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WINNER: "We live in airports"

YG new boy group 8 years after BIGBANG is still pre-debut, but has gain lots of interest from international fans since they took part to BIGBANG Dome Tour some months ago. Now, they’re guests for 2NE1 AON Tour which apparently forced them to live in airports.

“No, we don’t go back home. It may look like it, but we just stay in airports all the time,” says Kang Seungyoon, leader of WINNER. “And I mean all the time. We just hide in the bathrooms or things like that so the fans think we went home, but we just stay there. We live in airports as of now and we don’t do pretty much anything else.”

But how is it possible? And how’s life in airports? We’re curious to know the answer, since the group should supposedly debut by the end of the month, so how do they practice and record their music?

“I don’t actually remember how a recording studio looks like,” admits Nam Taehyun, main vocal of the group. “Sometimes I buy those cheap toothbrushes from the vending machines in the airport toilet and I pretend they’re microphones, but that’s pretty much it.”

“Of course we do dance practice. Sometimes airport staff allow us to do that in gates where there’s much more space, but most of the time we have to do that in the toilet,” explains Kim Jinwoo, who doesn’t look too disappointed. “Which it’s okay for me, because I know exactly where toilets are, and I never get lost.” he proudly adds. 

“It’s not easy to practice Just Another Boy in the bathroom,” admits Lee Seunghoon. “Also we kinda got tired of singing always the same songs so we changed the lyrics to Just Another Toilet, since it’s where we live anyway.”

WINNER seems to get used to this new lifestyle, but what about their upcoming debut? Some months ago YG Ceo, Yang Hyun-Seuk, said to be anxious about such an important debut. Does WINNER share these feelings?

“Debut? Is that something you can eat?” asks Song Mino, and all the other members seems pretty much confused about it too. “I never saw "Debut” on the airport minimarket shelfs, but they have other good things to eat.“

Okay, we admit the situation got a bit weird after that, but we went on with our questions and asked the boys what do they do all day in airport when they don’t have to take a flight. 

"Oh, there are lots of things to do and it’s never boring!” assures Kim Jinwoo. “For example yesterday was really fun, Mino had diarrhea all day and we had to tell everyone the toilet was out of service.”

WINNER is still currently living in an airport, waiting for their next flight. I guess they don’t do anything else as of now, so all we can do is enjoy the airport pics, which is all we have anyway.


And of course, the whole kpop world is still waiting for their upcoming debut.

(If it does exist.)

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