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Islamophobia killed my brother. Lets end the hate.


This was so heartbreaking, literally shaking and teary eyes as i listen to this.

For all my Muslim sisters in hijab - 

I am SO SORRY that some of you feel like you have to debate between taking off the hijab and being safe. 

the hijab is a huge passion of mine and I’ve studied it personally and academically and I love what it stands for and I think that every single woman who wears the hijab is so brave because you are all visual symbols for Islam, whether that be good or bad. 

I know that now it is bad, and I want to say that I am here for you. I am in Boston, if any sister in boston feels unsafe going somewhere, you can message me and I will do my best to help you in the coming weeks. 

You have people who are supporting you, I promise.

Stay safe, be strong.

My mosque in raleigh held a janazah (funeral prayer) today for the victims of the chapel hill shooting. The father of the girls gave a beautiful speech honoring the 3 victims. It was so heartbreaking because many of my friends were very close with the students that were murdered and seeing people crying today made my heart hurt. Don’t believe the media this was definitely a hate crime. Three people do not get murdered execution style in their home over a “parking dispute”. ina lilah wa ina ilayhi raji’oon. To Allah we belong and to him we shall return.


Friday, February 13, 2015 - Toronto Vigil

It warmed my heart seeing that despite the harsh cold many beautiful souls came together in remembrance and solidarity with Our Three Winners and their families.

Deah age 23

Yusor age 21

Razan age 19

 إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ


What do these headlines have in common?

None of them read: “White Man murders/kills 3 Muslim Americans near UNC-Chapel Hill/in NC”

I’m not even going to put in suspect or allegedly or whatever, because basically his lawyer is already crying “mental illness” and there’s no even denying that he did it. 

This is why US Media sucks, because they craft their headlines in such a way as to paint the wrong picture, particularly by using passive voice verbs or through the exclusion of particular nouns or descriptors.

Like, somehow it’s important to mention that the people killed were Muslims, but it’s not important that the man is white? OR THAT THE GUN DIDN’T MAGICALLY SHOOT ITSELF?! How do people just die in a shooting? Somebody has to fucking shoot the gun. 

By only mentioning that the victims were Muslim, the headlines other the victims and create distance with the reader. By excluding the “white” part, white privilege asserts itself and renders itself invisible when it matters. This is not just a man. He is not Black or Jewish or Asian or Hispanic. He is a white person who killed three Muslim Americans in a society where Islamophobia is rampant due to media bias and shit like American Sniper. By mentioning this stupid parking dispute, these media outlets are creating doubt that it was a hate crime. But seriously, execution style killings over parking? 

By basically constructing a headline that provides an incomplete picture, these media outlets are lessening the impact of what actually happened. 

A WHITE MAN Shot and Killed THREE MUSLIM AMERICAN Students in Chapel Hill. 

And he’s apprehended safely and not dead because he is white and I can’t even think about the possibility of him getting less time because of “mental illness.”


My friend Ayah wrote a poem highlighting the recent events in Chapel Hill. We must not let the memory of Deah, Yusor, and Razan fade. #LightTheirLegacy