winners wall

Wall Epilogue

Characters:  Song Mino (WINNER) x You (Reader, OC) x Sora x WINNER Members (cameo)

Genre:  Fluff (maybe), Smut (maybe), Angst (maybe)

Length:  2422 words

Warning/s:  Hmmmmm…

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Alrightie, as requested, I am posting an Epilogue – well not sure if this is really an Epilogue or another chapter but yeah however you treat it that is fine with me.  HAHAHAHAHA.  I DIDN’T DO ANY PROOFREADING SO I APOLOGIZE FOR ANY ERRORS.

I hope you’ll enjoy ;3


You thought that you’ll be able to let go of him. You thought that it is that easy to forget about him.  After what had happened just a few days ago, it made all of your plans shatter into pieces. Or, to put it in a better term, you are shattered into pieces.

You never imagined him to confess to you.  You just wanted Sora to catch you in the act, so that Mino will be hurt as much as he hurt you.  You are not even sure if what he said is true, or it’s just something that he said out of shock or because he is overwhelmed with the pleasure and affection that you showered him that day.

Now, you are depressed as ever.  Mino never contacted you after the incident.  Sora asked one of his sisters to get all of her things from your apartment and gave you money to pay for the rent on the duration that she stayed with you.  Her sister didn’t show any indication of irritation or anger towards you; she even smiled and greeted you lovingly.  She even asked you to eat lunch with her because she brought some food – which you accepted out of shyness and respect.  

The week has never been this tough as before.  You have to admit that this is the hardest situation that you’ve been to since you met Mino.  You sometimes hoped that you shouldn’t have fallen for his charms that night at the bar.  You shouldn’t have allowed him to use you, to own you, and play with your feelings.  That night when he told you that he loved you, he just ran away with his fiancé, and never came back, which pretty much indicates that he either stayed with her, or just simply ran away from everything, especially you.

It is just an ordinary day for you so you stood up from your bed, washed up, drank your coffee, and grabbed the keys to your car. You went to your car after locking the door and you gasped lightly as you saw three red roses on the hood of your car, clipped against the wiper.  You grabbed it immediately and you took the note inside.

”I hope I will be able to make you smile by this small gesture.  Have a great day ahead!”

Your eyebrows crunched as you read the note.  You don’t have any idea as to who this person may be, since there is no name that is listed on the note.  You took a sniff on the flowers and they smelled wonderful.  You placed the flowers on the backseat along with your stuff and drove your way to work.

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headcanon that Geoff has one of those reward sticker charts you get for little kids up in the penthouse somewhere that works like Go! where any time somebody does especially good on a heist (steals extra, keeps the cops at bay, pulls off the best getaway, etc.) they get a sticker. First to 10 stickers gets a "reward" (they get to haggle with Geoff about what they want and what he's prepared to let them get away with)

There’s a wall in the heist room that looks unlike the others. Instead of being covered in red marker, sticky notes, maps, and pictures, it’s covered in colorful stickers under each crew members name. “Bad Deed Board”, it reads. Each member of the crew has unique set of stickers: Jeremy has trucks, Gavin has gold stars, jack has planes, and so on. They couldn’t find creepy enough stickers for their beloved Vagabond, so he gets violently colored skulls instead. The stickers are given out for bad deeds, like resisting arrest, stealing the most cash at a loot, the most stylish explosion, and each of them has a very respectable amount. Once the stickers reach the line of scotch tape across the midline of the wall, the winner gets to haggle with Geoff for their prize and most of the time it’s not hard to grant. The tricky part is avoiding sabotage from the losers, who are especially competitive when it gets down to the final few. There’s been too many prizes “accidentally” stolen or broken and by that point Geoff is not involved, he’s just the guy that hands out the prizes, not enforces their proper ownership.



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Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz’s speech last night at the 7th Annual Night of Opportunity Gala for The Opportunity Network! Still unreal, so blessed to have been a part of the night!! (@ the Cipriani Wall Street)

Over the Garden Wall (2014)

During 2010, a show that aired on Cartoon Network took the animation industry by storm, and that show was Adventure Time. 

Not only was it a massive success among viewers and audiences, but it is known as the show that lead to many crew members to later get inspired to make their own shows, such as Rebecca Sugar creating Steven Universe, Skyler Page creating Clarence and J.G Quintel making another popular show called Regular Show.

But one series that came from Patrick McHale, who was originally the creative director and writer on Adventure Time, was this one. “Over the Garden Wall.”

This miniseries is a unique and different kind of show to ever premiere on Cartoon Network and ever since it’s release, it has become one of my absolute favourite animated shows that the channel has produced.

The series consists of 10 episodes and centers about two brothers named Wirt played by Elijah Wood and Greg played by Collin Dean,  who wander across a forest called the “Unknown” and encounter many bizarre or exciting things along the journey.

Think of it kind of a mix between Alice in Wonderland with Studio Ghibli and a bit of vintage cartoons like Max Fleischer and Tex Avery.

Characters they encounter are The Woodsman played by the great Christopher Lloyd, Beatrice a talking bluebird, voiced by Melanie Lynskey, who has an interesting backstory and a frog that Greg found and named “Jason Funderburker”.

Throughout the series, they are stalked by a creature known as the “Beast”, which is one of the most disturbing and intimidating villains in a CN series since the Lich or Aku.

This is an animated series that you need to experience for yourself, since there are many twists and reveals that happen throughout the 10 episodes, which I will dare not give away. At this point, most people have probably heard of or already seen the show, but for the sake of spoilers, I can only say that this series comes full circle and ends a perfect note.

The animation of the series is very fluid and full of amazing backgrounds that it’s impossible not to gush over. The colours and lighting, just scream Fall and Halloween. 

Here is just one example of one of my favourite scenes from the episode, “Songs of the Dark Lantern”.

The music of the series is some of the best I’ve heard in an animated show, next to Steven Universe, but what I like about the music of this show is that it feels very calming, nostalgic and emotional. It’s hard not to get teary-eyed listening to this song.

I can go on and on and praise this amazing show, but my words can’t do it enough justice. I highly recommend giving it a watch, especially throughout the month of October and just in time for Halloween. 

It’s a modern classic, with great characters and beautiful animation. It even won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program in 2015, which is rightfully deserved. 

“The loveliest lies of all….”