot while you could barely stop laughing to even pick one up without spilling. He chugged the shot and hit it harshly on the bar counter facing down. He raised his arms up in victory as you giggled crazily at him. Tears were building as you looked over at Luke. He was slow dancing with Arzaylea but looking at you. He seems sad, almost disappointed. You looked away and back to Michael, seeing him chuckle insanely.

“I won, I am victorious!” Michael cheered. You were so intoxicated that you allowed your mind to control you.

“Well, here’s your congratulations reward,” you whisper, grabbing his flannel to pull him close. You closed your eyes as his lips finally reached yours. It felt so good to kiss him, feeling like you actually belong. But, then you realized that you loved Luke and not Michael. You realized that you were only using Michael to try to channel your feelings somehow. You felt awful and sick. Detaching from his lips, you began to cry. “I’m so sorry, Michael…” You whispered, tears rolling down your cheeks as Michael stared at you with sadness. He pulled you in once more, wrapping his arms around you. You suddenly heard quick feet go to you, making you feel nervous of being hit by the fast object.

“Y/N, are you okay? Oh fuck, Y/N!” Luke said, his face full of desperation and worry. Your face was practically buried in Michaels chest, giving Luke a simple nod worth of an answer. Your arms were wrapped around Michael as well, weeping your heart out. “Michael, what happened? Did you do something? I swear to fucking god, mate, if you did something to her-“

“I didn’t do shit, Hemmings, so calm the fuck down,” Michael stated simply, rubbing the back of your head. You felt comfort in Michaels hold, but had the insane urge to run into Lukes arm and beg for his love. But you knew he loved Arzaylea, and there was nothing you can do about it. “She’s just a bit tipsy and has a few emotions coming out.”

“Fuck off, Michael, I saw that kiss!” Luke hissed at him, giving him a deadly stare. Michael scoffed, rubbing your back softly. You decide to defuse this argument, leaving Michaels comforting hold to look at Luke. Luke looked at you in horror, seeing your eyes puffy with your face drenched in tears. “Ah, fuck, Y/N, what happened?”

“C’mon,” you said quietly, grabbing Lukes hand. You looked back at Michael and gave him a weak smile. You kissed his cheek. “Thank you for being here for me. We can talk later, I promise.” Michael nodded, smiling before you dragged Luke outside the party and into the dark of night.

“Y/N, what the fuck happened?” Luke exclaimed, looking at you with angry eyes.

“Don’t even stare at me like that, Luke, I did nothing that hurt your fucking feelings or anything,” you said bitterly, rolling your eyes at him with your arms crossed. “Unlike you, who has literally been breaking my damned heart this entire night. It hurts to see your best friend love another girl that isn’t you. Falling for your best friend bites, and I hate it.”

“…Y/N, I-“ Luke tried but you didn’t want to hear the rejection. It would’ve broke you even more.

“Now that you know that I love you, I’ll be getting a plane ticket tomorrow to head home,” you said simply, looking down at the concrete floor. “I’m also going back to the hotel right now so have a nice birthday.” You were walking away from him until you felt a hand grab your wrist. You turned around to see Luke with a strong gaze on you.

“Y/N, I love you, too,” Luke said quietly, making you widen your eyes. “I’ve always loved you like that, Y/N, but it didn’t seem like you did back and I didn’t want to try. And I hooked up with Arzaylea, thinking that maybe she can help me get over you. And to make it worse, you supported it, making me believe that you really didn’t feel the same way. But I understand that that was a best friend thing. But, after all this time being with Arzaylea, I just don’t like her. Not like that at all. She’s nice and all but my heart aches and burns for you.”

“Happy Birthday, Luke Hemmings,” you whisper, smiling. Before you knew it, Luke pulled you onto his body from your wrist and held you close. His hands snaked down to your hips, gripping securely as you looked up at him. His blue eyes glistened, looking at you with desire. Then, unexpectedly, he smashed his lips with yours, giving you the kiss that you’ve yearned for a very long time.

please, I am legit dying for requests. like i always want them. especially some for lukes birthday plz because he deserves them and hes so lovely and last nights concert was gorgeous bc his striped shirt made him so <3.<3


Character Questions #023: What would your character do... #001
  1. …to gain someone’s forgiveness?
  2. …to win someone’s heart?
  3. …to teach someone a lesson?
  4. …to make their best friend laugh?
  5. …to avoid an unpleasant situation?
  6. …to earn extra money?
  7. …to get out of jail?
  8. …to solve a crime?
  9. …to avoid an arrest?
  10. …to win a bet?
  11. …to hide from someone?
  12. …to make their significant other happy?
  13. …to propose?
  14. …to win a trial?
  15. …to disappear? 
Roommates (5) (JB)

Plot: the final chapter of Roommates // a surprise collaboration sends some good/bad sparks flying after a game to bring the two groups closer.

Length: 1,861 words

Genre: Fluff/Angst/Chaptered fic

*A/N: Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // I didn’t get to proofread but I really wanted to put it out for you guys before I disappear for practically the whole day! Hope you guys like it!

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@morten_vedelsbol’s model of the winning proposal for #nordicbuiltcitieschallenge #runavik snapchat❌nextarch