winner comeback


“When I was first writing the song ‘Fool’…I may have been inspired to write lyrics of longing while missing Nam Taehyun. ‘Fool’ does actually contain those emotions. I did start writing the song with the motif of missing Taehyun.” - Kang Seungyoon

“I still dream about Nam Taehyun. Whenever I dream, WINNER is still five members. I think that my unconscious still thinks that we’re five members. It can’t be helped.” - Lee Seunghoon

[trans by chrissy96_]

Wall (M)

Characters: ย Song Mino (WINNER) x You (OC) x So Ra (OC, Your Friend) x WINNER members (Cameo)

Genre: ย Smut (Rough), AU

Beware: ย Dirty Talking, Cheating, all that bad stuff (MINORS STAY AWAY RIGHT NOW!)

Length: ย 2370 words

Plot: ย  Inspired by WINNERโ€™s Exit Teaser (MINO Ver.) ย You are extremely attracted to your favorite boy bandโ€™s drummer, Song Mino, ever since you saw them perform in the bar you and your friend So Ra frequently visit. ย However, he is already engaged with no other than your friend, So Ra, that made you devastated. ย However, he happens to be a little tease and plans something evil, who doesnโ€™t give a fuck if you will like it or not.

Please take note that I interpreted the teaser in my own way โ€“ so some of you might have interpreted the story behind the teaser differently. ย I will totally respect that.

Comments and suggestions are pretty much welcome :)

A/N I apologize for any grammatical errors and stuff like that :D I WAS SO EXCITED IN POSTING THIS SHIT HAHAHA


โ€œSo Ra, will you marry me?โ€ ย Mino knelt in front of your friend, So Ra, on the stage, to the eyes of all the guests and audience at club EXIT.

โ€œOf course, baby, I will marry you!โ€ ย So Ra cried happy tears as she hugged Mino tightly. The crowd was cheering and shouting at them loudly. ย 

โ€œCongratulations Mino-ssi! ย You will officially be โ€œjailedโ€ this time!โ€ ย Lee Seung Hoon, the vocalist of the band shouted against the mic that made the crowd laugh at his joke.

You clenched your fists at the drink that you are holding to hide your frustration. ย Your tears are starting to fall from your eyes but youโ€™ve managed to keep them still. The newly engaged couple soon made their way towards you and you immediately put on a fake smile.

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