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You know what's interesting? Lena and Winn. They're both two peas in the same pod. Both are tech-savvy geniuses. Both have a deceased parent and a batshit crazy parent. The batshit crazy parents for both want their child to join them in their villainous deeds. Both are TERRIFIED of becoming said batshit crazy parent. Yet, we only seem to think one will go down the evil route, while we have no concerns for the other. If Lena becomes evil, then so should Winn. If Winn remains good, why not Lena?

I love this!!

Thank you so much for saying this because I have made the same argument a few times when weighing the idea of Lena going evil and the comparison between the two characters. They really do have so much in common (one of my brotps) it’s almost eerie! Yet what is the big thing that make people assume that Lena could be or even should be evil? Her name. I can’t stand that idea. It really is a case of demonizing a woman, or any person, for something that they might do despite all good intentions.

I know there is just the utilization of Lena being “tested” and the writers wanting to keep us guessing and make us doubt her, but when you really sit back and think about everything else surrounding her, every action, every reaction, every interaction none of it really needs to point at her being evil. As a matter of fact, it makes less sense the more you think about it.

I heard that Katie’s final scene that she filmed was with Brenda and Jeremy and can I just say I am so excited that Winn and Lena will be sharing a scene again. Lillian’s presence had me nervous, but it also kind of made me think that my theory of Cadmus and the DEO cooperating against the invasion could happen. It should also really provide some reassurance for those that are afraid of Lena going evil by the end of the season.

As far as Lena and Winn go, I strongly hope that this is a dynamic that they pick up going forward. I think it would be excellent development for both characters. And Lena needs another person in her life that can relate to her struggles and can be another positive influence in her life and allow her to do the same.

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What I just can’t make sense of is that Kara literally works well with everyone except for Mon-El. And I mean work, literally, not in relation to ships (even though that too).

She works amazingly well with Alex but that’s expected. She works well with Cat. She works well with J'onn. She works well with Lena. She works well with James. She works well with Winn. She works well with Lucy. She works well with Barry. Heck she even worked well with a villain, Livewire.

She does not work well with Mon-El! They are always at opposite ends on what needs to be done. They are not in sync. They don’t work as a team at all.

Yet, he is the one that they insist on having her work with? Kara is amazing as a pair with basically everyone, and she works amazingly well alone as well. Both those options end in good results. Kara working with Mon-El causes more trouble than anything else.

Why is he the one working with her again?

The CW : our gay couples only get quick pecks and implications of sex, but our straight couples can make out and bite lips and get morning after scenes, with half-naked actors ; and as soon as our queer characters are happy, they get killed off or something traumatic happens to them. 

Also the CW : our POCs are given much less screentime than their white counterparts, are treated like crap in general, and are often killed off. They are also sometimes white-washed or played by a non-POC.

Us : the CW is homophobic and racist.

The CW :