Give Me All of It |-Winley-

Winnie hums, prancing ahead of Hartley to get to the Aphrodite cabin. She still wasn’t completely sure about this whole ‘body swap’ thing going on. But she knew Kenzie, and she sort of knew Hartley, and the way Kenzie’s face was acting, was not Kenzie, and it was most definitely Hartley. She glances behind her shoulder, smiling brightly at Hartley who was straggling behind, obvious not used to his knew body, and she giggles.

“Are you distracted by the way your boobs feel while walking?” She teases as she skips up the porch steps, turning and folding her hands behind her back as she grins at him, “You need a good push up bra,” She said her head tilting a little, examining Hartley’s chest and sighing, “They’re nice, better than mine, even under the baggy shirt.”

She gives another smile before turning and pushing the cabin door open, stopping until Hartley followed her in and shut it behind him, “My room is up the stars, come on sugar, we’ll get you in somethin’ pretty.” She teases, skipping to the stairs and hurrying up, holding her hand out when she reached the top and Hartley moved to slow.

She takes his hand, and drags him with her into her bedroom, humming as she walks over to her large closet, opening the door and grinning over at Hartley as he looked at all the different colors of clothes that filled it up, and she hums, “I also have thinks in my dresser, and oh my wardrobe!” She chirps, reaching to tug the hoodie from his shoulders, smiling as she presses closer to him.

“We’re the same height now,” She says, kissing his jaw and humming at the lack of stubble that was replaced with smooth skin, before she grips the hem of his shirt, “Arms up princess.” She teases, giggling hen he glares before she tugs the shirt over his head, and takes a step back. Winnie tilts her head to the side, holding the shirt to her hip as she checks out Hartley’s new body, and grins at him, “Your tits are fantastic!” She says excitedly, “I do not have a bra to fit them though,” She pouts, “They’re bigger.”