It really breaks my heart that there’s a bunch of Digimon that were entered into those Original Digimon Contests, ones that actually won the contest and became approved Digimon by Bandai, but were then left to rot without ever even getting official art or anything despite being winner Digimon.

One such example is Holy DigiTamamon. It’s an Ultimate Level Digimon, it’s attack is Holy Dream, and it looks like this. That’s all we know about this Digi.

So here’s a shout out to the kid (whoever they might’ve been) who entered Holy DigiTamamon back in 2000 and won, but was horribly ignored and treated by Bandai. Here’s my quickly sketched interpretation of your Digimon.

I will walk into the fire
and build myself a forge.
In it, I will rise an altar
for you to sit and rule.

My hands will be your weapons,
and my soul will be your crown.
Cloaked in black powder,
my blood will be your poison.

Use me as you please,
command me as you will,
for my body is not my own,
it surrenders before your throne.

You will be my empire,
war will be my cause,
for I am your loyal subject,
your dagger in the fight.

—  In the ashes of battle, you will be my sweet demise, D.C.