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I love how most of these boys thought they were joining a baseball team, when in fact they signed up for Mihashi Ren Protection, Appreciation and Support Squad.

  • me: the pitcher win is the most meaningless and nonsensical stat in baseball
  • alex wood: starts 10-0
  • me: honestly? this is the greatest feat in the history of sports. just give him the cy young right now
Reunited-Anon Request

Greetings fabulous people! I hope everyone’s having a great summer so far ^_^ And if any if you are still in school, for some unfortunate reason, I’m keeping you in my prayers. 🙏

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(Y/n)=Your name (B/n)=Boyfriend’s name

‘Can you do an imagine where your boyfriend is a college baseball player and you go to his game for the playoffs and he’s the winning pitcher?? Please and thank you I love your imagines' (Seeee how sweet is she😱😍)

I still couldn’t believe it; I was finally going to see (b/n) after 3 months. Our colleges were unfortunately 10 hours away, which made it hard for us to see each other, on top of the schoolwork we had. Fortunately, the year was almost over and I’d be able to spend this weekend with (b/n).

I’d driven 10 exhausting hours to be able to make it to his baseball game. Although very long, the drive was worth it seeing as we’d be driving off to his family’s chalet to spend the weekend there afterwards.

I drummed my fingers impatiently on the wheel as I scanned the streets for a parking spot. I finally spotted one near the entrance of the campus and quickly parked there before hopping out of my car with my bag and keys in hand. I locked the doors before making my way to the back of the campus, where the baseball field was situated. Much to my dismay, the teams were already on the field, meaning that I wouldn’t be able to talk to (b/n) before the game.

I sighed as I made my up the bleachers. I spotted a row of empty seats near the front and made my way there before plopping down on a chair. I dropped my bag on the ground in between my feet before taking my sunglasses off. I scanned the field for (b/n) and finally spotted the back of his jersey, with his lucky number on it. As if he could feel eyes on him he turned around. When our eyes met, a huge smile lit up his face and he waved eagerly at me. I waved back more calmly before blowing him a kiss. He caught it before waving at me again. I couldn’t keep my laughter in when I saw him before pulled back by his coach.

‘’Is that your boyfriend?’’ I turned my head to the right to find a redhead sat next to me.

I smiled at her before nodding. ‘’Did you come to see your boyfriend?’’

She frowned and shook her head as a small laugh escaped her lips. ‘’No, just my brother.’’ She seemed awfully familiar but I knew for sure I’d never seen her before.

‘’Ah, there he is.’’ She pointed to a tall guy with number 18 on the back of his jersey.

‘’Oh, Jake right?’’ I turned to her and she nodded.

‘’You know him?’’ Her eyes seemed to light up as she dropped her bag in between her feet.

‘’Yeah, (b/n) and him are friends. I knew you looked familiar.’’

She chuckled and turned her body towards me. ‘’Small world, huh.’’

‘’I’m (Y/n).’’ I nodded as I held out my hand to her. 

‘’I’m Lydia.’’

*Time skip*

Lydia turned out to be a super nice girl whom I had tons of things in common with. And thanks to her I got some insight on the jokes that (b/n) liked to pull on campus, where she studied psychology.

There were only a few minutes left to the game that was tied 3-3. Lydia and I were standing, much like most of the crowd, and she was gripping my hand just as tightly as I was gripping hers.

Jake was the next batter in line and we both cheered him as he made his way towards the batter’s box. He swung his bat before focusing his eyes on the pitcher. The pitcher swung his arm before repositioning himself on his spot.

‘’Strike!’’ The catcher yelled before the ball was thrown back to the pitcher. The crowd’s silence was deafening as we all watched the pitcher throw the ball a second time.

Jake rolled his shoulders back, seemingly nervous as the ball was thrown back to the pitcher for the second time.

‘’C’mon Jake!’’ Lydia yelled from next to me.

The loud smacking noise of the bat hitting the ball echoed quite loudly and Jake was off as soon as the bat left his hands. The crowd’s cheers got louder as Jake sprinted across the field. A player from the other team fumbled with the ball and Jake seemed to notice seeing as he sped up. Lydia and I cheered along with the crowd as Jake passed the batter’s box.

Jake threw his hands up in the air and quickly disappeared under his teammates hugs. A few seconds after he was lifted upon two players’ shoulders who turned to the crowd chanting ‘Jake’. I laughed at Lydia who was probably the one cheering the loudest.

My attention was quickly brought to (b/n) and my heart churned as I scanned the field for him. The question that had been bugging me for weeks flew back into my mind; what if he got bored of me?

I was pulled out of my thoughts by a finger poking my side. I turned to Lydia who was pointing at something on the field.

‘’What are you waiting for, he’s looking for you!’’ My eyes found (b/n) who had his hand over his eyes, shielding them from the sun as he scanned the crowd. He spotted me and waved, motioning for me to join him. My bag was shoved into my arms and I looked up at Lydia with wide eyes.

‘’Go!’’ She yelled, pointing towards the stairs. I laughed and slung my bag over my shoulder as I elbowed my way through the crowd and down the stairs, as fast as I could. I huffed quietly as I jumped down the last step and made my way through the long passage that separated the bleachers from the field.

‘’Excuse me.’’ I groaned as I squeezed my way through some people.

I felt my heartbeat accelerate, as I got closer to the entrance of the field. My eyes widened when I spotted (b/n) at the end of the passage.

‘’(B/n)!’’ I yelled as loud as I could, my pace accelerated as I saw him turn around. I struggled to keep my bag on shoulder as I started walking faster, almost running. ‘’(B/n)!’’ I yelled again. Our eyes met and he dropped his bag before taking off towards me. My legs seemed to have a mind of their own as they sent me sprinting towards (b/n).

I gasped loudly as I jumped into (b/n)’s arms, making our chest collide hard, taking my breath away at the same time. My bag slid from my arm as my arms flew around (b/n)’s neck with my legs wrapped around his torso. All I could focus on was (b/n)’s arms around me, hugging me close to him. I felt my eyes water as I buried my face in his neck and breathed in. I could feel my heart hammering against my chest, and the familiar set of butterflies in my stomach. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe because of close I was pressed to (b/n), but I didn’t mind. I felt tears run down my cheek as I fisted my hands through (b/n)’s jersey.

(B/n)’s chest was heaving up and down against mine and his hand running up and down my back soothingly. I tried breathing in deeply but only ended choking on my tears.

‘’Don’t cry baby girl, I’m here.’’ (B/n)’s breath tickled my skin as he whispered in my ear and I closed my eyes, savouring the feeling of his lips against my skin.

‘’I-I just missed you-‘’ The end of my sentence was cut of by my sobs. I bit down my lip as I tried to hold them in.

‘’I know baby, I missed you so much, you have no idea how.’’ (B/n)’s voice cracked and he pulled before resting his forehead against mine. His eyes softened as they fell on my face. One of his hands held my back while the other wiped my tears way. (B/n)’s forehead fell back against mine and he closed his eyes, his hand still on my cheek.

‘’You’re not bored?’’ I asked in a small voice, still raspy from crying. (B/n)’s eyes flew open and he pulled back.

‘’What?’’ He frowned down at me and my eyes fell to his chest. ‘’(Y/n), look at me what are you talking about?’’

I looked up at (b/n) and he urged me on with a raise of his eyebrows. ‘’I-I thought you’d gotten bored of me.’’ I gulped audibly as I avoided (b/n)’s gaze.

‘’Are you crazy?’’ (B/n)’s fingers tilted my head back up so I could look at him. ‘’Are you fucking crazy?’’ He chuckled lowly before pulling me in for a kiss. It was even better than when we’d hugged. I didn’t know how much I’d missed kissing him until then as I felt his lips move fast against mine. The kiss felt urgent, as if he had to make up for all the lost time. I smiled into the kiss as I kissed him back just as eagerly. (B/n) gripped my hips as he bit down on my bottom lip before kissing me gently.

We both pulled back breathless, chests heaving up and down and hands still gripping each other tightly. (B/n) pressed his soft lips back against mine for a second before pulling back again.

‘’How could I ever get bored of you?’’ (B/n) frowned down at me and groaned before crashing his lips against mine.

 ‘’You know I can’t live without you, I love you way too much for that.’’ (B/n) grinned down at me while his hands gripped my waist.

‘’That’s enough, lovebirds!’’

‘’Get a room, I’m about to puke!’’

‘’Shut up you dicks, they’re so adorable!’’

I laughed before burying my face in the crock of (b/n)’s neck and pressing my lips to his skin.  He let out a low groan of pleasure and gripped my hips tightly as I tried to untangle myself from him. ‘’I love you too.’’ I whispered before jumping down from (b/n)’s torso. My eyes lit up as I found Lydia bickering away with a guy who kept trying to tickle her.

‘’Quit it!’’ She stomped her foot on the ground before punching the guy’s arm.

‘’Alright,’’ The guy laughed and help his hands up in surrender. ‘’I gotta go, I’ll see you guys Monday.’’ He fist bumped Jake and (b/n) before turning back to Lydia. He stood there for a few seconds and I smiled as I noticed a blush creeping onto his neck.

‘’S-see you Monday.’’ He gave Lydia a quick side hug before running off into the other direction.

‘’So, what’s up with you and number 24?’’ I wiggled my eyebrows at Lydia as she and Jake approached us.

‘’What? Nothing!’’ She answered quickly, too quickly.

‘’She’s in love with him!’’ (B/n) laughed loudly, dragging out the ‘o’ of love. I grinned at Lydia as I felt (b/n)’s arms around me and chin resting on top of my head.

‘’Head over heels!’’ Jake added before hi-fiving (b/n).

‘’I’m not,’’ Lydia frowned before crossing her arms over her chest. ‘‘In love with him.’’ Her cheeks seemed brighter because of her hair and it only made me smile wider.

‘’Please, I saw that look you gave him, and the one he gave you.’’ I winked at Lydia and she rolled her eyes before sliding her bag over her shoulder.

‘’Whatever,’’ She huffed quietly before punching her brother’s side. ‘’C’mon dickhead, we gotta go.’’

Jake rolled his eyes before grabbing his baseball bag from the ground. ‘’Yeah, we’re off home for the weekend.’’

Lydia and I quickly exchanged numbers with the promise of texting each other during the weekend.

‘’Talk to him.’’ I warned as she slid her phone back into her pocket. She rolled her eyes at before giving me a quick side hug.

‘’Alright, lovebirds!’’ Jake patted (b/n)’s back before winking at me. ‘’Enjoy your weekend with the winning pitcher, use protection-‘’

‘’Get out of here!’’ (B/n) laughed before pushing Jake away.

I smiled to myself as I watched our friends walk away before turning around and standing on my tiptoes to place a kiss to (b/n)’s cheek. ‘’Winning pitcher, huh.’’

‘’Yeah.’’ (B/n) smiled proudly down at me as we made our way towards the entrance of the baseball field.

‘’I’m proud of you.’’

(B/n) smiled down at me before placing a kiss to my forehead.

‘’Maybe you’ll get a reward then, this weekend.’’ I winked at (b/n) before running off towards my car, laughing as I pictured (b/n)’s shocked face and back there.

*Time skip*

‘’Why can’t I drive?’’ I whined as (b/n) buckled my seatbelt. He purposely let his hands rest on my thighs before leaning in and placing a small kiss on my nose.

‘’Because you drove here.’’ (B/n) closed the door before jogging to the other side of the car and getting in the driver’s seat.

‘’So?’’ I frowned as he started the car before pulling his seatbelt on.

‘’I don’t want you to fall asleep on the wheel.’’ (B/n) chuckled as he drove down the street.

‘’I wouldn’t, I’m too excited to see you.’’ I replied truthfully as I turned on the radio.

‘’I can’t believe you thought I’d gotten bored of you.’’ A frown overtook (b/n) perfect features as he grabbed my hand. He brought it up to his lips before kissing it softly while keeping his eyes on the road.

‘’I don’t know.’’ I giggled nervously before squeezing (b/n)’s hand.

‘’Well, I’m never going to get bored of you.’’ (B/n) quickly glanced to his right and I gave him a small smile.

My heart fluttered as he lifted my hand to his lips again before resting our hands on his thigh. I let out a content sigh as I rested my head on the headrest and let my eyes drop close.

‘’And that, is why I’m driving.’’ I felt (b/n)’s lips pressed again my hand again before succumbing into a deep slumber.

The End

Voilaa, I thought the reuniting scene was super cute!

I hope everyone enjoyed this, especially you Anon who I know the name of, haha. I hope I met your request 😊

Welll, that’s it for me tonight, I’ll go get started on the next imagine,

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You’ve seen every other AU post under the sun...

… Now get ready for… MISUNDERSTANDINGS AUS

  • I accidentally snapchatted you a video of your bae making out with someone else, but really it was just a contest to win a free pitcher at the bar.
  • I butt-dialed you as I was talking to my friend about their dead relationship, but you thought I was talking about ours.
  • We’re both in the media a lot and some gossip rag posted that I was having an affair for the first time.
  • You came to knock on my dorm room, preparing to ask me out, and thought the porn I was watching was me having sex with someone else.
  • I have a cat called Gary, and you get a sad look on your face every time I mention him. Now I don’t know how to explain that he’s my cat because I’ve realised that the way I speak about him is how one would describe a partner. 
  • I don’t want you to stay over, only I don’t know how to tell you it’s because I have a mountain of teddy bears on my bed, not because I don’t like you. 
  • You were really drunk last night and saw me hugging my cousin. Now you’re convinced I cheated on you, but you won’t tell me what’s wrong.
  • You think I won’t let you meet my parents because I’m ashamed of you, but really it’s because they have a weird obsession with the British Monarchy and I want to spare you the “Who’s your favourite Royal?” conversation. 
  • I’ve been disappearing at random hours for months and you think I’m cheating on you bUT REALLY I’M SETTING UP MY PROPOSAL TO YOU

Mo'ne Davis: Remember My Name: My Story from First Pitch to Game Changer

Be inspired to reach for your dreams!

In August 2014, Mo'ne Davis became the first female pitcher to win a game in the Little League World Series and the first Little Leaguer to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and a month later she earned a place in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. She was thirteen years old.

This inspiring memoir from a girl who learned to play baseball with the boys and rose to national stardom before beginning eighth grade will encourage young readers to reach for their dreams no matter the odds. Mo'ne’s story is one of determination, hard work, and an incredible fastball. Mo'ne is a multisport athlete who also plays basketball and soccer and is an honor-roll student at her school in Philadelphia.

With an eight-page full-color photo insert and an exclusive keepsake poster, this memoir celebrates our fascination with baseball in a story of triumph to be shared with generations of young readers to come.

Some Pitch Thoughts

So, the Cuban catcher is going to be coming up to the Majors I’m guessing sometime around mid-season, which in the Pitch timeline would probably be just in time for the 40-person (can’t say man anymore!) roster.  So, the question is - Where does that put Mike?  They could move him to first base, or they could go another route, which has deep precedent in baseball history.  That is, Mike could actually become Ginny’s catcher.  Not the team catcher - Ginny’s.

Greg Maddox had his own catcher when he played for the Braves (I’m not sure if this carried over to his other teams).  Tim Wakefield, a knuckleball pitcher for the Red Sox, also had his own catcher.  In this case, it was because the catcher (Doug Mirabelli) needed to basically specialize in catching a knuckleball, which is notoriously unpredictable.  Ginny’s secret weapon is a screwball.  it’s likely Livan won’t be able to catch this pitch, at least not well.  So Mike will move from starting catcher to Ginny’s personal catcher.  Meaning more bench and down time for them to go over pitch strategy and play golf. 

I’m also going to go ahead and guess the Padres at least make it to the playoffs, even if they don’t win the whole thing.  I’ve written before about how I love when a team wins and the pitcher and catcher run towards each other and one jumps into a hug.  If we don’t get that this year, I hope we get it at some point.  It’s too good of a baseball moment to resist.

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it--wasred  asked:

Prompt: Olicity at a baseball game and Felicity letting Oliver "explain" the game to her

“So there’s nine players: the outfielders in left, center and right, and then the infielders–first baseman, second baseman, shortstop and third basemen.  The catcher is behind the plate, and the pitcher is on the mound.”

“Mm-hmm,” Felicity said, taking a sip of her beer to hide her smile.  

It was a perfect June day: sunshine, blue skies, but with a nice breeze to keep things from getting too hot.  She had a hot dog in one hand, a beer in the other, and a box of Cracker Jack in her lap.  And best of all, Oliver was sitting beside her, his arm draped over her shoulders and a happy smile on his face.  

They were passing through Gotham for a few days, and Oliver had noticed in the paper that the Starling City Rockets were playing the Gotham Knights for the next three days.  He had immediately turned to her and asked if they could go to the game.  

“I know sports isn’t your thing, but … I haven’t been to a Rockets game since before the island, and I’d really like to see how the team looks.  And to take you to the game,” Oliver had asked, all shy little boy in his request.  Felicity couldn’t say no to him.  

And when she realized that he thought she knew nothing about baseball … well, it seemed like a fun way to pass the afternoon.  

Because she did know something about baseball.  More than something–she knew a lot.  After all, she was a computer nerd who had nearly minored in statistics.  Baseball was nothing but statistics.  

Okay, and maybe she had written a program that predicted performance by using some of Major League Baseball’s proprietary information, information that could only be acquired through slightly-to-moderately illegal methods.  

She took a bite of her hot dog and asked, “Why is there a shortstop?”

Oliver turned to look at her, his face slightly shadowed by the brim of his brand-new Rockets cap.  “What?”

“Why is there a shortstop?” she asked, gesturing to the field.  “And why isn’t there another player between first and second?  Doesn’t really seem fair, to make the shortstop do so much more work.”  

“It’s–huh,” Oliver said, leaning back in his seat.  “I don’t really know why.  I just know that it works.  If you had a tenth player, someone stationed between the first and second basemen, there would be too many players on the field.  The offense would dry up.  But if you didn’t have the shortstop, hitters would get too many hits.”  He took a sip of his beer, looking out at the field, while he kept thinking that over.

Turning her head, Felicity gazed at his profile.  He was so handsome.  But she thought that seeing Oliver with a smile on his face made all the difference.  Before, when they first met, he had been all lines and angles and icy perfection.  But now?  She liked this Oliver: the one with a smile never far from his lips, the one who was slightly sunburned from their trip to the beach yesterday, the one who ate hot dogs and didn’t notice the blob of mustard on his cheek.  

She more than liked this Oliver.  She loved him.  

Leaning in, she lightly licked his cheek.  Oliver turned, his face inches from hers, his eyebrows drawn together.  “Mustard,” she told him.  Then she grinned.  “Oh, and Oliver?”

“Yeah?” he asked, his voice low and a little bit raspy.  

Felicity brought her lips to his ear.  “I already know all about baseball.  I might have paid for my junior year at MIT with my betting on baseball.”  

“Oh, you–” he groaned, before the hand that wasn’t stroking her shoulder went to her side, tickling her ruthlessly.  

“Oliver!” she shrieked through her giggles, trying not to drop her beer.  

He stopped, but then he leaned in and kissed her slowly, making her even more breathless.  “You’re gonna pay for that, Smoak.”  

After a moment to catch her breath, she took another sip of her beer.  “I’m looking forward to how you’re gonna make that happen, Queen.”  

With a half-grin, half-smirk, Oliver leaned back in his seat, all relaxed ease and very hot man.  “I have my ways.”

And he did.  Because he then spent the whole nine innings displaying that Oliver Queen was the biggest, nerdiest dork about baseball ever.  He talked about OPS and WRC and FIP, ranted about pitcher wins, and spoke passionately about keeping the National League without a designated hitter.  

It made Felicity soak her panties, to hear Oliver sound so nerdy about something.  But he refused to do more than kiss her on the cheek until they were back in their hotel room.

And then he made her pay.

We don’t often think of professional athletes improving with age, but Jamie Moyer  was a better pitcher in his 40s than he was in his 20s. Moyer became the oldest pitcher to win a Major League Baseball game when, in April 2012, at the age of 49 years, 150 days, he pitched the Colorado Rockies to a 5-3 win over the San Diego Padres.

He spoke to Fresh Air contributor Dave Davies about his unusual career and life on and off the pitcher’s mound:

“The posture that you never want to show, for me, is to throw a pitch and your body gets a little droopy … your body kind of crumbles, and you catch the ball and you snap at the ball, you’re glaring at the umpire, you’re "whining” to the umpire, and that’s very visible from 60 feet away. The hitter sees that, your teammates see that, the fans see that, the broadcasters see that, everybody sees that. To me, you want to show absolutely nothing. You want to have strong eyes, you want to be staring at your target, and you’re really showing no emotion, you want show that “I’m in control here.” You want to get the ball back; you want to create a good tempo between pitches.“

Insane stats about Noah Syndergaard

Noah Syndergaard had pretty impressive rookie season for the Mets. In fact, he had one of the best rookie campaigns in team history. Check out some of the amazin’ stats about Thor’s year:

-        Syndergaard was the first rookie to have three straight home starts of 8 or more innings and one or fewer runs since 1995.

-        Went 5-1 with a 1.46 ERA in his first seven starts at Citi Field, the lowest ERA in franchise history for a pitcher’s first seven career home starts.

-        Received the win in five straight home starts from June 26-August 13 becoming the third Mets rookie to ever accomplish the feat.

-        The Mets won seven straight home starts by Syndergaard from June 26-August 30, tied for the team’s third-longest such winning streak in one pitchers home starts since 2002.

-        Syndergaard’s fastball had an average velocity of 96.5 mph this season, trailing only Nathan Eovaldi’s mark of 96.6 for the fastest in the majors (min. 140 IP).

-        He threw 1,421 pitches at 95 mph or faster, the second-most among all major league pitchers.

-        Syndergaard had the highest percentage of pitches of at least 95 mph (59.7%) among all major league starters.

-        Had 166 strikeouts in 24 regular season starts this season, the third-most in Mets history for a pitcher in his first 24 career games behind Dwight Gooden (193) and Matt Harvey (172).

-        He had the most strikeouts by major league rookies this season

-        He became the 21st pitcher in the last 100 years to have five or more strikeouts in each of his first five major league games.

-        Syndergaard was the first pitcher in team history to have at least five or more strikeouts in each of his first four games.

-        He struck out eight or more in 10 of his first 24 starts, tied for the fifth-most for any pitcher in the last century.

-        Syndergaard became the 14th pitcher in the last century to record five double-digit strikeout performances among his first 25 career games.

-        Syndergaard’s 9.96 K/9 is the second-best mark for a rookie in franchise history.

-        His 1.05 WHIP is a new club-record for a rookie.

-        Syndergaard’s 5.35 K/BB ratio was the third-highest ratio for any rookie since 1900 and the highest among rookies who have pitched at least 150 innings.

-       He became the ninth pitcher in the  last 100 years to record a pair of double-digit strikeout, no-walk performances among his first 24 career games.

-       Among these accolades, Thor also had an outstanding season on social media leading the club with multiple hilarious tweets.