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The Traits of a Winner

1. They have a dream. Without a dream, our life lacks focus – and we’re in danger of drifting and going nowhere at all.

2. They prepare for whatever they need to do – and knowing they’re prepared breeds inner confidence.

3. They are totally focused on what’s happening now – and are not distracted by the future or the past.

4. They are full of passion and a zest for life. That drives them forward – so they never give up.

5. They’re committed to doing the work that is required. They understand that winning will involve some sacrifice.

6. They accept responsibility for their own life. They know it’s up to them to set and reach their goals.

7. They have perseverance and tenacity – so they keep on going when they meet with obstacles.

8. They pay attention to the little things. They don’t cut corners, or ignore when things go wrong.

9. They have an optimistic and positive approach. They understand the value of a good attitude.

10. They strive for perfection and they want to do their best. They compete against themselves to push the boundaries and excel.

We want to help you pay for your surgery (:

Hello folks! My name is Kendall and my girlfriend and I run a small business where we sell our handmade art such as hand sewn tie dye clothing, tapestries, jewelry, as well as herbal medicines. 

We have been selling very small scale while travelling for the last 4 months of 2016, but have been working fiercely the last month to release our new travel website as well as online shop. This is honestly a dream come true and something we have been working at for about 2 years. 


On the 15th of this month, we are releasing our new website and products, and want to include featured fundraisers; among which is a Trans* Surgery Fund.

What does that mean?

We will have a section of clothing & jewelry where 100% of proceeds will go towards a random winners surgery fund. This goes for both online and in our physical booth. Online, the winners picture & story will be featured on our shop’s webpage, and in our booth, the same thing will be nicely displayed at our front table. Our customers, as well as the traffic that comes across our travel website will see your feature and have the option to buy for your fundraiser and/or donate $$$.

Who is eligible? 

Anyone who falls in the trans* spectrum and is trying to gather money for surgery. Any surgery, it does not matter. (If you are picked and don’t feel comfortable disclosing your surgery in your feature, that is okay.)

How do I enter?

You can enter by either messaging me @keen-keem, or emailing me at In your message please include your name, age, why you should be featured, and how to get back in contact with you the easiest. 

Submissions will be narrowed down to about 50%, and then chosen at random. I am narrowing down submissions because, although everyone deserves to have their dream surgery, let’s face it, it is a lot easier for some people than others. I am still saving for my top surgery after almost 3 years and I know how valuable something like this is. My girlfriend and I are going to take the time to fully read every single submission. 

A winner will be chosen on Feb 15 when we release our new shop and website. This doesn’t leave much time!  If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me.

Please signal boost! 


Favorite Reads Of 2015: I wanted to present you my top 15 books but it was impossible to narrow this list down. All these books are special to me in their own way. For a full reading list click here. I hope you’ll find some new titles for your own reading list.

YG Family’s Height (Shortest - Tallest) (according to their profiles)

Lee Hi - 154 cm

Suhyun - 158 cm

Chanhyuk - 159 cm

Minzy - 161 cm

CL - 162 cm

Dara - 162 cm

Jinhwan - 165 cm 

Taeyang - 165 cm 

Park Bom - 165 cm

G-Dragon - 170 cm

Psy - 170 cm

Seungri - 172 cm

Daesung - 172 cm

Tablo - 172 cm

Jinwoo - 175 cm 

Donghyuk - 175 cm 

DJ Tukutz - 176

Yunhyeong - 177 cm 

Hanbin - 177 cm

Seungyoon - 178 cm

T.O.P - 178 cm

Mithra Jin - 179 cm

Jinu - 180 cm

Sean - 180 cm 

Taehyun - 180 cm

Bobby - 180 cm 

Yang Hyun Suk - 180 cm 

Mino - 181 cm 

Masta Wu - 181 cm

Seunghoon - 182 cm 

Chanwoo - 182 cm 

Junhoe - 182 cm

Hibabytiger and Nostalgah’s New Year Awards

We are having a New Year Awards and would like to invite ANY blogstyle (except blogs with pornographic content) to prarticipate! There are a few rules and a lot of categories :) We will choose the winner

Rules (Must be):

- following Emma and Kirsty

- reblog (likes will NOT be counted)


- Best posts

- Best icon

- Favourite url

- Favourite new discovery

- Best theme

- Emma’s favourites

- Kirsty’s favourites

- Most unique

- Nicest blogger

- Best colour scheme

- Best sidebar

Higher Chances:

- talk to us :) we don’t bite and love to talk to our followers!

- follow us on instagram: Emma & Kirsty

- participate in other promos/awards that we have going on

- BE ACTIVE (this is hugely important as there is not point in promoting someone who is never online)


- Winners will be announced end of december/beginning of january

- Winners will be promoted in a list that will be posted on both blogs, and are alowed to ask for promos throughout january 2017


My dash is full of BTS and EXO don’t know why (well maybe bc they are the ultimates hehe), but I also like a bunch of others groups and stuffs!! So if you post any of the topics below, then please like/reblog this post so I can check out your blog!
  • Block B
  • B.A.P
  • BTOB
  • GOT7
  • Animes
  • Seto Koji
  • Pastel stuff
Scream Imagine Giveaway (Audrey Jensen)

This is a big project I’d love to take on because of the amount of support I’ve gotten for my writing and especially my deep passion for Audrey Jensen’s character on Scream MTV.

The Giveaway:

  • A document full of Audrey Jensen imagines that I have written, and will be writing this summer that have been posted (and will be) on will be sent to three winners online (privately)
  • Also included, there will be ten original imagines that will not be posted on or read by anyone but the winners. They will begin at a word count of 5000 words each.
  • In every single imagine, the winners will have their preferred name included instead of the standard “Y/N”
  • In addition to the imagines; there will corresponding edits to certain imagines, one in the style of a book cover at the beginning of the document. 
  • This will all be edited and each imagine will have a title. 
  • The three winners will be promoted on my blog 
  • Please acknowledge that this will amount to maybe 50000 words, give or take, therefore will take until the end of the summer. 
  • There will be three winners!!!


  • You must be following me, I will be checking
  • You must reblog this post and tag as scream imagine contest 16
  • You may reblog as many times as you want, but will only be entered once!
  • This has to reach over one hundred entries, please understand how much work this is going to be and that it will almost be the size of a full novel


  • One winner will be sent a gift (MTV Scream themed), picked by me and bought at Fan Expo 2016 (International shipping as well, no cost from winner)
  • This is purely created by me, I am not profiting from this at all and I do not own the character Audrey Jensen in any way (obviously). Tumblr has nothing to do with this as well (idk, just to be safe) 
  • Like to bookmark if you want to keep tabs! 
  • Any questions are welcome :)

just ordered some more fabric so I can make some of these cushion babies for my store! this one has been on my studio sofa and it has been treating me very nicely and giving me a cute place to smoosh my cute face 🐷💕

guess who spent an hour on the header instead of revising for her psychology exam tomorrow…………. :^)


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♡ best url [3 winners]

♡ best online theme [3 winners]

♡ best mobile theme [3 winners]

♡ best icon [3 winners]

♡ best posts [3 winners]

♡ nicest people (messaging me helps w/ this one !) [3 winners]

♡ cutest babes [6 winners]

♡ best aesthetic blog [3 winners]

♡ best humour blog [3 winners]

♡ best fashion/art blog [3 winners]

♡ overall fave [1 winner]

the winners get:

  • a follow back if not already
  • a brand new (totally lame af) friend (me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • a link on my blog
  • selfie/post reblogs on demand

entries end on the 2nd june (my last exam) !! good luck angels

Follow my tumblr
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3. Like/Reblog this post (as many times as you want. the more the better.)
I will be checking if you followed all of the rules.
Super simple & easy!  If you do not have an instagram just follow the other rules. =)

I will be choosing the winners via a random online generator on Halloween day! If you don’t follow all of them I will choose someone else.

Coming Soon: The 4th annual PBS Online Film Festival kicks off June 15th 

In the mean time, last year’s Most Viewed Film and People’s Choice Winner are available now online.

“My Dear Americans” won 2014′s People’s Choice Award, and centers on an Indian-American husband and wife adjusting to immigrant life in an American suburb. Watch the full video here.

The documentary “Digging for Water,” presented by member station KLRU Austin featuring a Haitian community struggling to retrieve a stuck well drill in order to get water, was the most viewed of the 25 short films screened online. Watch the full video here.

Find out more about the Online Film Festival