Sunny Days- chapter 6

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Summary- Sunny deals with her emotions after her intimate relations with Negan and then they both come clean (literally).

Word Count- 2k or thereabouts

Author’s Note- I really meant to move the plot forward but then Negan Smut Week happened, and I blame all of you for my brain being firmly in the gutter. I got stuck on the prompt clean. So enjoy your smut. Again. I swear everything I type ends up fluffy smut. Trying real hard next time for some angst and plot development. This story does have places to go. Still not beta’s. I live for comments and feed back. 

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Negan rose from the bed. Her eyes were still closed, but her breathing had evened out. He grabbed a handful of tissues from the nightstand, cleaned Sunny’s lower stomach as best he could, and patted her thigh. He snatched his boxers off the floor and left the room.

She opened her eyes just in time to see his lean naked form walking out the door. The haze of lust and wine was diminishing. She sat up and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror over her dresser. Naked. Thighs still glistening with her release. Her hair was wild, stuck to her forehead and neck with perspiration and teased in the back. Her mascara and eyeliner, so painstakingly applied, smeared into her temples. She looked debauched, and for the first time, she really felt it.  She crawled under the covers trying hide from her own judging eyes. Sitting up she pulled the sheet up covering her nudity, hugged her legs to her chest, and rested her forehead on her knees.

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doodleddaisies  asked:

Well then maybe you two could answer these questions? Who's taller? Who's the better/faster seller? Who gets into more fights/trouble? Who gets more distracted easily? Who's the better kisser? Who started selling/became a newsie first? -Sunny ☀️ (wink wonk)

Race: I’m taller, obviously.

Spot: I’m th’ better seller, but Race is faster.

Race: Strangely enough, it’s usually me gettin’ in trouble…

Spot: Ain’t that strange. Also, you definitely get distracted easier.

Race: True. Better kisser? Ummmmm…

Spot: Race w’s a newsie first, he’s been at it since he w’s a li’l one.

Reaction (SNSD): They figure out you’re in love with them and haven’t told them yet

Taeyeon: “Why have you not told me about this yet? I thought you were comfortable with me.”

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Hyoyeon: “It makes me sad that you were too scared to tell me about this.”

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Jessica: “I understand that you were nervous to tell me, but it’s ok, because I love you too.” 

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Yoona: “I’m just trying to figure out why you didn’t tell me about this.”

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Yuri: “Look at my cute little jagi, scared to tell me your feelings.” 

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Seohyun: “Guess what. I love you too.” *winks*

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Sunny: *fangirls because she figures out you love her* “Awe, I love you too. So much.”

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Tiffany: “And why exactly did you not tell me this yourself? I thought you trusted me.”

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Sooyoung: “I’m mad that you didn’t tell me your feelings right away.”

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(cth imagine)

Hi guys!! so this is another imagine that had keep me up til 3 am bc i cant get it out of my head and also because im having so much Calum feels right now!! enjoy reading!


A knock on your door woke you up. You groggily looked at the clock, it was 8 in the morning. For fuck’s sake, it’s too early. Groaning, you walk up to your door, rubbing your sleepy eyes to stay awake. The knocking continues until you opened the door. A pale boy is standing in front of your room, one hand shoved inside his jean’s pocket. His head down as if he was apologizing.

“Sup, bro.” You greeted, your voice sleepy and tired. You yawned, still rubbing your eyes.

Michael stood there, taking in your appearance. “Shit, sorry. Did I wake you up?”

“Obviously,” you said, rolling your eyes at him

“Just wanna tell you that I’ll be out for a while. Gonna buy some stuff.” He pat the top of your head, “Will you be alright alone?”

“Yeah, sure. Im not a kid for fucks sake.”

“What a bitch.” He chuckled before starting to walk towards the stairs. Waving, he shouted “Bye li'l bro!”

You whined, you don’t like it when he calls you a ‘bro’. “ Im not a bro!”

“Well, you act like one” He said before he disappeared down the hall.

You walked back to your bed, thinking of another round of sleep. Wrapping yourself with your duvet, you started falling a sleep almost immediately.

There was a knock on the front door moments later, causing you to wake up for the second time. You are stomping down the stairs, annoyed at Michael for forgetting his keys. When you opened the door, it wasn’t a pale, chubby guy standing in front. It was a slim, tanned guy, leaning at the door frame.

“Oh, hey girl Clifford.” Calum greeted, his usual flirtatious grin already up.

“Sup, Hood.”

Rubbing your eyes, you stepped aside, allowing him to come in. Calum eyed you before he came in, he bit his lower lip and stared at you again. You became conscious, knowing that you’re just wearing a super large sweat shirt with only your panties underneath, its hem almost at your knees. You fixed your bed hair, embarrassed that he saw you like this.

“Damn, you’re such a babygirl material, Y/N.” Calum teased with his fuckboy smile.

You couldn’t help but blush, masking it with a chuckle so he’ll think that you didn’t take it seriously, glaring at him to complete the act.

“Shut up, Hood.”

He sat on the couch, “Where’s your cousin?” He asked, referring to Michael.

“He’s out, said gonna buy some stuff.” He let out a sigh and nodded, “you gonna wait for him?”

Calum nodded again, reaching for the remote and turned on the TV. You were walking up the stairs when you heard Calum run after you. Looking at him, you raised an eyebrow.

“Something wrong, Hood?”

Calum stopped on his tracks, rubbing the back of his head, “Well, Michael’s not here, so why are you gonna lock yourself up in your room?”

“Hood, I gotta change my clothes, don’t be a fucking idiot.”

His face lit up, and he smiled, a real smile. God, he just dont know how much his smile makes you weak. “Oh. So you’re gonna come down later?”

“Yeah, Im not that rude.” You smiled at him, making his face light up. He nodded before he cheerfully head back to the couch. A cheeky smile hovering on his face.

You shook your head at the sight of him. This part of Calum just makes your heart melt. You dont know but, you just love it when he shows you who he really is. For you he is a 7 year old trapped in a 19 year old’s body. That’s how he acts when he’s with you, all cheeky and full of fun.

When you’ve finally changed, you went down, only to see Calum sitting on the floor. His arm resting on the couch. Calum noticed you and he smiled at you. His lips pushed together, making his cheeks so full and squishy, giving you the cutest smile you’ve always admired.

You sat on the couch, allowing Calum to rest his other arm on your knees like he always does when Mikey is not looking. You secretly like it, his fingers occasionally touching your leg, sometimes he even rests his head on your lap. The little things that he does makes your heart swell.

You kept on denying it, but you know that you have always had a crush on Calum. From his childishness to him being a fuckboy, you just admire everything about him. Especially his smile, oh good lord. Everytime he smiles you find your heart melting, from the fuckboy grin to the cheeky, cute smile. And even when he’s deep in thought, his eyebrows furrowing, lips forming a thin line. God, sometimes you just want to shove your own lips to his.

But you pushed the thought away, knowing that Michael would be mad, furious even, when he learned about it. He doesn’t like the idea of you dating one of his mates. He said that he knows how much of a jerk they are and that he won’t let any of his friends fuck with you.

Michael have been so overprotective ever since, every time his bandmates are around, he won’t let you out of your room. He would just let you interact with them when he’s there to look after you.

You’re so deep in thought that you didnt even noticed Calum watching you. His head tilted back, staring at you intently, admiring you as your face light up from a thought and afterwards frown.

You noticed him staring at you fondly. Trying not to blush, you looked at him with a stern look. Furrowing your eyebrows as if to question him.

“What?” You asked when he didn’t stop staring, a smug smile in your face.

“Nothin’” Calum said as he moved his gaze on the TV.

Minutes later you stomach started grumbling, a sign that you’re hungry. Calum looked at you with wide eyes, lips curled in a grin. He started laughing, his eyes shut close, his shoulders rising up and down. You cant help but to admire how cute he was at the moment. Your eyes focused at him. Your heart beating so wild and fast.

Out of embarrassment, you smacked his shoulders with your hand. His laughter immediately died down to a giggle. He stood up, making his way to the kitchen. You followed him, curious at what he’s going to do.

Calum opened the refrigerator and grabbed two eggs, smiling at you cheekily, seeming so proud of himself.

“Im gonna cook for you”

“You can’t even cook, Hood.”

Calum glared at you, his eyes saying ‘watch me’. You can’t help but smile, this is, indeed, the best day of your life. You feel your heart skip a beat.

“What’s on the menu?” You asked teasing him.

He gave you a side glance and winked, “Sunny side up egg for milady.”

Your heart beat went wild, but you tried to mask it with laughter. You just stared at him the whole time. He was so dedicated to what he was doing, seriously cooking for you. You pinched yourself, trying to wake yourself up if this was a dream. But it wasnt, it’s real. Calum is really cooking for you.

Calum flipped the egg, which made you burst into laughter. He doesn’t even know how to cook, yet here he is, doing it just for you.

“I thought we’re having sunny side up?”

“Change of plans, let’s go for a scrambled!”

You bursted into laughter again, this time slapping the counter top. Calum looked flushed, his ears are so red but he’s smiling, clearly loving what he’s doing.

“Stop laughing at me!” Calum shouted, lips forming an embarrassed smile. He set up a plate on the counter, placing an overcooked scrambled egg.

You laughed harder, shaking your head and clutching your stomach. On the other hand, Calum was just standing in front of you, smiling fondly, admiring your laugh.

“After cooking for you, this is all I get?”

Wiping some tears on the corner of your eyes, you tried to stop laughing. “You are such a try hard.”

“You are such a Clifford”

About to started digging in your food, Calum grabbed your plate, waving his index finger at you.

“What? Im hungry!”

There was a smug smile on his face before he spoke, “Im not done yet! Im making toasts”

“Please don’t ruin our kitchen.”

“Shut up! Stop being annoying”

You chuckled at his sassyness. There was a part of you that doesn’t want this moment with Calum to end. Right now you’re just so happy, your heart almost beating out of your chest. You just wanna make the time stop and just stay like this with Calum forever, if you could.

Once he was done he placed the plate on your table and he settled on a seat in front of you, staring fondly at you. He smiled when you started eating and you smiled back.

The whole time you guys are just sneaking glances at each other, smiling like idiots when you catch each other’s gaze. Your heart is fluttering from happiness, the butterflies in your stomach flying. You just dont want this to end.

Calum smiled wildly, almost giggling when he saw bread crumbs on the side of your lips. You froze when you felt his calloused thumb wipe the side of your lips.

He was leaning forward, giving you a good angle of his face. There was a mischievous smile on his lips. You cant help but to stare at him, your eyes focusing just on him. You noticed as his adam’s apple moved up and down when he swallowed. His eyes now staring at your lips. Looking at it like a predator eyeing a prey. You swallowed, suddenly having an urge to kiss him, staring at his pink, full lips.

His eyes slowly moved to look at you in the eyes. Calum stared at you for a moment. His eyes a unique color of brown, deep and wild. There was reluctance in his eyes, mixed with nervousness and something so serious. You looked deeply, trying to figure out what that is. It was so serious that it made you feel uncomfortable. It made your heart beat so wild.

His hand on your chin made its way to the back of your head, pushing you forward. The next thing you knew, his lips was on yours. Kissing you tenderly, passionately. Your body went weak, but your arms started to make its way to his shoulders, knotting together at the back of his head. Tugging his curls.

You started moving your lips, closing your eyes as you feel every emotion through the kiss. You could feel how passionate Calum is, how much he wanted to do this for so long. You felt the kiss deepen, making the both of you struggling for air.
When you finally pulled away, both of you catching for breath. Calum rested his forehead on yours, still staring intently in your eyes. There’s happiness in them, his gaze was still serious. Calum was smiling widely. His smile pure of happiness.

The next thing that slipped out of his mouth made your heart swell with happiness

God, I fucking like you, Y/N.

FUCKING HELL IM HAVING SO MUCH CALUM FEELS RIGHT NOW!!!! This is so frustrating tbh. Like i’ve been imagining it for days wishing it would come true 😩. BUT ANY WAY, if this got overwhelming notes im turning it into a series :)).

And please please please, hit me up on my asks with requests or anything, really. Im just so bored! and also, tell me what you think about this one on my ask!! ;)