Important announcement!!!!

By now, I’m pretty sure most of you have been thinking about how quiet WINNER’s comeback is - because its something that has been going through my mind the last few days. It may still be early days, but that never usually means anything. They had a comeback stage, which was amazing; sure they’ve had a few photo shoots and magazine interviews but it still doesn’t feel like enough. With other groups, during a comeback, you will hear about them every where, none stop photographs, everything like that. Other groups would be lined up for variety shows by now but this isn’t happening for us.

I’ve been noticing little messages in what the WINNER boys have been saying in interviews lately. For instance;  Mino only recently said he worries that we’ll forget about them and InCles will lose interest.

For the last day or so, I’ve been talking to a couple of other WINNER blogs [ @taehyunlogy & @thatzestysoul ] about a Twitter / Instagram event I want all us InCles to take part in over the next week or so. 

So this event will basically be a mission for the InnerCircle! That mission is to spread our love and support so much, that eventually the boys themselves will end up seeing our efforts to let them know that we will always be there for them, to show them we’ll never forget about them.

For Twitter:

This event will mainly be executed on Twitter and Instagram. For the Twitter side of it, we all need to tweet #alwaysinnercircle to make it a trending tag! Hopefully we’ll get it noticed by others and encourage other InCles to follow our lead!

For Instagram:

The Instagram event holds the same principles, except when we use the hashtag #alwaysinnercircle we will be accompanying it with this image: 

!Make sure to tag WINNER’s Instagram accounts in the posts!

I’m hoping to start this off today, but depending on how much this post is noticed - we may have to wait until a real time is set! 

Please spread the word about this!! Whether it’s over Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram! We need to show the boys how much we love them!!

If anyone has ideas to add to this, please let me know! It’d be great if we could all team up and support the boys!

[I’ll post more details later].


I have no words. Just… listen to this…