Supergirl Season 1 blooper reel 


High School Dance Battle: Gym Class Disaster

ft. Jade Chynoweth, Josh Killacky, Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer, Gev Manoukian,

Choreographed by Jason Celaya
Music by Scott Winn 


Y/N shook their head. “Horror films? Isn’t our real life crazy enough for you?”
“No,” Winn replied. “And I can’t watch that movie of yours again. If I have to hear you talk about how inaccurate the whole thing was, despite it being your favorite movie, I might explode.”
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8 Supercat please!

8. “I want my best friend back.”

Kara smiles when she steps into the breakroom to find a box of donuts open on the table in the centre of it, a note beside them imploring people to help themselves.

Kara does just that, selecting a chocolate-filled one and taking a bite as she fiddles with the coffee machine – the caffeine might not do anything for her, but she still enjoys the taste – devouring the rest of her donut as she waits for the machine to finish. 

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Top 5 game: Due to hearing rumors about Laurel being on Supergirl (don't know if actual rumors or confirmed). Top five interactions you want between Laurel and those characters (can be one on one interactions or multiple people interacting for each one)

Yes, Katie Cassidy will be a series regular across all CW shows. :) I assumed it was as Arrow’s Laurel at first, but now I wonder if it will be as Black Siren on Flarrow, and Earth 3 Laurel on Supergirl (and perhaps past Laurel on LOT). But, I’m going to go with my first assumption for the sake of this ask bwahah: 

  1. Alex. I mean, I’ve been lowkey shipping it thanks to my friends, so I’m all for this pairing. Also the big sisters just hanging out come on how cute.
  2. Winn. He’d be so awed by her I mean!!! I’m expecting a Cisco-like reaction from him after he realizes how cool Laurel is honestly. 
  3. Cat. I’m going to be honest, my main reason for wanting this interaction would be for Laurel to knock Cat down a notch tbh - not that I dislike Cat, but I don’t see Laurel just taking Cat’s words, but actually calling her out. 
  4. James. I just think they’d get along well! Also I feel like they’d be that brotp where he likes taking pictures of her that are all candid and they turn out super nice and Laurel is all pleased and it’s mad cute okay. 
  5. J’Onn. Okay, so I was stuck between Lucy, Kara, and J’Onn (so yes, all the other main characters lmfao), but I actually really want to see these two interact. I feel like they’d work really well together, and they’d probably be a power team at the DEO. 

Special Mention: Carter Grant because I love Laurel + kid reactions and while Carter adores Supergirl, I think Black Canary would be a very close second for him as well. 

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That would been the lesser evil. This girl said during the Q&A of the panel, Mehcad isn't really Jimmy Olsen but Winn (the white guy) is.

That’s fucked up, and bold to say to their faces. I may look for the vid later. I heard the responses from Mechad and one of the producers were really good.

Okay, so I just binge read all thirteen chapters of Adventures of Supergirl, a comic series based on the CBS (now CW) show. And now I’m going to list little facts (semi-canon facts) for all you fan authors and artists for your shit. So here you go:

  • Kara lives in Hammersmith Tower, apartment 4-A.
  • Kara had a bully on earth during high school called Belinda-the-bully, who seemed to always beat Kara at Street Combat Six using a surprise uppercut TKO.
  • Also there were no video games on Krypton.
  • Kara has one hell of an uppercut thanks to Belinda-the-bully.
  • Kara has to calculate everything during a rescue. Air resistance, negative acceleration, matching the object’s speed. Like everything. Or else whiplash could kill victims or she’ll make a cater after every landing or things would crash against her as she catches them. Our girl knows how to multitask like a boss.
  • Kara does her calculations in Sulls, a weight measurement on Krypton. She problems converting these to pounds.
  • Alex is approximately 31 Sulls.
  • Kara isn’t that great with Earth’s physics. The Rokyn Society’s Gravitistics doesn’t line up with Newton’s laws all too well. She apparently tried to tell that to her ninth grade teacher while English wasn’t her first language.
  • Krypton didn’t believe in resolving conflict by physical violence. They first exhausted communication, every diplomatic option before disagreements got out of hand. So, that explains a lot about Kara’s temperament and hesitance to start a fight.
  • Kara talks to Clark a lot about people finding out about her identity and how it would affect the people she cares for.
  • Winn has a badass hajib-and-leather-jacket-wearing hacker friend named Rabiah Zinoman, who can go up against an alien who is practically a computer himself.
  • Did I mention her screen name is RazzleDazzle130?
  • Also she doesn’t date, so possibly on the asexual/aromantic spectrum?
  • Speaking of screen names, Winn has several: Supergirl_In_Action252, Mufungo, and Dollm8ker (the latter being a throwback to his comic book roots).
  • … James apparently got turned into a turtle once? (I need a fic now!)
  • Kara had a college roommate named Donna, who was in love with Silence of the Lambs and would watch it every few weeks. After capturing and interrogating Fort Rozz criminals, Kara doesn’t like it that much anymore.
  • Kara’s father used to say, “Not my cup of Thoni tea.”
  • Kara learned how to control her dreams from the decades in the phantom zone. She dreamt of Kypton mostly. She used a Kryptonian dreaming technique called Tarukor for the control. She’s also so proficient in it that she went toe-to-toe with an alien known for manipulating/creating dreams.
  • Alex promptly calls Kara a dream warrior.
  • Kara, after dreaming/sleeping for decades, didn’t sleep much on earth the years following her landing. Now she mostly does it out of habit and normalcy.  
  • Alex and Kara saw My Chemical Romance in concert. Seriously just imagine scene teens Kara and Alex though.
  • Kara had a weird dream about Oscar Isaac once.
  • Cat milks stuff for days after a Supergirl fight.  
  • Kryptonians used sunstones as pictures. Like multi-faceted rocks with pictures on them.
  • Kara is very proficient in hand-to-hand combat (since she learned of the DEO), despite not learning it on Krypton. Without her powers, Kara can still kick your ass if she wanted to. She also really likes uppercuts.
  • Clark loves mysteries, grew up reading them and they are half the reason he became a reporter, wanting to uncover the secrets in people. They infuriate Kara, though, she just wants the world to be straightforward.
  • Alex doesn’t know Kryptonese.
  • Alex had a med school boyfriend that used to write poems about them together like “And so we fight, tooth and claw, with our backs to the wall.” That may have been the reason they broke up.
  • Cat apparently partied with cast of Hamilton.
  • Cat had lunch with Gwendoline Christie.
  • Hand of Krypton was its justice system’s greatest honor and heaviest responsibility. They were in service to Krypton’s future.
  • Kara went to Stanhope College.
  • College actually challenged Kara in academics her first year. Yes, Supergirl was brought low by Professor Haley’s Oceanography pop quizzes.
  • Kara did a huge research paper on doxing in college.
  • By her own admission, Kara graduated ‘top-ish’ of her class (knowing her though I headcanon that she was at least top ten).
  • Kara curses a lot more in Kryptonese than in English. Like a lot.
  • Kara learned (passable) English in a day. Our girl is a fast learner (do as you please with that information).
  • Midvale is in California, on the beach.
  • Kara can fly to about 40,000 feet before she’ll be at risk of being in space.
  • The DEO has at least one agent that wears a hajib.
  • Clark says, “Truth, justice, and the American way,” Kara on the other hand would say, “Hope, help and compassion for all.

But seriously guys, go read them. The art, dialogue, and narration is colorful and amazing.They’re really fun and since we’re in hiatus they’re good fillers before Season Two starts. They’re about 99 cents apiece and there’s only thirteen chapters.