im so excited to finally release these pics of @baddiewinkleofficial !!

special thanks to queen @signepierce for helping with the creative direction and writing the article !!

photography by @marina-fini

styling by @jamesthebeloved

makeup by @musemua

outfits by sara sachs

So we have sources saying a paternity test is in the works and evidently other sources saying he’s absolutely sure a random hookup would never lie about him being the father so no test is needed and still Rep Van Winkle slumbers in silence.

Nothing shady about that at all…


Publisher Jo Hanks recently discovered a “lost” Beatrix Potter story, The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots. But just who was Beatrix Potter, famed author of several classics in children’s literature?

Potter’s first published book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, originally came from an illustrated story she had sent to one of the children of her last governess, Annie Moore. Soon, Potter had produced 22 uniformly produced “little books” which were published by Frederick Warne & Co. Many of these books featured her own pets – Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, and Samuel Whiskers.

Explore the life and work of beloved author Beatrix Potter with the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

Image Credit: (1) “Peter Rabbit” and (2) “Grown Up Peter” by Beatrix Potter. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

On this day, 21 January, in 1919 Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown was born. As a Royal Navy officer and test pilot, he flew more types of aircraft than anyone else in history, becoming the Fleet Air Arm’s most decorated pilot and holder of the world record for aircraft carrier landings - 2407 landings on 22 different aircraft carriers. Now 97, he is a living legend.


I might have to rethink taking family pictures when a main character dies. The Bennett’s have gotten a bit large and it’s taking forever. But sometimes that’s the only face time the extended family gets. Hmm since I’m halfway through already with this current picture project for BMBTL I’m going to finish it.

Along with that I had to age up a certain family so that they are on the same timeline since their story is at least 15 years behind the Bennetts but they’re a part of the extended family so it had to be done for the pictures. If anyone reads the Van Winkle Legacy this is an early glimpse of what Kimberly will look like as a YA.