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SMTM4 Top 16 + Producers SNS Master List

Hi everyone! Just thought I’d make a post with all the social media of the top competitors on Show Me The Money 4. This is all I could find for each person, but if you know another one, feel free to add it. 

SPOILER WARNING: This contains the Top 16 (according to the alleged leaked list of finalists), so if you don’t want to know, scroll past this.

| Rappers |

One  / 원 (1Punch)

Andup / 앤덥

Basick / 베이식

Blacknut / 블랙넛

  • N/A

David Kim / 데이비드김

Hanhae / 한해

Incredible / 인크레더블

Innovator / 이노베이터

Ja Mezz / 자메즈

Geegooin / 지구인 (Rhythm Power)

Lil Boi / 릴보이

Microdot / 마이크로닷

Mino (Winner) / 미노

  • N/A

New Champ / 뉴챔프


Super Bee / 슈퍼비

| Producers |

San-E / 산이

Verbal Jint / 버벌 진트

Tablo / 타블로

Jinu / 지누

  • N/A

Sean / 션

Zico / 지코

Paloalto / 팔로알토

Loco / 로꼬

Jay Park / 박재범

Show Me The Money 4 - Ep.3 Preview 

[SMTM4] Ep.3 Teaser : 3rd Round’s 1:1 Battle

But like, ya’ll know Mino wasn’t always an idol rapper, right?

I mean that the Mino ya’ll bout to see on SMTM4 ain’t Winner’s Mino, or even Tagoon.

Fuck no!

Ya’ll bout to get this Hugeboy Mino.

Hope ya’ll ready, cause that muhfucka is rude, and gritty, and grimy, and doesn’t not have one single, solitary fuck left to spare on anyone’s feelings.

I can’t fucking wait!!!


Mino’s reaction when he heard a fanboy screaming his name