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Misha Collins awed by a Costa Rican jungle; Gishwhes 2015 Winner’s Trip

Photos taken and edited by me. Please do not repost or remove caption. Message me if you’re still looking for a competitive team/want to win Gishwhes.  

Kiritoru! Mr Godlike Attentiveness

Yuzu: Ah, it’s short again
Yuzu: I can’t *red words*
Yuzu: I CAN’T, I CAN’T *BIG red words* 

In which Nobu fanboys a tiny bit, Yuzuru cannot tie his tie and Taka-chan comes to the rescue.

Full translation under the cut :)

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Mourning and acts of solidarity for the victims of the Charlottesville attack at a white nationalist rally

From New York to California, people join together at memorials and rallies to condemn the violent attack in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017. One person was killed after white nationalists clashed with counter-demonstrators and a car plowed into a crowd near the scene of the earlier melee, the mayor of Charlottesville said.

The clashes on Saturday morning prompted the governor to declare an emergency and halt a rally over removing a Confederate general’s statue from a public park. (Reuters)

(Photos: Win McNamee/Getty Images, Bebeto Matthews/AP, Tasos Katopodis/EPA/REX/Shutterstock, Jim Bourg/Reuters, Stephan Lam/Reuters)

Slideshow: Violent clashes erupt at ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Va. >>>


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I don’t think I’ve shared this here yet, but my two animations, Forage and Really Lost, made it into our college’s student art gallery last term! I was amazed and excited that it got accepted, since it’s the first time the school has displayed an animation :)

Transgender in History: Geraldine Portica (189X - XXXX) 

Chamber Maid

“Geraldine Portica — This is not a girl, but a boy, who was reared by his mother as a girl and has always dressed as a girl and went to school as a girl and has never associated with any one else but girls and was employed as a chamber maid on 6th St. when arrested, he is a native of Mexico and speaks several languages, his English with the Spanish accent, he is now waiting to be deported to Mexico by the U.S. Gov. Dec. 27th, 1917.
From the files of the San Francisco Police Department