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“Whatever may happen in the future, we’ll protect y o u and you’ll protect u s.” -Kim Namjoon

Bangtan will always fight for our right to live and love as we wish, just as we will always fight for Bangtan’s right to live and love in the industry that they are thriving in.

Congratulations on your first daesang, boys.

You’ve made it.

I find it incredibly sad how some fans can get so greedy with awards to the point where they'd want to take away an award from a group who has worked so hard to get their first daesang 😧

I hope that everyone understands that EXO-Ls would have been fine with anyone else winning Album of the Year IF the winner matched the criteria which the award was based off on. When other artists had the better results and fairly and objectively were the winners, then you cannot expect the public and fans not to question it. It’s not being “salty or pressed,” it’s a genuine wtf moment and people have the right to be angry.

Important points to consider here are that this has NOTHING to do with physical sales (so you can dump your “chinese albums!111″ argument thanks), it is all melon performance which EXO lead by a HUGE tens of millions margin, and the winner of the award was not WINGS (which I could perhaps understand bc it did amazing this year) but Young Forever which makes everything that much more unbelievable.  

I’m starting to feel like a miracle has to be performed for BTS to be rightfully appreciated for their dance and choreography.

The dance award has been slipping by them for years now, and it doesn’t feel right.

i can’t wait to see NCT’s first win, or see if they win the MAMA rookie award. i want to see them cry, idk if that’s a bad thing, but i want to see pure tears of gratitude and joy, and i want to see the babies cry, i want to see manly yuta cry, i want to see every single member clutch to the member beside them like if they’re giant babies. One giant hug as they skip around the stage. I want to see taeyong cry giving a speech, i want him to finally be satisfied with himself and recognize he is great, he is special, and that he is worthy. I want all of NCT on stage for that though, I want ALL of the boys there 😭

Resolutions in 2017

• petition for pledis to:

• ALSO LETS MAKE SEVENTEEN WIN MORE AWARDS THAT THEY DESERVE (like honestly they compose and choreo the whole album + they are all talented LIKE LEGITLY TALENTED)

You know, if artists would put as much work and planning and dedication into every, and I mean EVERY, possible aspect of their career and craft as Taylor does - then maybe they would win more awards.
And before bitching about it, take into account how much energy and time she spends bonding with her fans, how prepared she goes into every studio session, how clever she is with how she handles her business, how many years she has spent building industry contacts and relationships and taking their opinions into account (what happened when Red didn’t win Grammy? She put her head down, listened to feedback and did better with next one), how creative she is with marketing aspects of her career and list goes on and on…
She has never done anything but support her peers and colleagues, and when she has a point to make - she does it gracefully and with a clear purpose in mind. Hopefully we will soon live in a time where more people follow her example. Is that too much to ask?

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tyler joseph whom? I'm just waiting for mcr's grammy award

they literally deserved to win an award more than 21 porcupines ever will tbh lmao

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stella im so MAD how are they gonna dog queen bey like that like wtf but im not even surprised bc the grammys has always been a crock of shit ugh i teared up when bey started crying sHE DIDNT DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE THIS WE DONT DESERVE HER AND HER TALENT ugh im sorry im a mess i hope she knows how important she is and how groundbreaking lemonade is despite not getting the industry awards for it goddamnit.

IM SO PISSED AS WELL UGH like we knew our biggest competition was adele but still i believed Bey this time would win, EVERYBODY thought she was gonna win and they played us again

Just got back from Hidden Figures. Literally some of the best performances, cinematography, editing, writing, directing I’ve ever seen. One of the most important films I’ve ever seen. One of the most American films I’ve ever seen. And yet La La Land will still take the fucking Oscar.