winning is his best gift but winner is my best gift

No one remembers how it starts, but by the end of patrol, Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, and Robin are standing on a rooftop arguing about who’s the better liar.

They all maintain that they’re the best out of the four of them, but since no one’s willing to give ground, it escalates.

Of course it escalates.

When they get home and out of comms, they decide that the only way to settle this is to have a competition to see who can come up with and sell the biggest lie. 

The rules are simple: 

  • You can’t sabotage anyone else’s attempts in any way
    • Jason and Damian argued vehemently against this, but Tim and Dick said the point was to win fair and square
    • Ignoring the fact that this is a competition to prove who’s the better liar
  • It can be a lie of any caliber or category - you just have to sell it

So… basically, there’s only one rule.

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Sex Sells - Luke Hemmings Smut

i suddenly felt like writing something and was inspired so i’m blessing you with this shit. (the blesser of shits aka me)


Y/N is a famous actress and after an award show Luke has a gift for her


1100ish words

Anxiety and excitement was all Y/N was feeling as she and her boyfriend sat at a circular table filled with familiar faces you’d see on TV or on the silver screen. She was nominated for her first Oscar for the best supporting actress.

She watched Jimmy Kimmel as he made jokes, cracking people up but when he said that he’ll be announcing the winner for the best supporting actress Y/N’s hands started shaking under the table. Luke noticed that her girlfriend started shaking, he held her hand and gave her a small smile. He was just as excited for her girlfriend if not more. He knew winning an Oscar was her dream and he was happy to be experiencing this with her.

“Aaaaand the winner is…” everyone held their breath “Y/N Y/S/N Congrats Y/N!” Y/N was frozen. She was so happy but she still couldn’t believe that she actually won. “YOU WON BABY. YOU DID IT. I’M SO PROUD OF YOU.” Luke was the first of the duo to react. He pulled Y/N up of her seat and hugged her. They briefly kissed on the lips before Y/N started pacing towards the stage, only stopping to hug some of her friends on the way. She also hugged Jimmy, they already knew each other since he interviewed her 3 weeks ago.

“Ah i don’t know what to say. I didn’t think i’d win i mean i was up against all these amazing women. I wanna thank my fans firstly. They put up with a lot for me so thanks for that.” Y/N chuckled “ I also wanna thank the cast. We’ve become the closest friends over the course of shooting. I already miss seeing your faces everyday. I wanna thank my family of course. And lastly i want to dedicate this award to my boyfriend Luke, for being patient with me., always supporting me and not complaining once when i’m exhausted from shooting and in a pissy mood. I love you Luke.”

Y/N got off the stage and got interviewed by some  interviewers while her name was being engraved on the golden statue. She realised that, that would take a long time and decided to return to her boyfriend.

“Congrats baby i’m so proud of you! I knew you’d win you’re so talented. And i also have a gift for you when we’re back in the limo.” Luke said as he kissed her. “How did you know i’d win? What if i didn’t win then i wouldn’t deserve the present.” Y/N protested. “I’d still give it to you baby. In my eyes you’re the winner. Even if you lost.” Y/N smiled. Luke was so sweet to her.

When the ceremony ended and they were putting their coats on Luke asked “ So do you wanna stay for the after party or go straight home?” Y/N decided that she wanted to celebrate this with just her boyfriend and they went out to wait for their limo. She wanted to spend the night alone with her boyfriend but her phone was blowing up. Her family members, friends, everyone was calling or texting to congratulate her on her win. Luke nudged her arm to get attention and pointed at the limo. She quickly said goodbye to the person she was talking to and got in the car.

“So, what is this gift you’ve been dying to give me. The one that you’re sure i’ll love?” Oh yeah Luke praised his gift until the ceremony ended which was more than an hour. “Wait a sec. Driver can you roll up the partition? Thank you and drive a bit slow.”

Luke turned towards her and kissed her roughly. She immediately responded and kissed him back. Their tongues were exploring each others’ mouths while their hands were keeping themselves busy by gripping every piece of skin they could find. Finally Y/N’s hands settled on Luke’s broad shoulders while Luke’s were pulling the front of Y/N’s red dress down to expose her chest. Thank god she was wearing a strapless dress. Luke thanked god for the second time when he realised she couldn’t wear a bra with this dress and hurried to suck on her nipples, making  sure to leave marks on her breast and collar bones on his way.

While sucking on her breasts Luke’s hands pushed the skirt Y/N’s dress up. Y/N blushed when she remembered that she hadn’t worn panties that way because she didn’t want lines on her dress. “Y/N… Did you stand on that stage bare in front of millions of people? tsk tsk bad girl. What am i gonna do with you, you’re killing me.” Luke got harder at the thought of  his girlfriend being bare up on that stage.

He started kissing up her thighs. They were both getting more excited as his head got closer to her pussy. Luke loved Y/N pussy. He thought it looked like a delicate rose. He loved to eat it, to finger it, to be inside of it. He almost liked pleasuring Y/N more than Y/N pleasuring him. Hell he probably did.

When his tongue touched her pussy, Y/N threw her head back and let out a moan. Wanting to hear more of her pleasure sounds, Luke started to lick faster and harder. He was sucking her clit and the sounds she was making was urging him to go faster, harder.

“Luke more please more.” Y/N begged and Luke couldn’t resist her and pushed two fingers inside of her. “YES YES LUKE OH I THINK - I THINK I’M CLOSE” Luke started fingering and sucking harder and ordered her to look at him in the eye. He wanted to see the look of complete bliss on her face when she came. That was one of his favourite parts of sex. That was also the reason why he preferred missionary  sex. His band mates called him vanilla but they didn’t know the reason behind it and Luke wasn’t planning on telling it in the near future.

Luke was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Y/N’s moans getting louder and quicker. “That’s it baby cum. Cum on my face. You deserve it baby. ” that quickened her orgasm and she came. Luke watched her in awe and cleaned her up with his tongue.

After catching her breath Y/N reached for Luke’s cock but Luke pulled away. “Tonights about you baby. You don’t have to return the favour. We won’t be stopping till the sun rises anyways.” They both laughed at that and Luke settled next to her holding her close while see caught her breath.

When the car slowed down they knew they were close to their apartment and Y/N stilled herself to fix her dress. She giggled “So your famous gift was an orgasm wow.” Luke answered smugly “This is Hollywood baby. Sex sells.”

anonymous asked:

Can you do a primer on julien/pl? I'd love to write fic about them, but I just know bits of pieces from your hcs. But they're both so big and soft????

Hey! So when I started writing we’re not here to take part (we’re here to take over), I didn’t think PL/Julien would be more than a one-off pairing that I’d write once for fun, so it’s been thrilling to find that people are interested in them!

So there honestly isn’t much interaction between the two of them, I’m sad to say. They’re friends, and they’ve been teammates a few times, but the part about them together is gonna be fairly short, sorry! I’d love to tell you about them anyway, bc I love them. I’m so sorry for how long this is. This isn’t a primer, this is an essay with pictures.

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Sebastian Stan Request

Hi dear! Could you please write an imagine where the reader is Sebastian Stan’s wife (and a really famous actress) and she tells him that she’s pregnant in a really cute way? I love your writing!! :3

“What’s that?”

You carried the box from your door to the kitchen counter. “Just a little something I ordered,” you smiled at your husband. “Are you ready to go?”

“Just have to put my shoes on,” he kissed your forehead as he walked to the couch. “You look absolutely beautiful. But, that was expected.”

“Ah, that’s why I married you,” you said humorously. You and Sebastian were about to leave to SAG Awards where you were up for fourth nomination for Best Actress and where Sebastian was up for Best Actor.

“Come on lovely,” you walked hand and hand with him down to the car. “You ready,” he asked as you pulled up to the red carpet. With a nod he opened up the car door and helped you out of the car. With an arm around you the whole time you two walked the red carpet, pausing for all the pictures and interviews together.

You held your stomach as you sat in your seat. “Getting nervous,” he asked as he saw your hand on your stomach.

You smiled largely, “I guess so.” He took your other hand in his and rubbed his thumb over it, “Don’t be. I know you’ll win,” he told you.

Sebastian’s category was up first. “And the award goes to,” Emma Stone said, “Sebastian Stan.” The audience erupted and you stood up and hugged and kissed your husband. He walked up on stage. “Wow,” he said looking at the award, “this is an honor. I’d like to take a moment and say thank you to my extremely beautiful wife Y/N,” he smiled towards you, “and to all the people from set who helped me get this role and make the character a real thing; and a special thank you to my fans that went and saw the movie and helped make it what it is. Thank you,” he gave a final smile and walked off the stage. He sat back down in his seat next to you just as your category was being announced.

Robert Downey Jr. took the stage to present the winner for your category and, of course, made a joke about Sebastian’s winning; it was only natural since they were close friends. “And the winner for Best Actress goes to….Y/N Y/L/N.” You stood back up again and wrapped Sebastian in another big hug and received an equally large kiss from him. You lifted up your gown and walked up the stage.

“Like Sebastian just said, this is an honor,” you and your peers laughed. “Um, I’d like to think my friends and family for encouraging me to pursue this role. I’d like to think my agent Matt and the cast and crew on set who helped me stay awake on all our 14 hour days; and my fans who tweeted about the movie just because I was in it. Lastly, I’d like to think my wonderful husband Sebastian for putting up with me and for still helping me run lines. I love you,” you looked directly at him. You walked off and kissed and hugged your husband again as you reached your seat.

“Robert and Chris asked if we wanted to join them at the afterparty,” Sebastian told you as you two walked again hand and hand with your awards down the red carpet.

“We could if you want but I actually have a gift waiting for you back at the house.” You could tell by his smile what he thought the gift was.

“Then we should probably just run on home,” he playfully said. The drive home was full of playful kisses and you having to bat Sebastian’s eager hand away. You were a good 20 steps ahead of him when you got home. You were grabbing the package off the table when Sebastian came through the door. “Ok, honey, ready to celebrate.” He walked towards the kitchen and stopped when he saw you hold the box. “You meant and actual gift?” You nodded and laughed at him.

“Come, sit,” you sat on the couch and patted next to you. You put the box in his lap and, with eager eyes, waited for him to open the box. He ripped the tape of the outside of the box and opened it to another gift box. He undid the bow, removed the top and unfolded the tissue paper. You looked intensly at him waiting to see his reaction. “Does this…does this mean what I think it does?”

He lifted up the small long sleeve black onesie that replicated his Winter Soldier outfit. He looked at you and you nodded. “How long have you known,” his voice was full of excitement.

“3 weeks. I’m nearly two months,” you smiled. He put the box on the table in front of him and grabbed you in his arms.

“This is the best award I could have ever received,” he picked you up in his arms bridal style and swung you around. “I can’t believe it!”

“Now,” you laughed from his arms. “I guess if you want your other gift now…” you let him finish the thought for himself.

I Thought You Were Different: Book 3 (Part 1/?) (Steve Rogers/Avengers x reader)

Okay, I had a few ideas…I just can’t quit this group, and I’ve come to realize that this version of the reader is me.  I’ve been writing me.  So, there’s that, and I’m sorry that when you read (Y/N), you kinda turn into me…

Book 1

Book 2

“You’re gonna throw up,” Bucky snickered with a knowing shake of his head.  “Even for you, it’s physically impossible to drink that much that fast.”

“I can do it,” Steve groaned, his face taking on a green pallor at the thought of how much milk was still in the gallon sitting in front of him.  “I just need a minute.”

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Secret Admirer. ll Dean Ambrose ll

Character: Dean Ambrose

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 979 [short]

Warnings: A few naughty words.

Notes: I just had a bit of inspiration and wanted to write a short one-shot on a smitten Dean Ambrose and a frustrated Reader. No smut is included, but it is implied towards the end.

Ever since Y/N had gotten into an argument with Nicole about her opinion on models being in the company last week, she hadn’t been scheduled to win a match. It was a petty argument, sure, but she wasn’t going to just stand around and let some barbie doll bitch act like she was the best in the business; because she sure as hell wasn’t.

“Stupid bitch cost me everything,” she muttered as she walked into her locker room.

The first thing she noticed when she walked in was the fresh bouquet of crimson roses that lay on her table. She was a bit skeptical of the bouquet, but overall determined that it couldn’t hurt her. As she walked closer she noticed a small note attached to the beautiful flowers, though she didn’t know who would give her a gift - let alone flowers.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, our first date, is long overdue,” she laughed as she read the poem aloud.

While the note was insanely cheesy, the entire thing almost made her want to cry from the initial sweetness. She couldn’t think of anyone who would do something like this for her, especially after what happened with Nicole.

Another week passed by, another match lost, but at least she lost to a future Hall of Famer in Natalya. Frustrated, Y/N stormed backstage and into her locker room; another gift awaiting her. Her angry eyes scanned the small red box on the table before picking the small item up, opening it in the process.

“Maybe this will cheer you up, sweetheart,” the note on top of the item blocked her view of it, though the note convinced her to keep going.

A miniature bottle of vodka laid in the box, a neat, red, bow around the neck of it. Whoever was sending these gifts knew Y/N well. Smiling, the young woman picked up the bottle and opened it. She took a small sip and let out a satisfied hum, downing the rest of the bottle within a few seconds; she needed that.

This was the third week without a win, all because she had told Nicole that she personally thought that she didn’t belong in the W.W.E. This time she had lost to a jobber too, she had lost to Summer Rae. All of her dignity was practically gone, people had even begun to speculate that she would be fired soon; something she was worried about now.

“Y/N, are you alright?” A feminine voice asked, breaking her from her thoughts.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks, Nattie,” she replied absentmindedly before standing and leaving the women’s locker room.

She knew very well that her friends, the few she had, were beginning to worry about her. They knew she couldn’t stand the constant losing and the look Nicole would give her; it was beginning to drive her mad. She needed the taste of victory, but the company just denied her of it. Now Y/N sat in her locker room, staring blankly at the large, black box with red polka dots. Did she really need whatever was in it? Did she really want to know who’d been sending her these gifts? Sighing, she grabbed the box and opened it, revealing a silver necklace that said “best” inside and a note beside it.

“You’ll always be a winner in my eyes,” she read aloud, a smile growing on her face.

Whoever was sending her these gifts was slowing making their way into her heart, but she didn’t know if she could truly trust whoever the secret admirer was; for all she knew Nicole could be playing a harsh trick on her. She didn’t care much about it at this point though, so she put on the necklace with a smile.

Another week went by without a win, but Y/N was in a much better mood than she had been in previous weeks. She had a few drinks after he match, which instantly boosted her mood, not to mention she had another gift awaiting her when she got back to her locker room. This time it was a medium sized, violet colored box with a beautiful black bow on top. As she opened it, slightly drunken and a bit aroused, a giggle escaped her lips.

 “A black lace bra and panties? You naughty boy,” she grinned, holding the revealing fabric close to her. 

Without much thought due to her state of drunkenness, Y/N made her way towards the male locker room with the revealing items in her hand. As she walked in many of the men panicked and covered themselves whilst a few only smirked, though she wasn’t interested in any of them; too focused on her mission to bother with their petty desires.

 "Who’s been sending me gifts?“ She called out in a lazy voice, holding up the set of underwear.

 All of the men began glancing at one another, several still smirking as they talked amongst one another in hopes to answer the question. No one answered for what seemed like hours, all of the men in the locker room growing uncomfortable.

 "That’s an easy answer,” a voice mused from behind Y/N, “me.”

 The woman turned to face one of the most beloved, popular men in the company; Dean Ambrose. A knowing smile crossed her face when she saw the man, it only made sense that Dean would send her a gift such as underwear, though she was surprised he wrote the cheesy poetry.

“Well, I assume you got me these lovely undergarments for a reason,” she whispered as she pulled him closer, “so, how’s about you show me what that reason was?”

“Your wish is my command, doll,” he breathed, “but I have a match in about a half hour, so let’s make this quick.” He muttered, pulling Y/N out of the men’s locker room and towards his personal one.

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2017 Megaman Valentine’s Day Fanart Contest Rules Are a Go!

IrisWelcome to my (mostly) annual Megaman Valentine’s Day Contest Special 10th Anniversary Blowout Extravaganza!!

(Sorry, behind on unfinished contest promo art. Since you’ve dealt with a bunch of silhouettes already, you get another as a placeholder.)

With special guests:

…eh, I’ve got nobody. Except you all who are reading this. And I totally appreciate all of you!

 Gonna cut to the chase and skip the usual introductory paragraph this year, because there’s a lot to talk about. And I said my piece yesterday.

 Here is the rundown for this year’s contest:


I’m going to keep it pretty simple and straightforward here: I’d really just prefer to keep this a flat rate Paypal payout to each place this year. More and more, it seems people really need the cash for bills and other serious things anyhow, that a quick transfer of cash helps out the most. And some people in this fandom seem really sick of merchandise anyhow.

As always though, I will be flexible and work with the winners to purchase Megaman-related prizes they really want if they really need me to order for them. So whether it be that new Nendoroid, 4-Inch Nel, or a soundtrack you never bought, I still promise to help get you that prize if you need me to.

Ideally, the winners for both the Talent and Humor categories will receive the following:

  •      1st Place: $100 USD or an item(s) up to that value.
  •      2nd Place: $50 USD or an item(s) up to that value.
  •      3rd Place: $25 USD or an item(s) up to that value.


Three total categories, which you are allowed to submit one entry for each category, if you would like. If you place in one category, you will be automatically disqualified from the other, for reasons of fairness, and to give other people a chance to win a prize.

CATEGORY 1 (Talent): Step Into This Capsule X…and Receive This Fashionable Formalwear!

Content Requirements:

             * Megaman couples all dolled up and wearing their fanciest attire for a romantic night on the town to celebrate their love for one another.

             * Fancy tuxes, elegant dresses, bling bling, and silk scarves/capes are just some of the attire I expect to see. Put your fashion designer dreams to the test and show me your dream threads!

It’s an anniversary party, so put on your formal best! An anniversary is a pretty big deal, and you best not forget about it! And while it’s tongue-in-cheek for me to wish you all could remember the date when you first met me/heard about my contest online (*sob*…you’ve all forgotten, haven’t you?!) the talent category is going to represent the celebratory theme of 10 years of me holding this contest.

Concept-wise, you have full creativity over how to portray this. It could be an actual anniversary party with multiple couples crammed in, it can be a single couple spending an evening together out to a fancy dinner, dancing at a glamorous ball, riding in a Flame Stag-led carriage, or it can even be a fashion show catwalk with your pair walkin’ that aisle, strutting to show off their good looks and clothing. But bare minimum, you must have at least one couple present.

This theme will work as the talent category, so the judging will focus on the effort and skill you put into your artwork. This includes your concept, details and stylistic appeal. Overall design work put into the formalwear your characters are wearing will weigh heavier in the judging. Don’t create gaudy clothing that would make Narcy Hide’s Worst Dressed List!!

CATEGORY 2: Girouette and Shooting Star Rockman’s Romantic Delivery Service (Humor)

Content Requirements:

           * Hilariously awkward delivery of romantic gifts such as: flowers, balloons, gift baskets, singing telegram, or…other packages…to someone’s special sweetheart in the Megaman Universe.

           * “We deliver anything, illegal or not!” - OK, Giro, you need a new slogan. More specifically, you must come up with a better tagline for this service than Giro has.

           * Delivery team uniforms are not required, but probably would add to the laughs.

Throughout the various incarnations of the franchise, there have been a few times where delivery guys and gals get their time in the spotlight, without having to be frozen and waking up thousands of years in the future to hear about ‘good news, everyone!’ Case in point: Girouette in ZX owned his own delivery service and transported things like rare biometals; while the anime version of Shooting Star Rockman had an entire episode devoted to him delivering home shopping network and online purchases to people all across town, including his mom and class president. Coincidentally, both of those series are also celebrating their 10th anniversaries as well right now!

As always with the humor category, your goal is to make us laugh. Come up with the most creative way to both “deliver” on this service’s promise, and yet still set the scene of love and romance. Whether it’s someone like Yuuichirou Hikari, who never leaves Sci Lab to spend time with his wife (or take her to the beach when she pleads to go with, for that matter), or Tron Bonne, whose crush is stuck all the way up on the moon, why is it that this character needs to send a romantic gift to their special someone, rather than being there in person?

Again, any character is game. While Giro and Shooting Star Rockman may be the headliners in this theme’s title, they do not have to explicitly be the delivery person(s). Draw who you would like, you have complete freedom to do so. But keeping it consistent with my theme is fine, too. 

Category 3: WILDCARD!

Those of you who have stuck with me over these last 10 years know I have a little fun with throwing out random ideas for these contest themes, and there have been plenty of options in polls which have never seen the light of day. Perhaps there was one year where you wanted to draw for a certain theme, but never got the time, or an idea came to you too late. Maybe there was one theme you were really hoping would have won the vote this year and would rather draw that instead. Or perhaps you just hate my ideas and just want to draw your own Valentine’s Day pic and still win something for it, because you don’t conform to my rules! OK, that’s fair.

So, for this wildcard category, you can draw whatever it is your heart desires. As long as it’s lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day-themed, and is not wildly inappropriate or explicit NSFW imagery. You can save that for other contests. Not like I would ever hold one, no matter how much I’ve joked about it.

No entries from this category will be judged.

So, why even have this category and submit anything if it’s not eligible for the cash prizes?

Well, there actually are some additional prizes I have not mentioned yet…

‘Member that dumb countdown thing I just finished doing leading up to the last 10 days before this contest? I ‘MEMBER!

That brings me to finally introduce the PARTICIPATION PRIZES!!! (I had you going with the whole cash only talk earlier, didn’t I? ;p)


As you know, I’ve always tried to give everyone a fair shot at winning, and that’s why judging has never solely focused on people’s artistic abilities only. To drive that point home even more, and as a thank you to you all for drawing stuff for my contest over the last decade, this year everyone who enters ANYTHING is eligible to still take home a valuable prize. There are 9 individual prizes, completely separate from the standard 1st-3rd prizes for the main categories. Placing in either of the main Talent/Humor categories DOES NOT disqualify you from winning one of these participation prizes. So you could possibly come away with both a nice cash prize AND one of these pieces of swag. 

Here’s how it will work: For the very first category you submit an entry into, your name will be added to the drawing for every one of the participation prizes. This includes solely entering a Wildcard entry, if you are only interested in submitting for a chance to win one of these prizes, but aren’t interested in drawing for my main theme categories. That’s fine.

You can decline your name from a specific prize drawing. Because for all I know, you might already have the prize, or perhaps you just aren’t a fan of it, or that series. I understand, and take no offense to someone not wanting to be considered for the item. That decision is yours.

This will be a raffle/lottery based system, so that everyone’s name will be tossed in the mix. A single person will be selected from a random internet generator for each prize. However, the more you participate in the contest this year, the better odds you can have. For each additional submission, you are allowed to add your name in a second or third time (…or…perhaps there’s a way for up to 6?) to better your odds for a specific prize of your choice.

So, let’s just say you are a ZX fan and really want the ZX prize. You have drawn 3 entries, one in each category. When you submit, you’ll let me know you want your bonus lottery chances put towards the ZX prize (more on this in the submission guideline section). Let’s pretend we have 20 people enter. If you submit a drawing for all 3 categories, you will still be eligible to win any of the participation prizes, but while your name will only have a 1-in-20 chance for the rest, you can have a 3-20 chance for the ZX prize, if you so desire. Of course, those odds would be subject to how many others also used their bonus chances for the same prize, too, if they have submitted multiple entries. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll win, but it gives you a much better chance over someone whose name is only in there once.

So, what are these prizes? Were you able to decipher the original silhouettes and the corresponding zoomed-in fragment of the items each day? Some were probably obvious, but I think there are still a few that will be a surprise to most of you. This is all just in the order of my countdown post, not in dollar value or series order. Without further ado, here is the full rundown on the prizes:

*NEW ADDITION!* Prize #10 - Classic Series: A PS4 copy of the Megaman Legacy Collection Special Edition; containing both the unopened game itself, and the limited edition 9″ USB-charged Mega Man statue + E-Tank. The statue package was only opened just to take a pic, and because I was honestly curious myself how it compared to the original Limited Edition 25th Anniversary statue. Yeah, it’s cheap plastic…but doesn’t look any worse to be honest, it’s just not as heavy and sturdy. Has not been plugged in or used, totally brand new!

Prize #9 – Classic Series (Alternate Timeline): A set of 2 production art pieces from Captain N: The Game Master. The first is a pencil sketch of Mega Man doing his best “Link Mah Boi” pose. The second is a color cel (no background) featuring Mega Man, Simon Belmont, Kid Icarus and Duke running into a giant magic mushroom. Sure they aren’t all Mega Man, and yes, you might think I’m on the magic mushrooms for offering this art, but it is a legit piece of Mega Man history. Both pieces come with certificates of authenticity.

Prize #8 – Classic Series (Archie Timeline): An autographed copy of Archie’s Megaman #8, signed by the lead penciller for that issue, Chad Thomas. To go along with it, you’ll also get the actual inked art for Page 8 of Issue #8. That’s why this was the item for day 8! ;p (Although technically I think it’s really Page 7, just mislabeled as Page 8. You can count for yourself.) The inked art sadly was not autographed by Gary Martin this time around, however.

Prize #7 – Battle Network Series: I have a whole lot of spare battlechips lying around. You can have a large assortment of battlechips. Like, a whole fishing tackle box full of them. This set will consist of Advanced, Progress, and Link chips. Standard, Mega, Dark, Navi chips and more! Way more than shown here. And a couple gashaphon mini figures of Blues and Search Soul Rockman to boot!

Prize #6 – Zero Series: The Rockman Zero Capcom Special Selection Artbook and CD!

Prize #5 – Star Force Series: I also have a lot of extra settei lying around that I don’t need double copies of. You will get a nice batch of production art from the Ryuusei anime!

 Prize #4 – ZX Series: First released this past year at HOBBY★ROCK 2016, it’s an Aile garage/model kit (with bike)! The kit is not assembled, painted, or has even been opened. Hopefully there is nothing missing or wrong with it. ^^; (I’ve had my own problems in the past) While I by no means feel I’ve done a great job painting and assembling my own kits, if you win this but have hesitations about ever putting it together yourself, I can offer to paint and build it myself for you before sending it. Otherwise, by all means, have at it yourself! It’s tedious, but feels great when all is said and done.

 Prize #3 – X Series: TruForce’s Limited Edition/San Diego Comic Con Exclusive X Boost figure! Still wrapped in its original shipping box, X is full of articulation, interchangeable parts, and his X-buster glows with an awesome power! He still looks like he’s wearing a yellow bikini top to me though, so it’s great figure if you’re into X in a teeny weenie yellow bikini.

 Prize #2 – Legends Series: From Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, production art from the Japanese edition of Volnutt’s ending (remember, UDON had a hand in slightly different art for our endings in the US release. This is not UDON art). You’ll get a complete piece with Volnutt, and one with a partial drawing of Doronjo, Boyacky and Tonzura from that ending scene. Again, yeah, they aren’t Megaman, but it goes with it.

Prize #1 – Classic Series: E-Capcom exclusive 20th Anniversary Copper Rockman Statue. 10 years ago, around 200 of these rarities were released into the wild. Fewer than the silver edition that was released along with it. You were lucky to find it for $100 back then, and today, it’s been on auction sites for anywhere between $300-$1000. It stands barely taller than an Amiibo at 3.5 inches, but it is pretty dang heavy. Being pure copper and all, it’s no flimsy figure. Not quite a golden idol, but please don’t go melting it down for cash. It also doubles as a paperweight, or a great gigantic Monopoly piece!

 So, I’m not going to put an overall value on what I will end up spending on this whole contest, but safe to say, the prize value is quite high. Hopefully it’s some cool stuff you guys really would like to own!

All participation prizes are in-hand already, and are just waiting for a new home. But in the event participation is light or people aren’t interested in them, guess I just have more stuff to keep for my collection…;p


When you submit, I would prefer you to include the following information in this format, along with your entry:

  • (Your name/preferred alias) – As much as I usually know who you are, there’s always someone new or somebody who has a different preference from what their email name says.
  • (Category this entry is for) – You can either say 1, 2 or 3, or Talent/Humor/Wildcard
  • (Participation Prize Eligibility) – Just write “All” if you are interested in the chance to win anything. Write: “Exclude from #__” if you do not have interest in winning a particular participation prize. Use the prize numbering identification as I have written above.

In the event you are submitting your second or third entry, please specify which prize # you would like your bonus chance(s) in the raffle to be put towards.

Only submit your own work, as usual. Any character, major or minor, from any series is allowed, to go along with the characters required in each category. Pairing characters from different series is totally allowed. Same-gender groupings are allowed, as always.

Participants are allowed to submit from all over the world. It’s easier for me to get prizes to US entrants, because international shipping is complicated and pricey, but I’ll do what I can for you guys who aren’t in the States.

As much as I don’t want to joke about it, by the time this contest ends, the United States may possibly be enclosed in a giant dome by our new President to keep anyone from coming in, forcing our country to become a real-life episode of The Big O!, a country of amnesia…without the big robots. In such a case, I apologize for not being able to send out prizes worldwide. But I certainly plan to try! In all seriousness though, I think most should not have to worry about being able to receive a package from the US, but if shipping costs me more than the item’s value itself, I may have to get creative.

Paypal is still the preferred method for cash prize payouts. Please have a valid account to receive your winnings.

Youngin’s, get your parents permission before entering.

Entries do not need to be colored, but it is preferred. The more effort put into things as always, the better chance you have!

Entries can either be e-mailed to me at rock2125[at]hotmail[dot]com, or you can just PM/note me a link to your pic.

DO NOT post your pics in this journal, your dA galleries, tumblr blogs, forum threads, etc. until the contest is over. This is the fairest way for competitive reasons. I prefer to keep them all secret until the deadline has passed.

I’ll edit a confirmed entry list in this thread when I receive them. So you won’t be in the dark about whether or not I’ve received your entry.


The deadline for this contest will be Sunday, February 12th, 2017 by 11:59PM CST. This gives you exactly 2 months to DRAW, DRAW, DRAW!


- As usual, If you don’t plan to enter, but would like to help me judge, please let me know through DM or mention so here. Anyone who has previously judged in the past 10 years is certainly welcome to help out, especially if I really do get flooded with entries. I might really need extra opinions!

Any help spreading the word and reblogging/retweeting/etc. is always appreciated!

Bug me with questions if you have any. Please join in, and good luck to everyone who enters!

Confirmed Entries:  

Category 1 - @archer-poyochu, @darlinhope, @borockman, @digitallyfanged, @dreamingandgaming, @bassrocks, CptRedder, @wintesm, @prosaicwonder, IrisClou,

Category 2 - @borockman, @hotbloodedmachine, @wintesm, @digitallyfanged, IrisClou, @thecreatorofworlds, Njo-Ku,

Wildcard - @digitallyfanged, @tyrantchimera, @boatsalad, IrisClou, @thecreatorofworlds (x2)

Secret 1 - @wintesm

Happy Birthday to Me...thanks, everyone <3

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My Meeting with Mother Monster!

*Guest blog by Lady Gaga grand prize winner Jessi!

Lady Gaga has always been a huge part of my life from the very beginning of her career; through inspiring lyrics and powerful ballads, to quirky outfits and bold statements about always standing up for who you are and what you believe in no matter what the cost, she has changed my life. And this week has been no exception!

Thanks to Mother Monster, she teamed up with Prizeo and her amazing charity foundation the Born This Way Foundation to give someone the opportunity of a lifetime to fly to New York City to see her perform at her sold out concert at Roseland Ballroom and have an intimate dinner with her and her family.

I stumbled across this contest and I have always been a huge supporter for the BTWF and Lady Gaga’s stance on bullying and representing a more loving and caring world so I was glad to donate to the foundation.

Now, let me just tell you that I am the most unlucky person when it comes to contests! I can’t even win a small door prize if I begged so with this donation and entering into this contest I said a big prayer but knew that I had ZERO chance of winning, but I felt great knowing I donated to a cause that I strongly believe in.

Weeks went by and the contest finally ended when I got the news that would change a little monster’s life forever: “Hi Jessica, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Our Lady Gaga Prizeo campaign just ended and we have chosen the winner… and YOU have been randomly selected!!” This was the ultimate dream come true for me and I never in my wildest dreams expected something like this could happen to me. This email set everything into motion for the most AMAZING experience of my life!

New York City has always been a city on my bucket list to visit, and to get the chance to travel there to see Lady Gaga is so mind-blowing, it still feels like a dream.

We arrived on Monday March 31st just hours before her performance at one of her sold out concerts at Roseland Ballroom. At the very beginning of the performance, Lady Starlight performed as a one-woman techno show and totally rocked it! It was a great atmosphere to start the night and everyone was having a blast.

Then, Lady Gaga come out to perform her epic song “Born This Way” on the piano and everyone went CRAZY! If you thought Mother Monster could sing, you have never heard her live because she is INCREDIBLE live, especially when it is just her and her piano. Then she performed many hits like “Black Jesus + Amen Fashion”,” Monster”,” Bad Romance”, and “Sexxx Dreams”. She performed “Dope” by the V.I.P section of the stage (again, her and the piano!) and it brought me to tears because it was so raw and unbelievable. “You and I” came next along with “Poker Face” which was so fun because it was also piano version and a very different version, it was awesome!

After costume change she came out with the song that made everyone fall in love with her in the first place, “Just Dance” which had everyone dancing! Then came “Applause” (and confetti!) and the encore” G.U.Y”. where she showed off some amazing dance and vocal skills! I felt like this show was a very personal show between her and her fans, and a perfect transition from the old Gaga to the new Artpop Gaga! I cannot wait to see what is in store for her ARTRAVE tour because you can bet I will be there in ATL!

After having the time of my life at her amazing show at Roseland on Monday, Tuesday April 1st came around and I got to tour the city during the day until it was time for dinner with Lady Gaga and The Germanotta Family at their family owned restaurant Joanne Trattoria. We arrived to the restaurant before our dinner hosts so we got to sit at the bar and met a lot of the locals and our chef for the evening. Everyone was so friendly and so welcoming!

After a few minutes, Mrs. Cynthia Germanotta approached me and introduced herself. I thought I was nervous before until I saw LG’s beautiful mother standing right in front of me and hugging me, I thought I was going to pass out from excitement and nerves! This whole experience was becoming very real at that very moment. Then Mr. Joe Germanotta and her sister Natali Germanotta arrived and introduced themselves, and I was becoming more and more nervous by the minute. I was in need of some more of the delicious Sangria they served me because dinner hasn’t even started and Lady Gaga wasn’t even there yet and I was shaking! How was I supposed to make it through this dinner being so incredibly nervous?

As we sat down for dinner, Mrs. Cynthia, Joe, and Natali were incredibly sweet and they knew how nervous I was and they made me feel very comfortable (I am forever thankful for them!).

Once I thought I was holding great composure and feeling calm, out of the corner of my eye I see the one person I have admired for years and listened to all of her albums over and over again; the one entertainer I just watched perform the night before who had me dancing one minute and crying the next minute because of the raw, beautiful performance of just her and the piano. It was Lady Gaga walking towards me!

I am shocked/stunned/excited/nervous/ anything you can thing I’m pretty sure I was that when I saw the flawless, beautiful Mother Monster walking towards me and hugging me, asking me if I was Jessi! My dream comes true!

I meet her manager and creative designer and we all get settled for the most amazing family-style Italian dinner I have ever eaten in my life! As we are eating Joanne’s delicious meatballs, Flash Fried Calamari with hot peppers and Quinoa Pasta (and so much more!), Lady Gaga and her family were asking about family, hobbies, food, traveling, and other topics that made dinner seem so… normal. Lady Gaga was so down- to-earth, super incredible, and absolutely stunning! The whole crew made me feel as if I have been a part of their family all along!

I could not believe I was at the same dinner table as LG was talking to me about performing on the David Letterman Show the next night (OMG!). She took many pictures with me and we talked about her Roseland Ballroom concerts along with her ARTRAVE tour while eating the most delicious desserts!

I’m still on cloud nine…could someone please pinch me?! Then she gave the best gift I could ever receive, a large ARTPOP poster with “Jessi I love you so much beautiful –Lady Gaga” autographed on it that made me lose all composure and cry!

The whole experience was so amazing and the best gift a little monster could EVER wish for in their wildest dreams. Lady Gaga is sitting right beside me, hugging ME!! It was the moment of a lifetime and the two days in NYC I will NEVER forget!!

There really are no words to express how thankful I am for Lady Gaga, Prizeo and the Born This Way Foundation to give me the opportunity for this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime, dream-come-true experience to meet the one person who for years has changed my life in so many ways. I found out this week officially that “New York is not just a tan that you’ll never lose”, it is a city that stays with you forever and I will definitely go back (however it won’t EVER be as epic as this trip!).

Also, I learned that Lady Gaga is the most down to earth person I have ever met who loves to perform for her fans more than anything. After this trip to meet Mother Monster, I have even more respect, admiration, and love for her as a person and as the amazing performer that she is and always will be for years to come!

Paws up Little Monsters!

Jessi xoxoxo