winners and losers


“Setters are like orchestra conductors. Even if you have the same song and same orchestra, if the conductor is different, the sound is different.”

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers Rehearsal

Kousuke and Shoutarou are tossing around a 4kg ball.  

Allen is filming, and going, “What is this?  WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?!?!”

Kosaka Ryoutaro Cried at the Curtain Call of “Winners and Losers”

So basically he was about to say his thank you speech when he started crying, saying that he has been holding back his tears (the others lol’d at that). He tried to continue to speak but his voice sounded strained because he’s still holding back tears, making his words inaudible. Then, Ken-chan, followed by the others, said that he has done well for holding back. 

This boy is so precious I swear. I love him as much as I love Kei. They are my beanpoles of a son.


Kuroo this isn’t a fashion show
jk please go on you look amazing


Makki&Mattsun for my bae @demijosten​ (◡‿◡✿)