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Feel like tackling something with Ziya and Winnie? Maybe she's grumpy because she's fallen into an alternate universe and he tries to cheer her up with magic? Or, you know, would love to see an encounter with Helene and one of your other cuties. ^_^

“How’s she doing?” Alistair asked, sitting up on his elbows in the bedroll as Ziya returned to the tent, his bows furrowed thoughtfully. Ziya neared him, and he put his arm around him, pulling him close and kissing him lightly, leaning his forehead against Ziya’s. Despite the upheaval caused by the unfamiliar woman sitting with Leliana by the fire, the fire in Alistair at seeing Ziya’s familiar face still raged, and he was compelled to touch him, to nuzzle close and feel him there, real and soft and most of all—his. “She’s confused,” Ziya replied, settling in with Alistair, letting him wrap him up in the fur, favoring him with a gentle kiss on the cheek. “Though I don’t blame her. She has no idea where she is. I’ve borrowed Sten’s maps and showed her the local geography, but nothing seems familiar to her. She says she’s never heard of Ferelden.” “Magic?” “I don’t think so?” Ziya frowned, leaning his back against Alistair’s broad chest, shifting as he wrapped a strong arm around his waist. “Both Wynne and I have examined her and she doesn’t appear to be under the influence of any sort of magic either of us have seen. You could perhaps try to dispel her, but I honestly don’t think it’s a curse or magic or possession.” Alistair brushed his fingers through Ziya’s hair, stroking the length of his delicate ear until he sighed and relaxed against his chest. “I feel bad for her. She’s just so lost.” “We’ll try more tomorrow, it’s late, we need rest, and there’s nothing else that can be done.” Alistair kissed his temple lightly. “You’re a good man, dear heart. Tomorrow we can take her to Redcliffe and see if anyone knows her, but tonight, try to get some rest.” ——— Winnie woke up to the sound of birds and the warmth of the sun on her skin. She smelled smoke again, and reminded herself of the fire. It was surreal. Though she was at least halfway sure that she wasn’t dead, she had no explanation for what was going on, for why she was surrounded by people wearing armor that looked like it came from an old fantasy vid, for why some of them had pointy ears. She slowly sat up. Everything still hurt, and she wonders if she fell to wherever she was. Was that what happened? As the catalyst, did she open a hole to another world and fall to it? She swallowed. They were alright, all of them, weren’t they?  “You’re up, I see.” The elf with the dark hair and bright eyes—the one called Ziya—was coming to sit beside her, a kind smile on his handsome face. “How did you sleep?“  “Alright, I guess. I’m not used to sleeping outside."  "Well we’re going to Redcliffe today. Hopefully someone there knows who you are, and we can get you back where you belong."  Winne sat up and rested her arms on her knees, huddling, thinking of them all, of James and Garrus, of Kaidan and Tali, of Liara and Joker. She buried her head into her arms. “I don’t think so,” she said, muffled. “I don’t think I belong here at all.”  "Hey, that’s not nice to say.” Ziya’s voice was gentle. “We’ll get everything figured out. It’s what we do."  "Oh yeah? That’s what I used to do,” she said with a slight smile. “Figure things out. For everyone."  "Seems like we have a lot in common then,” he said, then glanced at her oddly. “I think you’ve broken a rib. Can you lift your arms?” She did, tentatively, wincing. “Ah, yep. Okay hold still for just a second. I’m going to touch you here…” he gently put his hand on her side and adjusted the broken bone while she hissed in pain. “I just need to make sure it’s…there we go…just a minute now…” Suddenly her side went cold, but not uncomfortably. It was like the chill of the cool side of the pillow, like minty-menthol, and she sighed. He took his hand away and the pain was gone.  “What did you do?"  "Healed you. You know, with magic,” he said with a smile. “I’m a spirit healer."  "Magic,” she repeated, blinking, stunned. Ziya nodded, and held his hands out.  “Watch,” he said, and a small fire burst to life in just above his hands, completely contained without touching his skin. She reached for it and he pulled his hands back, but she felt the warmth.  “Oh my god,” she said as she sat back, watching him extinguish the fire. “That would have come in handy on Noveria."  "What?"  "Nothing. Just…that’s really neat."  Ziya smiled, and this time, Winnie did too.