winning at fan interaction


I am literally beyond myself that now we’ve had “fans” find Tyler and Jenna’s address that she had to take the picture of him washing the windows down. Now we have some “fans” who went and crashed the wedding the guys were at just to meet josh and they snapped the entire thing.

This is not the respectful clique, this is completely and utterly wrong. Talk about invasion of privacy! Stuff like this will legit make Tyler and Josh feel uncomfortable posting stuff without the fear of them being found. It’s much different if you’re out and about and see them maybe walking down the street. If they’re at home or at SOMEONE ELSE’S WEDDING in no way should you invade that space.

I am just feeling really upset that this is happening to them. Yes, celebrities don’t get much of a private life but come on! No one should be trying to find their location just to get a picture or whatever.

I am so sorry to @stillstreet, Jenna, Tyler, all those at the wedding and others who’ve had to deal with this. No one should have to wonder if one post could end up with people showing up.

As @dork-with-a-uke stated so well: respect their personal space and lives.

Please. This stuff can truly make artists not want to interact with their fans.

respect wins. invasion of privacy loses. |-/