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a list of things that should be fanfic but are actually canon

-kagami and kuroko spend a lot of their free time together like thats confirmed
-kagami cooks for kuroko
-kuroko said kagamis food is delicious
-kagami motherfucking feeds kuroko like not only makes him food but actually FEEDS HIM
-kagami plays, walks and talks to Nigou and helped in searching for him when he was lost
-kuroko expressed the will to go to America and kagami was SO EXCITED AND WANTS THEM TO GO TOGETHER????
-kuroko won kagami a plush Tiger from the claw machine
-people comment how they are always together like?????
-matching phones matching cups????
-kagami really wanted to see kurokos middle school photo
-kuroko gave kagami the popsickle winner stick

Probably a fuckton mord but i cant type rn bc of the tears in my eyes so feel free to add your own

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So, I just realized that Days had secret reports. Here are some of the more painful ones

     "Roxas doesn’t trust me after the whole Xion incident, but I can’t tell him the truth yet. So I keep lying. It’s no big deal when you’re a Nobody. There’s no guilt, no feeling at all. So why does it still sting, just a little, when I lie to him? All my dealings with Roxas give me this bizarre illusion of humanity.“

     ”Xion is burning through missions at full tilt. She seems frantic. Why, I don’t know. And speaking of, I still don’t know what to say to Roxas. Even without my orders from Saïx, I’d do anything to stop Roxas from being erased. I just don’t know if I can stand by and let that happen to Xion, either.“

    ”Riku gave me this time. Axel told me to spend it thinking for myself. The Organization is determined to erase either me or Roxas. They’ll never allow us to coexist.
     I love Roxas and Axel. I’m sure Saïx would scoff at that. Call it a trick of my artificial memories. But the time I spent on that clock tower was real. I wish the three of us could stay together, just like this, forever. But I have to end this. I’ll never forget today’s sunset. Even if Roxas and Axel do, I won’t forget.“

     ”Roxas left. It’s so like him to just leave that WINNER ice cream stick behind. Come tomorrow, I’ll probably get the order to hunt him down, but leaving that here makes it feel so permanent. I wish the three of us - three? No. That the two of us could share some ice cream again someday. That’s what it is to be friends.“

MOBB for NYLON JAPAN January Issue 161128

* Some parts of the interview were omitted

Q. Are there differences when promoting as MOBB compared to promoting in your groups?

MINO: Because WINNER has distinctive musical characteristics that are solely WINNER’s, when I promote as WINNER, I stick to that. On the other hand, MOBB is a hiphop unit group, so I feel there is more freedom. The feeling that I am left out in the open is more strong.

Q. Please share your thoughts about each other.

MINO: Bobby overflows with energy and all the music he makes has originality. He’s serious when it comes to music but outside of that, he’s simple and he’s like a small child. (Laughs)

BOBBY: We were both trainees when we met each other for the first time but Mino-hyung was so good at rapping even back then that I became jealous of him. On top of that, Mino-hyung becomes close friends with anyone he meets so I’m envious of that too. But I was so happy that we got to make music together. I love hyung’s talent in writing really witty lyrics.

Q. Have your thoughts about each other changed from when you first met?

MINO: Bobby and the other IKON members haven’t changed at all since I first met them. 

BOBBY: What was unexpected for me is that we share many things in common. When everyone around us aren’t hyped up, Mino-hyung and I are the only ones hyped up. I didn’t expect that. I didn’t think that we would be so similar in that sense. Both of us also have honest personalities so I like that we communicate well. 

Q. Please talk about your first mino album, “THE MOBB”.

MINO: It contains the best songs that we can show you right now. However, the range of musical sounds in this album is quite wide. We actually have many songs that are very strongly hiphop. I wish to release those kinds of songs soon too.

Q: Please talk about the songs you each find memorable in the mini album.

BOBBY: “Full House” was originally my solo track but CEO YG told Mino-hyung to try it and that was how this unit started. So I find that song most memorable.

Q: Are you interested in working with any Japanese rappers or artists?

MINO: I’m interested in KOHH. His style is really unique. His fashion and lifestyle are also cool. If I get the opportunity, I would like to perform with him. 

Q: What are your thoughts on Japanese women?

MINO: They are passionate and sweet. I get the impression that they are both fiery and gentle. At concerts, our Japanese fans are really good at customizing the concert goods to bring out their preferences. I like how they customize small goods and make them into accessories or put them on themselves according to their personal styles. Oh, also, I like it when they say “Yes?” when they’re asking for agreement. Whenever I hear that, I get a heart attack because it’s so cute. (Laughs)

Q: Lastly, will we get the chance to see your performance as a unit in Japan in the future?

MINO: We’re not sure yet but I would like to (Laughs). I think it would be fun if we performed at an underground club.


Okay this is really silly but imagine Kitaiichi-days, Kags trying to get free curry tickets, and he can only get them through ice cream sticks, but he only gets the “try again” stick.

So one day after practice he’s eating some ice cream with Oikawa and he is all disappointed again because he keeps getting the same, and he really really really wants curry. Then he looks out of the corner of his eye and catches Oikawa staring to the stick with a smug smile plastered onto his face, then Kageyama’s eyes are sparkling because that’s the winner stick.


But before he even starts Oikawa stands up and looks down at him, waving the stick right in front of Kageyama’s face and says “Tobio-chan, you want this, right?” 

Kageyama nods eagerly, and his blue eyes are so big and interested Oikawa represses a laugh instead and hides the stick behind his back. “Too bad~” he says childishly, Kageyama suddenly stands up because he’s not willing to let go of this opportunity at all costs.

“Please. Please, Oikawa-san!”

Kageyama’s hand travels around Oikawa to steal the stick, but Oikawa is taller and he holds it up high over their heads and laughs. Kageyama frowns and says “I’ll trade it, so please!”

Oikawa hums in satisfaction. “Trade it?”

Kageyama answers without thinking, he still has a chance. “Yes! Whatever you want!”

“Okay, then, give up on my jump serve.”

Kageyama gives it a moment to process that, looks down at their feet and up again. He opens his mouth and closes it, unsure if it’s really worth it. 

“No?” Oikawa asks, amused with the troubled face Tobio is making. Oikawa puts the stick on his pocket, “Then,” his hand grabs Kageyama’s chin to make him look up at him as he presses the other on his lower back to hold him still, “let me kiss you, Tobio-chan~”

Kageyama blinks a few times, feels his cheeks growing bright red, his palms sweaty and suddenly there’s not enough air around him. “Eh..?” Oikawa’s face is getting closer and closer to his, Kageyama can feel the scent of his senpai surrounding him and he quickly presses both of his hands over Oikawa’s face, weakly pushing him back. 

Oikawa licks his palms, startling the boy enough to easily grab his wrists with his free hand and press their lips together. Kageyama shuts his eyes and gives in, puts his hands on Oikawa’s chest because he doesn’t quite know what to do with them.

It’s not just one kiss, Kageyama realizes, Oikawa kisses him gently several times, uses his tongue to lick at Kageyama’s bottom lip, everything Oikawa does makes him melt little by little, he soon forgets about the cause of all this situation. Kageyama feels too overwhelmed and strange he has to pull back, but before their mouths separate completely Oikawa’s teeth drag against his bottom lip in a flash, leaving Kageyama a little dizzy and oh, face so flushed, Oikawa feels like a total perv.

“Good boy,” he says, frees Kageyama of his hold, takes his hand and gives him the stick. 

Kageyama has a hard time eating curry after that.

Stay With Me (2)

Word Count: 3065

Genre: Roaring20s!Yoongi (Womanizer!Yoongi? Playboy!Yoongi? idk) It does have suggestive light smut

|| In the time of the Roaring 20s, Min Yoongi is a world-famous jazz singer. Known for being an alluring womanizer, he’s quite confident he’ll have any girl under his spell. But when he sees Y/N in the bar during his show, all of a sudden he’s breaking his own rules. He’s no good for her, but he just can’t seem to let her go.

A/N: Inspired by this post so creds to OP

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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“I don’t sleep on the first date.” Her voice was low and husky, her warm breath sending chills down Yoongi’s spine. When her words finally registered in his mind, Yoongi’s eyes bulged. If he wasn’t going to nail her that night, he might never be able to; he was leaving town the morning after.

“Miss, I leave town tomorrow morning. I might never see you again.” Yoongi’s voice waivered, his eyes looking in every direction but hers. A sense of panic almost washed over Y/N, but she knew better than to show him her real feelings.

“Then convince me, Mr. Min.” Y/N distanced herself from him, her arms folding across her chest and her legs crossing themselves. Clearing his throat, Yoongi’s eyes darted to scan the restaurants and speakeasies passing by, praying he’ll be able to hit all the proper high notes to take Y/N home. Suddenly passing an expensive looking restaurant, Yoongi quickly tells the driver to pull his cab over. Yoongi hopped out of the cab first, holding out his arm for Y/N to take. Linking their arms, both head into the restaurant, grabbing a table for two.

Y/N was an average woman who didn’t earn much, but had enough to get by. Even for her, the restaurant seemed fancier than anything she had ever encountered. Red carpets and real leather chairs. A fountain outside and people dressed up; it almost seemed like a dream. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling, adorned with what looked like real diamonds. How posh.

“If this isn’t your cup of rum and cola, Y/N, we can always go to the speakeasy near here.” Yoongi’s voice was raspy and quiet, his breath barely grazing her ear. Scanning the patrons and their food, Y/N thought about going to the speakeasy; it didn’t sound half bad. She’d be able to dance her worries away like she was supposed to last night, and she’d be able to drink as much as she’d like as long as Yoongi covered the cost.

“I think I’d rather go dancing.” Her eyes glistening at the thought of a jazz-filled evening.

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N: He’s going to lose on purpose if he likes you, but if you’re dating then he’s going to try to get to your lips as fast as he can. Imagine N taking fast, but very quick bites toward your lips, and then chickening out in the end if you’re not dating and full on smooching you if you are. “I won! I won the game and your heart, right?” 

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Leo: Pfffft. He’s going to be too embarrassed and giggly to even play it right whether you’re dating or not. But once he calms those butterflies of his, expect him to take an enormous portion of the stick just to get close to your lips so you have no where else to move. Ballsy, eh? “Oh, sorry I got a little carried away there.”

Originally posted by chabulous

Ken: He might be a little serious if he likes you, most likely taking his time and letting you win. But if you’re dating, then it’s going to be hard for you to keep a straight face as Ken tries his best to get to your lips in one bite. He’ll probably break the stick too early trying to be a human vacuum cleaner. “You were taking too long and I wanted to kiss you already.”

Originally posted by jaebmz

Ravi: If he likes you, then he’s going to try to be cool about it by taking enough bites to get close to your lips in hopes that the stick breaks before he blows his cover of crushing on you. Which his cover would definitely be blown considering he’d be staring at your lips or eyes the whole time instead of the stick. If you’re dating, he’ll probably just eat the whole stick and then kiss you. “*eats stick* There I won. Give me some sugar!”

Originally posted by arabmorgan

HongBin: If he fancies you, he’s going to chicken out and break that stick early because his mind would be too focused on the ‘what if?’ part of the game in the event your lips got super close to his. But if you’re dating, he’s going to get to those lips in under five seconds. Confident HongBin is a sexy HongBin. “Y’know you don’t need a ruse to get me to kiss you. But I know I taste better with dessert.”

Originally posted by chabulous

Hyuk: All right, this human being. If he likes you, he’s just going to play it cool and play the game normally. No surprises or nervousness there because he’s probably still trying to feel you out. But when you’re dating he’s going to be the goofy dweeb that he is and most likely break the stick, steal it from you, eat all of it and anything else he can do to make you laugh or annoy you. The two of you would literally go through a whole box of sticks and then some before either one of you can be declared a winner. “Oops. The stick broke. Oh crap! It fell. Dang it! Maybe if my lips weren’t so kissable you’d actually focus on the game and stop breaking the sticks!”

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