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a list of things that should be fanfic but are actually canon

-kagami and kuroko spend a lot of their free time together like thats confirmed
-kagami cooks for kuroko
-kuroko said kagamis food is delicious
-kagami motherfucking feeds kuroko like not only makes him food but actually FEEDS HIM
-kagami plays, walks and talks to Nigou and helped in searching for him when he was lost
-kuroko expressed the will to go to America and kagami was SO EXCITED AND WANTS THEM TO GO TOGETHER????
-kuroko won kagami a plush Tiger from the claw machine
-people comment how they are always together like?????
-matching phones matching cups????
-kagami really wanted to see kurokos middle school photo
-kuroko gave kagami the popsickle winner stick

Probably a fuckton mord but i cant type rn bc of the tears in my eyes so feel free to add your own

MOBB for NYLON JAPAN January Issue 161128

* Some parts of the interview were omitted

Q. Are there differences when promoting as MOBB compared to promoting in your groups?

MINO: Because WINNER has distinctive musical characteristics that are solely WINNER’s, when I promote as WINNER, I stick to that. On the other hand, MOBB is a hiphop unit group, so I feel there is more freedom. The feeling that I am left out in the open is more strong.

Q. Please share your thoughts about each other.

MINO: Bobby overflows with energy and all the music he makes has originality. He’s serious when it comes to music but outside of that, he’s simple and he’s like a small child. (Laughs)

BOBBY: We were both trainees when we met each other for the first time but Mino-hyung was so good at rapping even back then that I became jealous of him. On top of that, Mino-hyung becomes close friends with anyone he meets so I’m envious of that too. But I was so happy that we got to make music together. I love hyung’s talent in writing really witty lyrics.

Q. Have your thoughts about each other changed from when you first met?

MINO: Bobby and the other IKON members haven’t changed at all since I first met them. 

BOBBY: What was unexpected for me is that we share many things in common. When everyone around us aren’t hyped up, Mino-hyung and I are the only ones hyped up. I didn’t expect that. I didn’t think that we would be so similar in that sense. Both of us also have honest personalities so I like that we communicate well. 

Q. Please talk about your first mino album, “THE MOBB”.

MINO: It contains the best songs that we can show you right now. However, the range of musical sounds in this album is quite wide. We actually have many songs that are very strongly hiphop. I wish to release those kinds of songs soon too.

Q: Please talk about the songs you each find memorable in the mini album.

BOBBY: “Full House” was originally my solo track but CEO YG told Mino-hyung to try it and that was how this unit started. So I find that song most memorable.

Q: Are you interested in working with any Japanese rappers or artists?

MINO: I’m interested in KOHH. His style is really unique. His fashion and lifestyle are also cool. If I get the opportunity, I would like to perform with him. 

Q: What are your thoughts on Japanese women?

MINO: They are passionate and sweet. I get the impression that they are both fiery and gentle. At concerts, our Japanese fans are really good at customizing the concert goods to bring out their preferences. I like how they customize small goods and make them into accessories or put them on themselves according to their personal styles. Oh, also, I like it when they say “Yes?” when they’re asking for agreement. Whenever I hear that, I get a heart attack because it’s so cute. (Laughs)

Q: Lastly, will we get the chance to see your performance as a unit in Japan in the future?

MINO: We’re not sure yet but I would like to (Laughs). I think it would be fun if we performed at an underground club.


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at work we number each pizza with little wooden sticks so that we know what pizza goes to which customer when it comes out of the oven and we’ve started to do winner sticks which is just a random number per batch that is a “winner” and the winner gets their pizza for free and my biggest secret is that its supposed to be a random crazy thing but i usually just give the free pizza to a cute girl or to a mom with her kids
Jennifer Lawrence bundles up in favorite shearling coat in SoHo
The star stuck stayed warm as she again stepped out in her long black shearling coat in Manhattan on Wednesday. The 25-year-old met friends for lunch and then shopped in SoHo.

Please check out the video in this link. 

All of these photographers and videographers just happen to know where she’ll go so they could greet Jen when she arrived?

Not preplanned at all, right?