Home truths at players-only meeting turned Liverpool's fortunes around, admits Lallana

Liverpool emerged from a players-only meeting organised by captain Jordan Henderson with an “us against the world” attitude, according to Adam Lallana.

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The Reds earned their first Premier League victory since the New Year with a 2-0 win against Tottenham on Saturday.

Lallana said the winless run ended after Henderson called a team meeting in the absence of manager Jurgen Klopp.

“It was the team captain who got us together, but it wasn’t just him who spoke,” Lallana told the Mirror after the match Saturday. “Everybody spoke and it was refreshing. We came out of it with an ‘us against the world’ attitude.

"I came out of it knowing that everyone was intent on turning things around as quickly as possible.”

Sadio Mane, who missed most of January while representing Senegal at the Africa Cup of Nations, scored twice in three minutes to lead Liverpool to victory at Anfield.

The Reds now find themselves sitting fourth, with a narrow lead held over Manchester City on goal difference, after clearing the air with some “home truths” in Henderson’s players-only gathering.

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“Every now and again, it doesn’t hurt to utter some home truths as long as it is not personal, just purely professional,” Lallana said.

“There is no harm in reminding each other of what we need to do and what we want from each other. It doesn’t hurt to hear a few home>

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Daily SMH Moment (From 11/17/11)

I read an odd story in college football recently. Apparently, Columbia University’s marching band has been suspended for the football team’s season finale after mocking the team in one of its songs. Say what? Yes, you heard me. After losing a game 62-41 to Cornell, the school marching band decided to add a neat little twist to the school’s fight song in order to trash the team. Columbia’s football team is 0-9 this season, and has not won more than five games in a season since 2006.

Well, I guess this is the first I’ve seen something like this before. A marching band turning on its own team? That’s so wrong, yet so funny at the same time. The team is winless on the season, so somebody has to show their disapproval. Me personally, I think it’s pretty creative that the marching band got together to plan this unique little performance. However, sometimes a team can be too creative for its own good. The band has already been banned from some rival universities, and now they’re banned temporarily from their own game. Not that it’ll matter. Looks like this team has no hope.

-Danny Rinehart