Kabocha Bread is Japanese milk bread roll with sweet kabocha squash and sweet potato paste baked the shape of Kabocha squash. Great for Halloween!

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Winner Reaction to: You Having a High Sex Drive

jay park version; here

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Jinwoo: “you wanna have sex again? but we just did it this morning? how are you … how?”

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Seunghoon: will tease you all the time for it, “ah, you want to go again? aren’t you ever satisfied?!” but he’s actually so happy omg pls don’t ever change

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Mino: have you seen the mv for “body” ????? bc you inspired it. you’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him, & he’ll brag every chance he gets, telling the boys that “if you think "body” was bad then you should see us in real life"

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Seungyoon: tries to be discreet about it but the boys have walked in on you two in action a lot & they see the scratches on his back, the hickeys on his neck. so they know. and he tries to brush off their teasing like “aren’t we all adults here? (y/n) and I have nothing to be ashamed of” but says this with an entirely red face

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Taehyun: “again? are you serious? am I really that irresistible?”

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Bobby And Song Mino Talk About Being Compared To GD&T.O.P And Group Rivalry

WINNER’s Song Mino and iKON’s Bobby who recently teamed up as unit MOBB had an interview with enews24 to talk about their recent releases, competition, and more.

First, the pair was asked about their feelings regarding comparisons to their YG Entertainment seniors G-Dragon and T.O.P.

Bobby: “It’s the first time I heard this. The second GD&T.O.P? It’s a great honor and I want to take after them, but I don’t want to imitate them. I think it’s right to work so that you don’t become the second anyone.”

They also addressed competition between their groups WINNER and iKON.

Bobby: “It would be a lie to say that there is no competition between WINNER and iKON but we are like brothers who are competing with partners. We are good pacemakers that inspire a competitive spirit for each other.”

Song Mino: “To say that there is absolutely no rivalry between WINNER and iKON would be a lie, but Bobby and I are both rappers and we have to write our lyrics. There are times when we keep each other in check but I always want him to do well. I think I learn something every moment due to this well-intentioned competition.”

The rappers also discuss the potential for more MOBB releases in the future.

Song Mino: “It’s a bit difficult for us to say. If it were up to us we want to do it long-term. After our activities we will return to our groups and work on group activities but I would like to work on MOBB every now and then. I always want to.”

Bobby: “I also think it’s a great group so it’d be a pity for it to be a one-time thing. I think we would be able to last a long time as long as we make great songs. I will work hard.”

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