YG artists should start partcipating in events, just like the rest of the companies and k-idols. I feel like they’re always so distant from other idols that people find them pretencious and hate on them. Like on idol shows and concerts like kcon they never show up, heck even SM artists participate in those kinds of things. I just wish YG would let them appear in programs and shows and not focus so much on the money.

[Exclusive] YG is pouring all its capabilities in the second half of this year”… The timetable of YG artists’ comebacks and new releases

[OSEN=최나영 선미경 김보라 기자] YG Entertainment (“YG”) will take the second half of this year by the storm. A variety of musicians cherished and polished by YG will release their all-time best albums in the second half, doing their best.

An YG insider said on August 30 to OSEN, “YG’s CEO YANG HYUN SUK is taking initiative for YG’s unprecedented success for the second half of this year, saying we should pour all our power and capabilities in the second half of this year, to carry out as many projects of YG artists as possible, for the sake of fans”. Before such plan was announced, YG led the debut of BLACKPINK, YG’s first new girl group in seven years, to a great success and announced solo album release by iKON’s member BOBBY, to draw keen attention. As BOBBY is one of the leading rappers of YG, his album is expected to contain genuine hip-hop.

After BLACKPINK and BOBBY, WINNER’s SONG MINHO who is famous for his flagship hip-hop soul, will also come back as a solo artist. Then, in fall, new albums of WINNER and iKON, the brother boy groups, are expected to be released. Then, “MADE” album of BIGBANG, YG’s leading artist, will be finally completed.

Furthermore, AKMU will release an album in this fall as suggested from early this year, and then PSY, EPIK HIGH, and LEE HI will also release their new songs within this year. With YG’s jewel box widely opening as such, global music fans will be able to enjoy a variety of YG music during the second half of this year.

Plus, Zion.T who has recently joined YG producer TEDDY’s new black label, as well as Hyuk Oh of EPIK HIGH’s label are likely to release new albums in the second half. As Zion.T and Hyuk Oh always sweep top places on charts, their new release is something that music fans always await for.

If new songs and albums of such bigshot YG artists are released one after another from this September until the end of this year, the music scene for the second half of 2016 will be dominated by YG. Naturally, music fans believe that a big sensation will be created by YG during that time.

YG artists are famous for their long-time work on new songs. That is why fans of YG artists sometimes say that you never know when they will actually release an album until the album is really put on the market. However, that is also the proof of how much YG artists work hard for their music to be presented to the public.

Therefore, YG artists always present music with higher-than-expected quality. If only more than half of those YG artists release new songs in the second half, the music scene will be just hit hard by YG.

# Sechs Kies’ first concert in 16 years

Sechs Kies will hold a concert on September 10 and 11 at Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul. That is Sechs Kies’ first concert in 16 years since the team’s breakup in 2000. Sechs Kies had originally been supposed to hold a concert in June, but after signing contract with YG, the team decided to postpone the concert, to have more time to raise the quality of the concert. In the concert whose tickets had been all sold out right after the ticket opening, Sechs Kies is highly likely to unveil their new songs.

Sechs Kies members are going to YG’s recording studio every day these days. Despite their busy schedules of preparation for the concert and appearance in TV shows, Sechs Kies has been recording more than 20 songs to be performed at the concert from scratch. As Sechs Kies has not performed for more than 16 years, there were only one or two available accompanying music. No one had the accompanying music for Sechs Kies’ songs and YG does not use music for TV shows at concerts, in order to present perfect sound for concerts. So, Sechs Kies members had to sing and record those songs all over again. It demonstrates how much YG is caring for the quality of Sechs Kies’ concert.

# Solo BOBBY & iKON

iKON’s member and rapper BOBBY unveiled the first teaser image for his solo comeback on August 29. The teaser image showed “COMING SOON” in large font, suggesting that BOBBY’s solo album will be released soon. BOBBY is the main rapper of iKON who debuted one year ago, as well as the winner of Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 3” show in 2014. BOBBY’s rap style with his flagship rough and tough voice always presents energetic performances.

BOBBY is 20-years-old. He is a member of boy group iKON that holds Japan arena tour within only one year of their debut and now, he also releases his own solo album, rapidly evolving into an artist. He was 19-years-old when he won “Show Me the Money 3”. BOBBY’s solo album and performances to be unveiled two years after that are likely to be focusing on genuine hip-hop that best-displays BOBBY’s identity and appeals. Meanwhile, group iKON is also working on their new songs.

# BLACKPINK, again

Is BLACKPINK, the hottest girl group of these days, going to hit the music scene hard once again? YG artists usually present more than two songs for their debut. BLACKPINK made debut only three weeks ago, but they are setting unprecedented records on charts, unlike usual rookie girl groups. BLACKPINK has been sweeping the charts of music-streaming websites for 15 days in a row, took No.1 in a TV music show within the shortest-ever period of time for a girl group, and their music videos have surpassed 20 million views. Just a “whistle” of these girls is creating sensation in the music scene.

BLACKPINK has completed the formula that an YG rookie equals a monstrous rookie. Following the great success of WINNER who debuted in 2014 and iKON who debuted last year, BLACKPINK is also creating big sensation in the music scene. All those three idol groups took music charts by the storm upon their debut. These days, it is even hard for an idol group to make their debut song enter the chart. Therefore, BLACKPINK’s success on charts is all the more remarkable.

# Hyuk Oh and CL

Hyuk Oh drew big attention by presenting a sensational performance at SUMMER SONIC 2016, one of the leading music festivals in Japan. Hyuk Oh is holding a concert in Japan and then coming back to Korea to concentrate on their new album. Hyuk Oh was acclaimed by the audience for their performance at 2016 SUMMER SONIC FESTIVAL on August 20 and 21. Now, music fans are expressing bigger anticipation for Hyuk Oh’s comeback with new songs.

Plus, CL (Lee Chae-lin)’s solo debut single is drawing big attention not only in Korea but also around the world. After establishing a base camp in the United States early last year and announcing her full-fledged debut in the country, CL has been collaborating with world-famous artists and the collaboration projects have been spotlighted by globally influential media outlets. That is why many people show rising anticipation and interest in CL’s first step in America’s music scene.


Along with BOBBY to release a solo album soon, WINNER’s member SONG MINHO is also to make a solo comeback soon. As the two have boasted great talent as the rappers of WINNER and iKON, as well as in “Show Me the Money” competition, fans have high expectations for their solo music. SONG MINHO has also contributed his solo song in WINNER’s album. Just like iKON and BOBBY, WINNER is also working on their new songs, in line with SONG MINHO’s solo comeback.

Notably, since the time of SONG MINHO’s comeback and BOBBY’s solo comeback overlap, the competition between the two will draw much attention. The relationship between WINNER and iKON is so special, as they competed against each other in survival audition shows for debut. The two are even called “brother idol groups”. Coinciding solo comebacks of the main rappers of two idol boy groups that target fan base of similar age group is a very exceptional and unusual case in Korea’s music scene. The constructive competition between the two is expected to create a big synergy.  

2016. 8. 30.


Crest Event Submissions!

This is not a ranking order. The following are just the submissions in a random order.

Each submission will have the crest, their description, and then my comments on the design.

1. Ask Scribbles

I guess here’s my crest idea for you, although I’m not sure if this would be considered a crest hehe. I used mainly when I read in the description for the contest :3 I drew the tree for family, the fox’s placement for power, and the crown for pride (the fox looks up with pride). The horse is just a little shadow of an existence compared to the fox, but still exists to say the least. 

Comments: Not bad! Followed instructions, its simple, the horse does not overpower the fox yet is still present. An interesting design overall. I would remove the books, though. They stand out a little too much and a Fox its self is already considered intelligent. Fox  symbolism: Cunning, strategy, quick-thinking, adaptability, cleverness, and wisdom.

2. Little Red Rabbit

I hope you like it

I tried to incorporate everything you were asking. The key of knowledge held high above the amalgamation of you family familiars to emphasis its importance. The blue of loyalty cut through with the red of might to show power. And you family motto Sanguinem Ante Ignis, blood before fire, meaning one should always put family before their own passions.

Comments: A standard approach to a crest with the emblem and outlay. I give you props on design. I do like your text, and will keep those words in mind. But I must take points off for the merging of the fox and horse, and the over complication of the helm. It looks nice, But it’s not something you would see on a stamp or ring. Also! Color. Some of your representation is in color. The emblem will be plain. 

3.  Ask Cursed Pony Stormdrake

Just in case my tiny hand writing is too small  to read this is basically the captions:

Collar and Chain: accepted obligation
Fox: One who will use all the wit and wisdom they possess in their defense
Elm branches: Dignity
Rings: interlaced/Fidelity
Swords: Justice and military honor
Anchor: hope and Religious steadfastness or Strength
Crown: Token of civil Honor
Shield: defense

Comments: Moderately Intricate design and the fight form. But there are a few problems. Starting with the most noticeable being the collar and chain around the foxes neck. No. The Fox is the family animal, and should represent its freedom, and mobility. This makes it seem oppressed and is overall a real turnoff. Next, we have the anchor. Now I didn’t mention this in the description, but the family is in no way affiliated with religion, nor wishes to be. They work for what they have and strive for independence. The anchor its self-does represent stability as described by sailors. But it was also mainly used as a Christian symbol. 

4. Silver Script

The fox and horse is something I implemented as I believe you said they were the family animals. The gem is a kind of Sapphire, darker in shade I know, but I thought it would look better darker. The ribbon is just a regal look kind of thing, so are the other two smaller designs on the top. The crown is for power and a sense of regality. It’s not much, but I did my best. Thank you!

Comments: Not much to say about this. The idea its self is interesting, but completely goes against the instructions. The emblem is meant to be able to be engraved in. The gem would not work for what was asked, and the horse itself is overpowering the fox when it is the opposite that is supposed to happen. In happy you tried, and your participation is appreciated. 

5.  Arcadian Vampony

Alright, I gotcha a submission for your coat of arms! |D Stylized like a medieval coat of arms, and I apologize if it’s not the greatest thing in the world, but it was a load of fun to do! X3
Description wise, the fox up top has the paw on the X, which is symbolic of protection, as if the upside down V in the bottom right.  Leaves on the outer edges tend to be a trend with coat of arms, I apologize for adding them on that alone. |D;
within the shield beside the protection symbols are a simple sash with ‘Family (in latin) Ashborough’. Bottom left is ‘Protection (in latin)’, and the spear resembles the devotion to honor and chivalry.
The eagle on the bottom left is representative of a man of action and on high and important matters, as well as intellect. The horse, as well as the secondary animal of the Ashborough family (hopefully far enough away from the fox), is a symbol of, again, intelligence and masculinity.

all in all, regardless of it all, it was a ton of fun to do! X3 Thanks for the chance to work on it! <3 

Comments: It’s interesting. Maybe if it were a little more refined it would have a better standing. The fox overlaying the shield is a nice touch in its self. speaking of the shield, I must say, I love the addition of a spear instead of a sword. While a sword is a norm, it is nice to see a change. The only issue I have with this would be the eagle… It just seems to fit in more in terms of you trying to find another animal to fill that spot.

6.  Ask Darling Adelaide

Ayyyy here’s another entry for your contest!

I included the family name on top with a scroll, the faded words knowledge and power on each side. At the center of it all is a giant tree which represents the key theme of your name: Family.

Not only does the tree represent family due to its branches and tournament with stability, but it also helps to represent power and knowledge as well.

The horse is near the tree, smaller and less viewable while the main animal of the crest is the fox, and that is represented with its giant silhouette in the background.

I hope you find a great design, thanks for letting me contribute!

Comments: Not bad at all! Nothing bad to say here. It’s on point, and the fox behind the tree is a nice little touch! Might be a little hard to show that off in an engraving, though. And I have to admit, the fox kind of looks like a wolf.

7.  Ask Poison Joke

Voila ma participation .

J'ai essayé de représenter les diférentes demandes en essayant de rester dans sujet ( pas évident, j'ai un peu peur de ne pas tout avoir compris ^^; )

La famille de Ash étant une famille de “combattant” j'ai voulu représenté l'épé protegée par le renard, qui est lui même protégée par cette épée . Cela montre les liens qui unissent chaque membre de la famille.

Si j'ai bien compris, Il devait y avoir un cheval mais qui ne devais pas dominer le renard et jamais le toucher . J'ai donc eu l'idée de l’intégré au motif du bas. Il est en premier plan mais reste dominé par le renard au dessus de lui, Mais ils maintiennent l'épée ce qui montre qu'il ne sont pas inutiles.

J'ai essayer de représenter le soleil et la lune pour intégré la puissance de cette famille

Puis la devise ( pas très originale ) qui signifie “pour l’éternité”. je trouvais qu'elle était simple mais représentait bien la famille de Ash

J'ai fais une police d'écriture assez grosse pour qu'elle soit vue sur une bague et surtout qu'elle puisse etre lisible si l'on utilisais le motif sur de la cire

Je n'ai pas trop détaillé afin qu'une fois rendue petit, chaques motifs puissent être vus

Voila ^^; C'est pas super mais j'ai fais de mon mieux

Here is my submission. 

I tried to represent different requests trying to stay on topic (Not easy, I’m afraid may have not at all understood ^^;) Ash family is a family of “combatants” I wanted represented sword protected by the fox, which is itself protected by the sword. This shows the links between each member of the family. If I understand correctly, there must have a horse, but that was not to dominate the fox, and never touch it. So I had the idea of integrating in on the bottom pattern. It is in the foreground but remains dominated by the fox over him, but they keep the sword which shows that it is not useless. I try to represent the sun and moon for the integrated power of this family Then currency (not very original) meaning “to eternity.” I thought it was simple but represented the family of Ash I made a pretty big fonts for it to be seen on a ring and above it could be readable if you used the pattern on wax I was not too detailed so that once made small, EVERY motive can be seen 

Voila ^^; It’s not great but I am doing my best

Comments: (I made a Horrible translation, I know, But it’s still understandable so its good enough for me) No one knows Ash’s family better than you do, And you do well showing that off. It’s a simple design and a somewhat visually pleasing one at that. Only things I don’t like would be the bold lettering at the bottom, as it makes it kind of look like one of those charms you would find in the mall. Is I could mix this one with the submission over you, It would make an awesome emblem.

8.  Ask Lovestruck

Inside the shield. The writing quill represents knowledge. Writing down facts and literature, cause there’s more to knowledge outside of science and math. The sword to represent power. The sword is strong and mighty. Family was tough, so I attempted to make a heart using symbolism of father, mother, and child. The horses take the side but they are behind the shield, while the fox is bigger and in front of the shield, catching the eyes first. The design at the bottom is to put the family name if needed.

Comments: The hearts, representing the mother and father and child are news to me. And adds a very interesting visual to the emblem. But, this is the only part that really pops out. The rest of the emblem its self is a little redundant as the fox its self already shows knowledge and wisdom.


After some reviewing, I think it’s safe to say that the winner is!

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