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what does bendy think of your new look

“My followers loved me as much as yours love you. However, they will turn on you, they will force you to be what THEY want you to be. I just wanted to dance and sing, Wendy. Now look at me. I’m a monster.”

“Do it for me, Wendy.”

“Asian girls at weddings….”

Watch until the end :) (Po does bhangra <3 )

I loved the Teletubbies as a kid so this is so sweet and hilarious! But… maybe us girls do look like this when we’re dancing at weddings hahahah :)


*Warning: This video contains flashing multicolored lights at various speeds. If this might aggravate a medical condition you have, exercise discretion before viewing. Thanks.

SOUNDCLOUD (free download): (x)

WE’RE ALIVE! I wish it hadn’t taken such a long time, but I hope you’ll find this remix of “Filfy Dirt” worth the wait. A few people have asked me to remix Filth Bridge, but even though I wanted to make something dirt-related (this is Hat Films, after all) I felt like Filth Bridge had enough remixes already; so, this remix is my answer to the problem. Enjoy! :)

ALSO: Despite what seems like a long hiatus, I’ve actually been hard at work on a bunch of great stuff! Remix 7 is already well underway, and should be ready in a fraction of the time Filfy Dirt took me to complete. I’m confident you’ll appreciate it, as it concerns the size of a certain Sir’s winky… ;)

“Dirty Dancing” artwork/animation by Amy Guillot AKA AmyTheArtist.

Original audio from these episodes:
1. “Minecraft Hat Corp - Crystal Cheats #61” - (x)

2. “Minecraft Cornerstone - Dirty Can’t (Week 5 Part 1)” - (x)

Hoya x food (mainly because he treats his fans food for his birthday meal after filming)

Happy 24th Birthday to Lee Howon also known as Hoya as his stageu name but Inspirits know that his name was originally Lee Hodong but changed during middle school. His the first man that I have met that is the most determine and passionate in achieving his dreams. Living in Busan didn’t discourage him from traveling to Seoul to start pursuing his dreams even though his father was against it. His passion in dancing and his skills in rapping made him to where he is now. His acting does not disappoint either. His love towards the colour purple fills his wardrobe. My most favorite nickname of his  ‘Tinky Winky’ , 'Hoaegi’, 'Dance Machine’. Pray that in the future , he will be filled with more friends, happiness, acting opportunities, always being healthy and more purple stuffs in his wardrobe mecca of purple. Will always 'I SAY HO! YOU SAY YA!’ HO~~ YA!!!