Supercorp headcanons

- Lena loves to hear Kara sing

  • the first time she heard Kara sing it was karaoke night at the bar and she was left speechless and slightly turned on
  • Kara noticed and then decided to use it to her advantage, she would hum and then sing to distract Lena when she was working to much
  • Lena later found out that Kara sings in the shower

- Lena helps Kara hack into Winn’s computer and prank him

  • it started because Winn decided to play a prank on Kara at catco, he put a fake container of pringles on her desk
  • He messed with what Kara loved so she decided to mess with his tech and got Lena to hack him
  • they would make random images pop up on screen and created a gif that continued to run across his screen 

- Netlfix and Chill

  • Kara didn’t know what netflix and chill meant and invited Lena over for a date, Lena figured out that Kara didn’t know what it meant
  • even though Kara didn’t know what it meant it still ended up turning into an actual netflix and chill 
  • Alex was scarred for life when she walked in the next morning
  • Kara still does not know but Maggie and Lena make a joke of it 

- running into buildings

  • Kara often texts and flies and she usually does not run into any buildings but when Lena texted her a picture that showed of a plunging neckline she was far to busy staring to see the building coming
  • the next time she was so focused on texting Lena that she didn’t even see the building
  • it continues to happen each time Lena texts her I love you

I’ve literally read so many supercorp fics lately (probably all of them) that i genuinely forgot that the greatest love story of all time aka a super and a motherfucking luthor isn’t canon and lena doesn’t walk around in an ‘i love my wife’ t-shirt every day under her business clothes. also:

Team Super!

In honor of the season finale tonight, here’s a mega Supergirl Season 2 fan art. Thanks for the all the lovely comments, messages, reblogs, and shares, and for all the new friends and followers that have found their way here from me doodling these fun characters. Enjoy the episode tonight (and be nice to each other).