A collection of my dad’s Supergirl commentary

“What do you mean both of the Danvers sisters aren’t lesbians??”

“so you’re telling me the CEO isn’t gay????”

“I agree with Cat, Superman is pretty hot”

“is supergirl at least bi or something? There’s no way she isn’t into Lena.”

“they just had eye sex for three minutes!!!”

“who the fuck is this Mon-el guy and why is she dating him?”

“If J'onn can read minds, then he has to know that Kara is neck deep in the closet.”

“oh come on! They’re obviously flirting with each other!”

“I’m beginning to understand why you cry over these lesbians all the time.”

“These writers are terrible, where did they even find these people?!”

“you better grow up to create a better TV show than this.”

More of my dad’s Supergirl commentary

Since you all really seemed to love my dad’s comments, I thought I’d share some more of them with you:

“No straight man looks at another man the way Winn just looked at Superman”

“James could plow me like snow on- actually wait you don’t need to hear that.”

“Sanvers is actually carrying this show on their backs.”


“Does Mon-el come back? I don’t want him to come back. Why can’t he just die in space?”

“I feel like Lena looks at Kara’s arms and a forty page, gay, monologue goes off in her head.”

“Do you think that Kara spends her free time sewing buttons back onto all the shirts she’s ripped open?”

“you and Kara are a lot alike, because just like you, she’s taking forever to come out of the closet.”

“those pants are…what do you call it? Sapphic culture!”

“If Kara refers to Lena as just her friend, one more time! I swear to God I’m going to lose it.”

“Everyone on this show is either a hopeless lesbian, or a closeted bisexual and there’s no in between!”

“I don’t know if I want James to have shirts that fit him, or if I want the shirts to keep getting tighter.”

“I don’t have a guy crush on James, I’m just saying that I wouldn’t mind it if he ripped off his shirt like Kara does, every now and again.”

Can you imagine pissing off all of your fans in one way or another?

1 Kara fans - have to watch this independent female lead never get to be happy each week

2 Sanvers fans - have their ship end a horrible and ooc way that was handled poorly because of crappy writing

3 Supercorp fans - made fun of, continuously baited, “sisterzoned”, then one half forced into an unreal relationship

4 Karamel fans - ship is gone but characters keep dancing around each other for drama

5 Karolsen fans - have their ship thrown aside for a new, kinda racist if you think about it, relationship, then one half forced into another unreal relationship

6 James fans - a wasted character with great potential, gets tossed around wherever they can fit him in the inconsistent storyline, getting around 5 minutes of screen time

7 J'onn and Winn fans - only see them a handful a times each episode, again wasting awesome characters

8 Reign/Sam fans - they made us like her and she’ll probably die at the end of the season

They have managed to annoy all of their fans in some capacity. Like I understand not being able to please everyone each episode but not everyone