winning is the best feeling ever

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I feel like white people are so mad now that la la land lost to moonlight just because they didn't win like the 2 awards out of 14 or whatever

moonlight is the first lgbt film to ever win best picture… this win was truly a step forward so like let’s let moonlight have this 100%

Holy Shit you guys this is like the reverse of the Brokeback Mountain-Crash upset

Brokeback Mountain, the gay cowboy movie, won ever Best Film award on the planet when it first acme out and it was considered a shoe-in for Best Picture until in one of the biggest upsets in Oscar history, it lost the award to more obscure movie, Crash, and pretty much everyone understood it was because voters were unwilling to give a gay movie the most prestigious entertainment award on the planet.

And now over a decade later the opposite happens, you have the nostalgic safe movie all poised to win, only to lose to Moonlight. Honestly this feels so good, it really does feel like a small sign of progress.

I love La La Land so much…I’ve seen this movie 7 times and it has become my favorite film ever because of how much it has impacted me personally. Knowing how hard the cast and crew have worked on this project for 6 YEARS and for this to have happened to them breaks my heart. They must feel so humiliated and heartbroken right now. Imagine having winning an Oscar and having one of your biggest dreams come true, only to find out it was a mistake and have it taken away…💔Moonlight, however, was also a beautiful film and it’s very deserving of Best Picture. It also sends an amazing message to the world, especially in the current times. I just wish it didn’t happen this way because now their iconic win is clouded by this mess. This is just sad for both parties involved…

Yuri Plisetsky: born to make History

so I just rewatched Yuri on Ice and realized something.. 

remember this 

Victor promised that he’ll someday give Yuri the best senior debut ever, which means he’ll win gold with a program choreographed by Victor himself.

at least Yuri didn’t forget Victors promise and requires a program that’ll let him win..   and so we have Victor making Yuris short program ‘Agape’.

and then we have this scene.. it is none other than Otabeks line, his thoughts while he’s skating.. thanks to this post and my third watch of this episode (and my lowkey Otayuri shipping feels), I feel confident that Otabek’s thinking about Yuri.. he tells him not to forget what he wants, that he’ll be able to win gold in the Grand Prix Final and

that this is exactly the right time for Yuri to shine.. Yuris senior debut, which Victor promised him to make the best in history (and it actually was) will be only the beginning of Yuris rise in his figure skating career.

Yuri did it. Yuri made history! (and I’m pretty sure he will continue to..)

  • me after episode 10: while I would welcome a sequel, I feel it's superfluous, as the main conflicts--Yuuri skating through his anxiety and finding love through Viktor--have been resolved
  • me after episode 11: There better fucking be a second season. I'm talking pure fluff, 12 episodes of Viktor looking into Yuuri's eyes and telling him he's the best fucking thing to ever happen to him. Yuuri and Viktor cheering their son on in the stands, their gold medals on display in their home, Viktor bragging about Yuuri's GPF win to anyone who will listen, Makkachin becoming the world's oldest living poodle. I need. I require. I'll buy every piece of yoi merch I can get my hands on if Kubo agrees to not do this shit to me again.

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You know that "who you should fight" meme? Could you do a BSD version of it, if it's not too much to ask?

(Ngl this may be the best thing I’ve ever answered)



Atsushi: You win(?)

  • Walk right up to him and beat the ever-loving shit of him. He’ll apologize to you. An easy fight, just don’t slip in any tasteless orphan jokes, it’ll have the opposite effect intended and he’ll take you the fuck out with the pure intent to prove he’s worthy. You could beat him but the psychological weight of crushing someone so innocent will ensure that you never feel right again. Fight him if you have no soul.

Dazai: You lose

  • He’ll turn the whole affair into a big joke. If you, by some stroke of luck, actually hit him, he’ll probably just say ‘harder daddy’. The psychological effects of brawling Dazai will be devastating either way. DO. NOT.  FIGHT.

Ranpo: You win

  • Honestly, it’s hardly worth your time. He hasn’t eaten anything but chocolate cake and cheap lollipops for the last six years, not to mention any form of physical exercise. He’s got pale-ass noodle arms and a muffin top (don’t believe the official art’s lies. The bitch eats solely from a candy shop and looks like he just topped off a cycling session with Jillian Micheals? Get the fuck out). Just don’t bring a Jolly Rancher shiv because he’ll eat the damn thing. Undoubtedly fight, just be prepared to book it like a fucking librarian after you knock him out because the rest of the ADA will come after you.

Kyouka: Depends 

  • Look, fourteen’s a shitty age even when you’re not dealing with pressing morality crises.There is nothing Kyouka wants more in this world than to dial herself, let Demon Snow rip and raise her kill count to thirty seven. But all you gotta do to keep her at bay is debate on morality like Matthew fucking Murdock in Netflix’s Daredevil. If you can successfully hold her back with discussion on ethics (and how hers will be jack-shit if she slaughters you) you have a slim chance of victory. A great fight if you need to practice for speech class.

Kunikida: You lose

  • You might think victory’s as simple as tossing his notebook in a nearby water fountain and watching him flip a lid, but this is an absolutely awful tactic and the inside of your head will be decorating the sidewalk in mere milliseconds. He beats Dazai’s band-aid wrapped flanks on the daily and he won’t hesitate to destroy yours. If you fight, at least your cause of death can be listed as ‘blonde beefcake’s rippling biceps’.

Kenji: You win

  • Just feed him a few bowls of Spaghetti-o’s before you deck him and the little blonde bitch won’t stand a chance. You can smack him back into the cultist backwater rice paddies he crawled out of easy as smacking a crippled fly. A perfect fight for abusing a fourteen year old without getting into too much trouble. 

Fukuzawa: You lose

  • You might think you could dress up in a kitty costume and sneak up to him. And you could. It would be easy, in fact. He’s so focused on the cuteness he won’t notice any maliscious intent. Despite this his reflexes are simply too quick and he’ll still take you the fuck out when you make your move. A bad fight from all angles. You’ll have to fend off his adopted, dysfunctional ADA children too. Just don’t.


Akutagawa: Depends (99.5% losing chance. risky.)

  • Yeah, you’re fucked. Akutagawa won’t even wait until you initiate, he’ll be the one attacking you, probably over something minor and stupid like the color of your pants is personally offensive. Rashomon will be slicing and dicing you into a smoothie for cannibals before you know what hit you. The only way you make it out alive is if by some stroke of luck Dazai happens to be in a one hundred mile radius and Akutagawa’s senpai-radar starts going off. Fight only if you bring My Chemical Romance vinyls to punt at him; they’re his biggest weakness .

Chuuya: Depends (99.75% losing chance. Cross thy fingers and pray)

  • Facing Chuuya is a bigger risk than that board game. He’s practically impervious to all close-up melee and he’s too small of a target to be hit with anything from afar. You might think you’d have a fighting chance if you knocked his hat off; after all, that’s basically all he is. A hat rack prone to alcoholism. But that fury will only make him stronger and he’ll crush you like you’re a cum-covered Dazai body pillow. As with Akutagawa your only glimmer of hope for survival is if bandage-kun happens to be close by because Chuuya will prioritize and leave your now crippled ass in the dust that he punted you in. Only fight while intoxicated. (Both of you. Not just him. It’s more fun that way. Much like Turkish oil wrestling but with more gravity.)

Mori: You lose

  • If you want to fight him you’ve obviously got a death wish and I’m not going to stop you. There’s easier ways to go though, man. Easier ways. His expression won’t even change when he whips out that scalpel (I don’t believe that man’s ever been to medical school) and filets you like a fresh caught tuna, on its way to a B-rated fast food join. Your body’s gonna get left on the pavement for the stray dogs. (No, I’m not gonna finish that joke. Low hanging fruit. I have some dignity.) If you want to die that bad, just go see if Dazai will suicide with you. It’ll be significantly less painful

Elise: I fucking dare you

  • I mean, you probably could take her out, she’s like seven. Mori will let her play skip rope with your small intestine after she’s recovered. Rest In Peace if you even consider it.

Kouyou: You lose

  • I don’t know what would inspire you to be so stupid. She’ll just let out a dignified little chuckle and shove that umbrella sword so far up your ass you’ll be tasting acid rain for months, and she’ll do it all in the most ladylike way possible. Unless you’re ready for your innards to end up in a teapot, served with chocolate-coated orange wafers at tea break, just don’t fight.

Oda: ???

  • He’s fucking dead. What are you gonna do, kick his headstone, maybe plant some weeds over his grave? Just don’t mention the burnt orphan soup, or he’ll literally rise and put you in his coffin instead. If you’re willing to dabble into necromancy, knock yourself (or him, in this case) out.

Q: Haha

  • I get why you’d want to fight him, I really do. He looks like a miniature Cruella Deville on an acid trip. But you just don’t have a chance. Hit him. Go ahead. As soon as you so much as brush him he has the power to destroy your shit like it’s never been destroyed before. Will annihilate you from the inside out. The deadliest emo thirteen year old there’s ever been; avoid at all costs!!!

Higuchi: You LOSE

  • You might think you have a chance because she doesn’t have an ability. But you’re gravely mistaken. Higuchi is bitter. Higchi is ruthless. Higuchi does not give a fuck about anything other than getting Emotagawa-senpai to notice her. She has nothing, nothing to lose and she will not rest until she’s pulling your tonsils through your asshole in the hopes that Akutagawa will give her a thumbs-up for slaughtering you. DO NOT fight. She stands to lose nothing and gain everything.


Hawthorne: You lose

  • You might think that you’d have a fighting chance because he’s a priest and priest’s aren’t supposed to wreck people’s shit but he will see your sins and you won’t even see him coming. Try to punch him his ability is literally activated by injuries. Knocks you out with a psalter hymnal and ships you off to Bible camp while you’re unconscious.  Only fight if you have never sinned, not once, ever.

Steinbeck: Depends

  • If you’re from the city he’ll destroy you. Farm boys always tear apart city people no questions asked. If that fact doesn’t dissuade you then just prepare yourself not to be freaked the fuck out when he jack-knifes his own neck and starts sprouting flora. As long as you keep your cool you’ve got a 30/70 chance. Only fight if you bring a metric fucktonne of weed killer.

Poe: You win (biggest douchecanoe award, but that’s about it)

  • Physically, sure, you could sneeze within fifty feet of his pasty ass and take him down. But really? Do you really want to hurt him? He’ll stare right into your soul with those sad, sad eyes and wonder just what he did to inspire such bitterness in you. If you can still fuck him up after that then you’d best kiss your spirit goodbye because it’s descending to the seventh level of fiery hell as you read this. Plus, honestly, there’s no true triumph against a man whose best bud is a raccoon. That’s just too rad. If you can deal with the pressing moral consequences and a pissed off  raccoon, go for it. (You monster)

Mitchell: You win

  • All you have to do is push her hospital bed down the stairs and pretend it was an accident. Her comatose ass can’t do a thing to stop you. Fight if you’re ready to run from angry hospital staff.

Fitzgerald: You lose 

  • You know, this sentient sack of Benjamins deserves it, in all honesty, but don’t try. Him and his power suit will kick you into the next millennia before you can say ‘old sport’. Prepare to be crushed by capitalism.

Melville: You win

  • He’s like eighty and his ability’s a goddamn floating whale. As long as you don’t throw down at Sea World, you’re good. Fight as long as you’re not in front of an assisted living facility; the CNAs will think he’s a resident and defend him.

Lovecraft: Depends

  • Attack him while he’s trying to nap and he’ll be too lazy to get up. Otherwise… yeah, just google ‘Cthulhu’. You’ll get the idea. Don’t fight: there’s no beating weaponized tentacle porn.

Montgomery: You lose

  • Go right ahead and try, she’ll whisk you away to her Melanie-Martinez ass torture dimension and let Anne mop the floor with your teeth. It’s kind of like challenging God. Unless you want to spend eternity in an unsexy rip-off of the 50 shades Red Room, DO. NOT. ENGAGE.

Twain: You win

  • Twain’s all talk, anybody that walks around with their titties hanging out 24/7 is definitely trying to distract from something. In this case he’s trying to fool people into thinking he’s not a dictionary-definition pussy. Rip the heads off his muppet babies and he doesn’t even have an ability anymore, the schmuck. Fight when you’re looking for a quick self-esteem boost. 

Alcott: You win

  • This poor woman does not deserve to be tortured anymore than she already is by the weight of her own social awkwardness, but if you really insist: make a derogatory comment and she’s basically down for the count already, no physical contact necessary. If you really want to dominate, just steal her glasses and she instantly morphs into a significantly less foxy Velma Dinkley. Also significantly less prone to self defense. An A-1 fight for when you’re looking to cement residency in Hell.


Ango: Depends

  • You would think his beanpole ass would be an easy target. You’d be wrong, though. So very wrong. He’s been chugging tomato juice like it’s his job for the past forever and he’s got a snazzy pair of handcuffs he’s just dying to break out. If you sabotage basic safety features on his car, though, he’s a goner. Just sneakily unbuckle his seat belt while he’s driving and you’ve basically defeated him right then and there. A good fight for practicing strategic tactics and subtle vehicle vandalism.

Fyodor: You lose

  • Just ask A how that one turned out. Actually, ask anyone in the manga what throwing down with Fyodor entails. (Unless you only watch the anime, then just wait for the season three that we’re probably not getting) He’ll escort you personally to the gates of hell with a flick to your forehead. Then he’ll step right over your still-warm corpse and start playing the cello with that unnecessarily wide leg-spreadage. Mess with this sentient ushanka hat and he’ll uSHANKa you.

November 2016 - The 10 months of tarot giveaway!

We’re down to the last two months of the 10 Months of Tarot giveaway - thank you everyone for participating!

Every deck is new, sealed and ready to use. And you never know, I might sneak more goodies into the package when it heads your way.

This month’s deck is the The Shadowscapes Tarot.

This deck remains a favorite with so many folks in the tarot community. The art is unbelievable, the design is flawless.  It’s one of the best decks for intuitive reading I’ve ever seen.

Rules and whatnot:

• reblogging the post will get you entered - multiple reblogs will not necessarily increase your odds of winning.

• you need to be following me at the time I draw the winner - feel free to unfollow me after if you like, I don’t mind.  

• please be over 18 yrs old - It’s a tumblr rule plus I don’t fancy getting nasty letters, lawsuits or legal trouble from parents or legal guardians who think that I have corrupted a minor or sent their child on the path of devil worship. (not that tarot is either one of those things but parents can have funny ideas sometimes)

• do not tag as a giveaway or do anything to get my tumblr space censured - this is not affiliated with tumblr in any way (etc. etc. etc.)

• I’ll be drawing a winner on Nov. 21. It’s a short turnaround this time in order to let me get it shipped out before the American Thanksgiving holiday.

(I will ship internationally)


So, I’ve never done on of these new year posts, but I have a few things to say about this year, and maybe I’ll mention something that someone needs to hear.

As far as competitions go, this year was pretty crappy for me. I dropped in placement at every single major that I’ve ever been to. I had teachers telling me I’d win things that I barely broke the top ten at. Some I didn’t even get that far. It sounds like I’m complaining about silly things; stupid Oireachtas champion problems, right? But it was hard. Especially when you think you did your best, but the judges don’t agree.

At first, it really frustrated me, you know? I felt (and I know I’m not the only one) like I was disappointing my teachers, parents, friends. Bipolar marks made me feel like nothing was under my control in dance, anymore, and I went crazy half the year trying to figure out what in the world I was doing that the judges hated SO much. I had to start seeing a sport psychologist to keep my head on the right way, and for a little while I forgot that I love Irish dance.

Sometimes when you get so into something - whatever it is that you do - you begin to expect things of yourself that you didn’t at the start. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s what makes you better. But when you start to expect things of yourself without forgiveness when you fall short, you’re setting yourself up for so much disappointment. This year, I - stupid perfectionist that I am - had myself so. freaking. stressed. because I thought perfection was the end goal. I fought myself for a solid 10 months before I realized what I was doing.

Thing is - and I’m a control freak, so I hate this - sometimes there are things you just can’t control. You can’t control what the judges like, can’t control the stage, can’t control the venue or who you dance with or if you get the flu two days before you dance. And you have to learn to be proud of yourself, not for the number you get, but for the improvement that you see in yourself. It took too long for me to understand that, but it really does change your perspective. If you compare yourself to anybody but you, you’ll never see how far you’ve really come.

There’s always another competition.

You can always go to another feis, do another major. You can always try again, and marks don’t stop you from trying as many times as you want to. Only you do that. So, for this year, I am proud of all my crap placements because I know that I worked hard and that I WILL do better!

(Jesus, I’m sorry this is so fricking long, Happy New Year, yall!)

The sour reality of this election is that, frankly, both candidates are awful. Both have done terrible things. And it sucks, it really sucks. But it’s important to know that voting for third party isn’t going to accomplish anything. A third party candidate will not win. Look at the 2000 presidential election. Look at the racist governor of Maine who only won with a 37% vote because of the divided democratic party.

That’s why you need to swallow your pride. If you agree with people like Bernie Sanders, then vote Democrat. Again, third party will not win. If you agree with Democratic ideas then your best shot is to vote for Clinton. And if voting for Clinton as a person bothers you that much then just look at is as voting for the party that you feel can better this country. Vote for your party, not the person. Personally, I do not like Hillary Clinton. I never have and I doubt that I ever will. But I’m voting Democrat because I don’t want Donald Trump to win.

Please don’t have the mindset of “Well I don’t want to be the one to blame when Clinton does x bad thing”. Because, ultimately, you are going to be the one to blame when Trump does the worst possible things imaginable to this country because you wasted your vote on a pointless protest vote.

Places like Tumblr often seem to have the mindset that “things will work in our favor if we whine enough”. Guess what? That’s not how life works. Sometimes life just sucks and there’s nothing you can do about it. This election is a prime example of that. It sucks. That’s just how life is. You have two choices. Not three. Not four. Not five. Either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is going to become president tomorrow and there is nothing you can do about it. So hold your nose and pick your poison.

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What is the Riddlers IQ? The same as batman?

The last time he checked, Edward Nygma’s IQ was pegged at 193, placing him higher than Garry Kasparov, but lower than Kim Ung-Yong.

His IQ is higher than Batman’s, but it’s his constant desire to win and prove himself best that inevitably leads to Edward’s downfall. Also, while Batman’s IQ is lower than the Riddler, his deductive and observational skills are unmatched.

Should The Riddler ever try to orchestrate a crime without feeling the need to leave an array of clues about the scene, he would be unstoppable. Of course, by doing this, he would no longer be The Riddler, and his stationery would be rendered COMPLETELY useless.

This would NOT do.

(Note: This is the CodotVerse Riddler, and does not have to be accepted by anyone else but Codot.)

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I was wondering, do you truly believe La La Land deserves to win Best Picture over the other films? And why, if so? I just want to hear an opinion.

I truly believe that Moonlight should win Best Picture. La La Land was my personal favorite, because it did something that movies never, ever do for me; it made me feel good, it made me feel like I was watching something special, something that I would treasure for the rest of my life. But is it better than Moonlight? Is it more original, or important? Of course not. 

Moonlight did something that no one does; it focused, in gentle and tender care, on the quietness of repression, on the restless desire to say something when you can’t find the words. It didn’t just explore masculinity, it pieced it apart and laid it carefully in front of the audience, to not just be seen but interrogated, understood, felt. It was achingly honest, painfully intimate. It would be a grave mistake to not name it Best Picture at the Oscars. 


Belated Sunday Progress Update:

It feels so good to just wake up and have zero responsibilities!!! The first part of this break has felt absolutely non-stop! You guys, I haven’t even read a single page of my book in, like FOUR DAYS! But, I am looking forward to some slower days this week! Plenty of time with my bike and my books!! 🚲📚😍

I’d say that for this week, that check list is kind of a win! My bike has definitely helped motivate me to exercise at home! I love riding it! Best (early) Christmas gift ever! Although, yesterday we went on a family bike ride after everyone else left and I’d had wine…maybe buzzed mountain biking is not the brightest idea…I definitely felt like my reaction time was delayed and I am very glad we didn’t do any of the more technical trails! No flats with my new tubeless tires!! 😊

Well, coffee is done and no one else is up yet! My book is calling! ☕️📚

ding ding here comes the prediction shit-mobile

idk but at this point, i’m 90% sure that everyone will flub at least one jump, either in the SP or in the FS

no one will have a clean skate, not even JJ

because they’re, all of them, OVER-MOTIVATED AF

which means, it all comes down to who will recover better after their mistakes

(and let me tell u, that isn’t JJ, i have a feeling this guy is the kind of person who slumps so low if they make one mistake bc they just can’t wrap their minds around the fact that they, the best ever, god’s gift to figure skating and the world, made a mistake when stakes were so high - it just doesn’t compute into their worldview).

which means, ANYTHING is possible

which means, even if Yuuri doesn’t land the quad flip (its honestly bothering me that he’s never landed it before, not even in practice) - THAT STILL DOESN’T STOP HIM FROM WINNING.

We shall see!

Someone needs to give Yurio a hug because I feel like he’s lacked a lot of affection throughout his life. I get the feeling that his parents weren’t really there for him while he was growing up and the only person he could truly rely on was his grandfather (who we’re not sure is dead or alive but i’m guessing he passed away leaving Yuri feeling more alone than ever). He’s probably been through so much emotionally that it has caused him to build his walls so high that he finds it impossible to allow anyone in. Those walls which will take such a long time to break down because of the lack of trust that Yuri has towards people. 

He’s so used to keeping his emotions, his true emotions, to himself that maybe it’s easier for him to get angry instead say how he really feels. Maybe the reason why he wants to win and be the best is because he feels like he has something to prove. 

I just need to hug him and tell him everything is okay. ;-; 

a collection of things my 85 year old grandmother has said in the last 24 hours
  • on the westminster dog show: I pick my favourite dog and if it doesn't win? I cry.
  • on the film "Lion": That was the saddest movie I've ever seen. Let's watch it again. Right now.
  • on her favourite bottle of white wine: I like this one in particular because it never makes me feel drunk - just nice.
  • on her cashmere poncho: I like to wear it around the house. But I don't ever wear it out because I think it's too pretentious, you know?
  • on true happiness: I'm very simple - all I need is my iPad and a wi-fi connection.
  • on limited-run British tv series: I hate them because I love them so much and then they're just... over. Just like that. Gone too soon.


  • it’s literally calling out an abuser publicly
  • the opening imagery of “my mother accused me of losing my mind but i swore i was fine” is literally opening up with her saying hey maybe i wasn’t fine
  • “i lived in your chess game but you changed the rules every day” a perfect metaphor for an emotionally abusive partner. one who makes you feel like you’re never gonna win any battle with them and holds your mistakes over your head
  • “praying the floor won’t fall through again” as anyone who’s ever been in an abusive relationship can tell you, this perfectly sums up how it feels to try avoiding a fight with an abuser
  • “wondering which version of you i might get on the phone tonight” implying she’d either get the loving, sweet version of him who praised her and made her feel special or the one who made her feel less than perfect which is textually supported by her singing “never impressed by me acing your tests” in the bridge and the lyric “maybe it’s you and your sick need to give love and take away”
  • “i stopped picking up and this song is to let you know why”
  • throughout the song, she claims “i should have known” which is exactly how most abuse victims feel. that they did wrong. that if they’d done something differently, things wouldn’t have happened that way. the vivid imagery of a girl in a dress crying her whole way home really drives home this idea
  • she goes “maybe it’s me and my blind optimism to blame” which reinforces the “how i ignored when they said run as fast you can” - showing a naive 18 year old girl going for a relationship that’s no good for her
  • this changes at the end where she states “the girl in the dress wrote you a song” and boldly states “you should have known”. in the context of her career, it’s assumed “you should have known i’d write a song about this” but it can take a darker turn when you learn what the song is about
  • YOU should have known not to treat an 18 year old like that. YOU were at fault for making me feel stupid and crazy. YOU were 30 and should have known not to go after a starstruck 18 year old
  • basically it’s “fuck you, john mayer, it’s not my fault”
  • it’s not her fault that a 30 year old man picked this naive, starstruck girl to peruse a relationship with
  • and now she’s shining ike fireworks OVER HIS SAD EMPTY TOWN

Hi welcome to my head canons for Purple Guy because I’m allowed to make a head canon that looks like Vincent.

I have 3 versions of this Purple Guy, they’re essentially the same person but I treat them like 3 separate entities

We’ll explain them through their rankings, highest degree of ego versus the lowest degree of ego.

Starting off we have Vinceye- 100% ego boost
Vinceye is the most egotistical out of all of them, he’s snarky, he’s sadistic, he’s lustful, greedy and more. He thinks of himself as the best, he thinks he can get away with just about anything if he covers his tracks well, he plays the piano, horribly. You may ask what’s up with the eyes, well the answer is is that, have you ever met a person who likes all the attention? He likes all eyes on him, he wants to feel known because he feels as if he deserves it. Vinceye gets this way or is this way if he plays competitively and is winning, sees someone he hates and begins to think about how much better he is, is about to fight, or telling someone off.  He has 110% gravity to him, meaning that when he walks/stomps the ground shakes under him, he’s the heaviest and second tallest out of all of them.

Next we have Vincent- 50% ego boost
Vincent of course is the mix between the two Vinceye and Vin. He’s the perfect amount of snappy comebacks and sarcastic humor. He is sadistic but not to the degree that Vinceye is, he IS a coffee addict, he’ll drink about anything that has coffee in it, even though he’s tired almost 24/7 he can’t go a day without a cup. He does have a house that they all live in, he can actually work, and he’s more of the responsible one I assume. Vincent will turn this way or is this way if both Vincents are controlled and he is in a helpful environment or in the company of someone that he really enjoys, he rarely turns into or Vinceye and Vin barely show up due to Vincent being so calm and collective most of the time. He is the 3rd tallest and the 2nd heaviest with gravity about 60% meaning that he can float off the ground just a small amount, a drift easily without touching anything. He cannot however, float more than 2 feet off the ground.

Last but certainly not least, we have Vin- 0% ego boost
Vin is a sarcastic, self deprecating purple guy, he has a sarcastic way of saying awful things about himself, he’s always putting himself down and never wants to talk about himself, he doesn’t want attention, he doesn’t want support. He feels as if he doesn’t deserve it. He looks at himself in a bad light, always have and always will. Vincent will turn into Vin, or Vin is this way if someone calls him out, yells at him in a rude manner, makes distasteful comments, or anything else that makes him feel like shit. He will stay this way for as long as he needs, and won’t change unless he actually feels better. Vin is the smallest out of everyone, with a gravity of 10% meaning he is basically a helium balloon, but he CAN control how far he floats up.