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“When I was first writing the song ‘Fool’…I may have been inspired to write lyrics of longing while missing Nam Taehyun. ‘Fool’ does actually contain those emotions. I did start writing the song with the motif of missing Taehyun.” - Kang Seungyoon

“I still dream about Nam Taehyun. Whenever I dream, WINNER is still five members. I think that my unconscious still thinks that we’re five members. It can’t be helped.” - Lee Seunghoon

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The biggest awards snub of ALL TIME

Yeah, yeah, with the Oscars today, everyone’s talking about whether or not Viola Davis or Lin-Manuel Miranda will join or get closer to the EGOT club (those who have won an Emmy Award, a Grammy Award, an Oscar, and Tony Award). 

But in the midst of all the commotion, people forget the biggest awards snub of all time:


For years, this masterpiece anime has gone unnoticed by all the academies. Nobody pays attention to its absolute perfection. It’s the full package. Why it hasn’t yet become an EGOT winner is beyond me, SMH.

Look, you’ve got your potential Emmy nominee here

Here’s your Grammy nominee, Adele who???

You’ve got your e d g y Oscar nominee


Academies all around the world have overlooked it, but no more. Hetalia is a winner in our hearts. It’s perfect in every way.


Thank you to everyone who entered - you all have amazing blogs :) This was really hard to choose but we finally made it so yay!!

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Robbed (Herc x Reader)

AN: idk how I feel about this one 

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Request:  Anonymous- Hercules Mulligan fluff? Modern Au? Where he’s just so so mad at something he’s throwing stuff but soft things and throwing them so softly to not wake his partner but just has this unbelievable rage he then just starts crying silently and their partner has a funny feeling and check on him and just gives him hot chocolate and spend the rest of the night with him? Idk im bad at ideas TwT

Word Count: 1,062


The cold of the floor seeped through your socks as you padded back to the couch from the kitchen, hugging the warm bowl of popcorn to your chest. Hercules was always hot and the two of you had decided that it was easier for you to warm up than for him to cool off, especially given that he functioned as a human space heater and that you could steal his sweaters, so you kept the house cold. You still complained constantly, of course. If one is supposed to make sacrifices for love, then one should be allowed to complain about the sacrifices that one makes.

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My Eurovision Choices:

Song: Dancing Lasha Tumbai

Artist: Verka Serduchka

Country: Ukraine

Year: 2007

May not have won, but it’s a winner in our hearts. Modern Icon.

Stop being rude to Twice and their fans

VIXX might not have won on their anniversary, but Starlights, please remember to respect the other groups and their fans. I’m not talking about ALL Starlights, ok? CHILL. I meant the ones who are being rude to Twice and their fans because they beat VIXX. You didn’t like it when they talked crap about VIXX winning? Don’t be a hypocrite then. SIMPLE, REALLY. Don’t talk crap about them either. 

Also, VIXX may not have won that particular award, but hey who knows? They won the last time. They could win in the future. AND GUESS WHAT? THEY’RE ALWAYS OUR WINNERS, REMEMBER? No matter what happens, VIXX wins in our hearts, right? What’s important is that we continue to show unending love and support from them. VIXX might be upset, and I’m sure we are too, but that doesn’t give us the right to talk crap about others. That just makes the whole fandom look bad, don’t you think? Instead, why don’t we just focus on congratulating Twice, continue to support and cheer for VIXX and do our best for future wins? Sounds ok? GOOD.

What happened to Starlights being the chill, respectful fandom? Try to remember that our fandom somehow also has an impact on how others view VIXX. It may be a small thing, but there is an impact nonetheless.

The same goes for every other fandom. Whether we’re talking about Exo, Twice, BTS or whatever, it’s important to respect these artists and their fans/fandoms. You’re better than that, Starlights. We’re not rude bashers. We’re not people who talk crap about others. We’re supposed to be a fandom that supports others just as we support and love our faves.

REALLY. It might get out of hand. 

August Week 4 Participant Recap

It’s been a relatively peaceful month here at Poetic Stories due to our theme Peace Poetry and this week’s offerings of peace have been exquisite. Thank you all who participated and if you have but are not on the list, please message @denmysterywoman



Each week we pick one piece to be entered for a chance to win the prize-of-the-month.The winner-of-the-month will have their work featured here at Poetic Stories for the entire following month!

The winner of this week used wonderful imagery to really tug at our heart with a very emotional poem where each word seemed to have a purpose. Congratulations to @bg-grizzo  with I don’t carry around your picture anymore because I can just close my eyes ! Please do take a moment to read it! 🎉🎉🎉

Winners! Follower Appreciation Giveway

Congratulations to @mcreye and @randomdraggon, the two winners of our @blackwatchzine giveaway! 

We’re so grateful to each and every one of you - we wish we could give you all something to show how much you mean to us. Thank you for your positivity, passion and general enthusiasm! McReyes fans are truly the best there are  ♥

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