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  • me: hey
  • bias: *exists*
  • me: aww
  • biaswrecker: sup

pls understand that whenever i listen to kpop and you ask me “do you even understand that?” with disgust on your face, i would really like to kindly tell you to fuck off and just start lecturing you all about how cloSED MINDED AND IDIOTIC YOU CAN BE IF YOU LABEL MUSIC BY LANGUAGE AND WHY DE FUCK WOULD YOU JUDGE ME FOR LISTENING TO KOREAN DUDES WITH ANGELIC VOICE WHEN YOU’RE THE ONE WHO WRONGLY YELLS THE LYRICS OF DESPACITO SUAVE SUAVE SITO LIKE DO YOU even KNOW SPANISH I DONT THINK SO SIR

chowder better be the one giving the haus tour after bitty leaves otherwise i’m gonna fight because LITERALLY no one else would be as good as he would any

like sure it’ll be a complete trainwreck but he’ll also remember the most random facts (‘oh!! yeah!! bitty told us to throw that couch out over 200 times!’ 'oh that boiler is from 2009 and broke down 8 times in the past three months, one time when nursey was taking a shower and another time when bitty was running the dishwasher anyway soap got eveywhere but nursey didn’t seem super bothered??’) and it’s just weirdly endearing like all these frogs feel so comfortable around him and start to really feel like part of the team bc they’re hearing all these weird stories but it makes the team seem more real and less like. 'omg the two-time frozen four winner samwell wow!!’ like pls babes

and he buys all of them sharks merch like they each get a sticker or something and he has stats memorized back to like the 90s and will just casually throw them out there but if a kid asks him about the sharks/is a fan than the entire tour is derailed and it ends up lasting 2 hours longer than it should but it’s worth it and the frogs love it so much!

chowder explains everything in so much detail (like too much detail) but it helps the frogs feel more comfortable because going to college is confusing but the hockey team is a weird loving family and it makes them excited to be on the team

30 minutes are dedicated to the rules and expectations of team breakfast ('no one has ever fit more eggs in their mouth than holster and honestly we don’t want anyone to try’)

after the haus tour is over chowder drags all the frogs around campus pointing out the best places for them to eat lunch and fastest paths on the quad and basically just gives them a bunch of pointers that orientation doesn’t lol

and chowder is super dedicated to it because he remembers how great bitty was at it and wants to live up to his legacy and also bitty made him feel super welcome and comfortable and he also highkey admires shitty and wants to make him proud too

and anytime he sees caitlyn and the girls team practicing he’ll wave frantically and be like 'CAITLYN!! HI!!! that’s my girlfriend she’s amazing and pretty and super good at everything she does she’s fantastic wow’ bc he just really loves her a lot!!!


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So I was watching America’s Got Talent right? And all of a sudden this boy band shows up n everyone’s like “omg we haven’t had boy bands in a long time” like bishh ever heard of kpop groups? Like this isn’t new??? Smh y'all acting like they just turned water into wine 🙃