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(I know this doesn’t count but it was on during that time period (2009))

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(RIP Jovian (Zoboomafoo))

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(RIP Sailor Moon Show 1995-2000)

Box of Puppies

Prompt:  ooh ooh, maybe prinxiety where roman discovers that virgil is scared of dogs? like virgil KNOWS that this tiny little puppy isn’t going to hurt him but all he can think about still are it’s claws and fangs and what about allergies or ticks or- and roman calms him down and helps him? - anon

Pairing: Prinxiety (can be platonic or romantic)

Notes: Anon, I took a slightly different approach to the why of Virgil’s fear, but I hope you enjoy anyway :) 

He was expecting the disagreement. That was sort of Anxiety’s thing: Roman would make a (fabulous) suggestion, Logic would make sure it was realistically feasible, Patton would praise him and start fluffing things up with cutesy additions of his own–and Virgil would come in and rain on everyone’s parade by pointing out all the flaws. That was the standard. It was how they worked

But when Roman suggested they make a video of each of them reacting to a box of puppies (what? it was a thing!), Anxiety hadn’t rolled his eyes or called them all saps or complained the whole idea was cliche. Instead, his eyes had widened a little, and there had been a subtle increase in the pallor of his skin. He’d cleared his throat awkwardly and mumbled something about ‘fine, whatever,’ and then he’d disappeared, sinking out of Thomas’s apartment before anyone could react. 

Roman blinked, then looked at the others, finding that the expressions on their faces mirrored the confusion he felt. 

“What on earth was that all about?” Thomas asked. 

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What Having Me As Your Little Means:

1. Dealing with me singing loudly and literally screaming when I’m excited.
2. Not asking first before licking the bowl when making sweets.
3. Always wanting to sit on your lap, or at least between your legs, but probably staying silent because I’m worried I’ll be too heavy and hurt you.
4. Having moments where sitting still isn’t possible.
5. Refusing to go to bed/listen because I can.
6. Being quiet if sad while in Little space.
7. Dealing with me repeatedly playing the same album (usually Moana or Rapunzel)  until finally changing it.
8. Lots and lots of hugs, random meowing,mac & cheese, and wanting you to play with my hair and give me forehead kisses.
9. Sometimes not being able to regress and being sad/grumpy because of it.
10. Winnie the Pooh, Clifford, Blue’s Clues; in other words, lots of cartoons. I love cartoons. 💕
11. Acting bigger than Little age and trying to do things myself and then realizing I cant do things myself.
12. Being too shy to ask for help when realizing some things can’t be done without assistance.
13. Sucking my thumb and inaudible mumbling while trying to fall asleep/when sleepy.
14.  crossing arms, huffing and pouting, etc. when not getting way or frustrated.
15. Parks are very cool to me. So are animals, glitter, flowers, etc.
16. Lots of “uh” and “nuh”/no!.
17. Disagreeing just because (most of the time.)
18. “Kids” games sometimes capture my interest. It varies by game and my attention span.
19. Being super giggly and hyper and blushing A LOT, especially when being praised.
20. Saying “I love you more/most” just cause I’m competetive