Don’t believe anyone who tells you that Abbie Mills is extraneous or secondary because she’s not and never has been. There is a reason why fans were concerned about the status of Abbie after the midseason finale, and there is a reason why these couple episodes for the latter half of the season have focused on her and how her absence has affected the other characters. For a show ostensibly about Ichabod Crane’s Rip Van Winkle Apocalyptic Hijinks, Abbie is the linchpin — she’s the axis around which everything spins, and without her, it would all fall apart. Last week we saw that it all almost did fall apart, or at the very least Ichabod almost fell apart and, through his desperate ineptitude and a lack of Abbie Mills, released an evil force that could have killed a lot of people.

So we have sources saying a paternity test is in the works and evidently other sources saying he’s absolutely sure a random hookup would never lie about him being the father so no test is needed and still Rep Van Winkle slumbers in silence.

Nothing shady about that at all…


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⌊ (2/2) stories about the founding of a house - House Lannister

By then the Dawn Age had given way to the Age of Heroes. That was when the golden-haired rogue called Lann the Clever appeared from out of the east. Some say he was an Andal adventurer from across the narrow sea, though this was millennia before the coming of the Andals to Westeros. Regardless of his origins, the tales agree that somehow Lann the Clever winkled the Casterlys out of their Rock, and took it for his own.

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3.22 The Search Begins

Shaking, the phone fell from Kyle’s hand as he dropped to the floor crying. Rushing to his side Elliot pulled him close. Mumbling against Elliot’s shoulder “he has her. Oh god he has her.”

Rocking him in his arms stroking his multi-colored hair Elliot felt his heart constrict. His daughter was in the hands of a mad man. An evil crazy dangerous man. He felt his control slipping as his body was accosted with cold shivers of dread. How were they ever going to stand up to him now? Whatever he asked they would have to comply with for the sake of their daughter. An image of his beautiful little girl flashed in his mind.