Team Super!

In honor of the season finale tonight, here’s a mega Supergirl Season 2 fan art. Thanks for the all the lovely comments, messages, reblogs, and shares, and for all the new friends and followers that have found their way here from me doodling these fun characters. Enjoy the episode tonight (and be nice to each other).

- Calista saying she has never saw Star Wars. 
- Winn whispering “I love you” to Superman.
- Lena saving everyone AGAIN.
- Winn and Lena Brotp.
- Lena trust Supergirl with all her heart.
- “Marry me” 
- (We all die with that)
- M'gann it’s back, bitches!!!! With the squad!!!!
- Kara did say “I love you” to Mon-El
- We can’t forget the “Marry me”.
- Winn hugging Space Dad.

Prompt from @dapperinsomniac – “Lena and Kara discussing the lead weapon privately, while Lena reassures Kara everything will be okay afterwards (when Mon-El is gone)” combined with the prompt from @tamkinz13 “Need the Lena /Winn. Brotp and how they only need sounds and not words to speak sometimes.”

Kara trusts her. Supergirl trusts her.

She trusts her, but god, she doesn’t trust Lilian.

And neither does Lena.

How could she? The years of abuse notwithstanding, this woman had just abandoned the girl that she lov – Supergirl, she’d abandoned Supergirl – to die, either at Rhea’s hands or, accidentally, at her own sister’s.

So when she quirks her eyebrow – slightly, so slightly that the genocidal leader of Cadmus doesn’t see it, that ultra-powerful Superman doesn’t see it – at Supergirl, Supergirl sees it.

Of course she does. She knows Lena better than anyone.

Or, Kara Danvers does.

Same difference, anyway.

And that quirk of her eyebrow is all she or Supergirl need to communicate what comes next: because that quirk of her eyebrow is meet me on the roof. Alone. Twenty minutes.

And it takes her nineteen of those minutes to extricate herself from her mother, but she times her disappearance with the arrival of Kara’s geeky IT friend Winn.

The one whose lip had curled at the sight of Lilian Luthor, because she killed people. She killed people, good people, innocent people, and Winn knows.

Knows what it’s like to be the child of someone who is capable of that.

She doesn’t want to avoid him.

She wants to be around him, working at his side, now more than ever. And she will, she will.

But first, she pleads an excuse to run and get something from her second office, a vital component they’ll need. Winn nods as he gets to work, and Lena, heels or no heels, runs.

Runs up to the roof, the detonator safe in her pocket, safe between her fingers.

“Supergirl,” she calls, because Supergirl is watching her city start to smolder, hands on her hips and agony on her face.

“Lena,” she turns hastily, and she sounds, now more than ever, like Kara Danvers.

Smaller. More vulnerable. More breakable.

And Lena hates herself for the choice she’s putting in her hands. But she has to, she has to, and lorg she hopes that Kara will understand.

“I want you to have this.” 

She presses the detonator into Supergirl’s hands, and both of their eyes linger for a moment at the spot where their fingers touch until an explosion in the distance makes their eyes jagged, makes their eyes glazed, makes their eyes focused.

“What is it?”

“The detonator. My mother… she abandoned you on that Daxamite ship. And she’s only trying to make things better with me now to save her own skin. Because she knows I can get the device to work.”

“Lena, I am so sorry – “

But Lena stops her with trembling hands and a trembling laugh. 

“No, no, K – Supergirl, that’s not why I – I mean, she’ll detonate it. Whether you’ve reached the conclusion of your battle with Rhea or not. Kara Danvers.”

Supergirl starts, and Lena suppresses a sad smile.

“She could lose her boyfriend. I don’t want that to happen unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

If she feels anything about Kara having a boyfriend to begin with, she’s been trained by Lilian Luthor long enough, hard enough, degrading enough, to keep it off of her face. 

“This detonator – when Winn and I fix the device, this will activate it, not the device itself.”

Kara slips it into one of Winn’s very clever pockets and nods solemnly.

“Thank you, Lena. And when this is over, if you need to talk – about your mother, about Rhea – you’ll know where to find me.”

She twitches her knees like she does when she’s about to take off, and Lena reaches out for her arm instinctively.

Supergirl stills and Lena hesitates only for a millisecond before bringing her lips to her hero’s cheek, long and soft and lingering.

They both close their eyes, letting the feeling of Lena’s lips on Kara’s cheek replace the feeling of their city burning around them.

Lena pulls back, and Kara nods without looking at her.

She understands about strength. She’ll have it for Lena.

And Lena will have it for her.

She’s still shaking when she slips back into her office, and Winn barely glances up at her. He doesn’t have to – he knows she’ll be able to assess his progress so far at a glance.

But he hears a slight sniffle as she settles in beside him, her fingers immediately falling into rhythm with his, her calculations immediately weaving into and out of his.

“You okay?” he murmurs, because somehow he knows – of course he knows, of course, of course he does – that she wouldn’t want her mother to overhear any sign of perceived weakness.

She turns her head to pierce his eyes with her own for a moment, and briefly, just briefly, she lets him see the terror in them, the preemptive guilt and the worthlessness and the rage.

His hand hovers above hers, waiting for permission to touch her. She shifts her hand up, and the coolness of his skin is a relief.

The way he doesn’t flinch away from a Luthor is a relief.

“Lena Luthor, we’re about to blow up the Death Star together. Are you with me?”

And this time, Lena’s smile itself could end a war.

“I can see why Kara loves you so much,” she tells him as she passes him a voltage meter.

“And I can see why she loves you, too,” he grins, arching a suggestive, we’ll-talk-girls-later eyebrow as he takes what he didn’t even have to ask her for, and the rest of their work is flawless.

Because he’s right: they’re going to save the world together.

imagine teenage winn and lena as lab partners who sit and invent devices to remotely set off their school’s fire alarm so everyone can get out of class, and who build a machine that lets them make toasties x5 faster, and who put helium in the air vents just because, and then one day they accidentally find a cure for cancer while trying to make a vaccination to cure peanut allergies so their friend could eat nutella 

Okay so from 2x19 - 2x22 the episodes were focused on Alex, Lena, and then the finale which brought back Cat Grant for two episodes. These four episodes are what saved season 2 for me. I really hope that supergirl writers take into account fan comments about how the story is being told. There are supergirl sized gaps in the plot and characters’ development that need to be addressed, and I’d really like for the show to get back to its true roots from season 1 in season 3 of feminism, growth, equality, and accurate representation.