winnie is this you

You better believe that 40 years from now Yuzu’s going to show all his baby grandkids highlights and magazines from his glory days of figure skating.

“See that kids? That was your grandpa when he broke the record at GPF 2015…like a boss.”

“This? World record certificates for breaking total combined score, landing the first quad loop, and probably the first quad axel in competition.”

“4 peat GPF champion, Olympic Champion, World Champion, Junior World Champion, heh easy pEASY.”

“lol I signed Rafael Arutunia’s - the coach of Nathan Chen, yeah that guy - magazine picture right here.”

*brings out the treasure chest of medals upon medals and trophies the size of lamps* …FAMILY HEIRLOOMS

“…Here’s a classic you kids have to watch. It’s called Winnie the Pooh. If you guys like it I’ll buy plushies for you just like mine years ago.”

I firmly believe that at the ripe old age of 62 he’ll still occasionally head to the rink, if not for old times and nostalgia’s sake but to have fun with his children and grandchildren. I also think that Yuzuru Hanyu is one who will impart great advice and wisdom to younger generations of skaters.

This post started as a joke but now has made me sad.

Fun Fact 

See the doggie tissue box behind Victor? Doesn’t it look familiar? 

Victor’s poodle tissue box was inspired by Yuzuru Hanyu’s Pooh Tissue Box! 

For those of you who don’t know the backstory on this beautiful tissue box: Figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu always had a miniature pooh bear along with his tissue boxes during his junior days, 2009-2010 season. Then a simple pooh cover with tissues coming out of his nose was introduced in the 2010-2011 season. Then finally, the Pooh tissue box was born in the 2011-2012 season and they have been inseparable ever since. Most of the times, Pooh is seen beside Yuzuru’s coach cheering him on in every competition outside the rink. Funny fact to go along with it, when Yuzu moved to Toronto, his coach Brian Orser stated in an interview, that when he saw Yuzuru, he said, “I always thought he was that weird kid with the Winnie the pooh doll. Now I’m that kid’s coach…and I have to carry it.”


  • Kingdom Hearts: you're hanging out with Winnie the Pooh and his buddies
  • Kingdom Hearts 5 minutes later: Goofy appears to be dead. Mickey Mouse goes on a vengeful rampage against the literally heartless monsters that apparently killed him. You join in this rampage. So does Cloud Strife. You fight alongside him.
  • Kingdom Hearts 5 minutes later: Sephiroth shows up, beats you up, leaves
...oh my.

So, I found something a little… interesting… in a falling animation.

It starts out simple enough…

…they start to move downward, and then…




…wait, what happens if I un-stretch the frame?


I don’t sleep tonight, that’s what happens.

some things were not meant to be found