winnie and benji

Dating. It was such an odd term for what was going on, or rather, what was just beginning. Humans in their twenties just looking for fun dated, or humans in their thirties anxious to settle down dated. Dating really didn’t seem like an appropriate term when applied to quasi-immortals with histories of struggle, bloodshed, and violence (often times, between each other) who were just trying to find a way to properly care about each other, who simply wanted to not be lonely.

But even if Alice wasn’t quite on board with the whole concept, the label (being someone’s “girlfriend”– she didn’t know if that thrilled her or made her squirm), she wasn’t thinking about that now. Everything always melted away at her cottage which was seemingly hidden away from reality, among the wildflowers, early mists, and her small flock of sheep. And now, as she pulled up to the house, having picked up Robert and his pack from the train station, the cottage would had five dogs sniffing around the fields to their heart’s content.

“They can run around all they like outside while you get settled in the house,” she said with a faint smile as she got out of the car, glancing at the three anxiously wagging tails in the backseat. “The field where the sheep are is fenced in, they won’t bother each other.”

She herself had arrived earlier in the day, opening all the windows to air the house out and stocking the kitchen, letting Winnie and Benji enjoy whatever sunlight peaked through the clouds. And she’d checked in with the man who lived on the end of the road who she paid to look after the flock for her, but it had all gone by in a bit of a blur. “Dating” or not, she was happy to have this weekend with Robert, to have actually have someone else to enjoy the peace and quiet with.