Part 2:  Again with Kpop lyrics typography.  :)  (English Trans Lyrics)

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Kpop Lyrics Typography Part 1 

Kpop Lyrics Typography Part 3

Kpop Lyrics Typography Part 4

I got tagged

by squishy-humans and to give my thanks to this lovely human being and because I know it would be hella boring if I just answered them, I thought I’d pep them up with a few drawings yay (click on them for better view).

==these are the rules===

  • Rule one: always post the rules
  • Rule two: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones
  • Rule three: tag 11 people and link them to the post
  • Rule four: actually tell them you tagged them

==these are the questions i answered===

1. Aside from kpop, what other kinds of music do you like?

Actually, It doesn’t really matter what language, I’m a sucker for up-beat songs, with a catchy rhythm where you unconsciously bob your head and tap your feet to the beat without realising it! yeah…but I also really really like ballads, the ones you listen to while riding a bus with a melancholic feeling, while looking out the window, you know those…(but yeah, atm I’m actually only into kpop)

2. How do you choose what books to read?

Depends on the homo in it. Kidding! (Really!) I need to break this habit, but I firstly choose by its cover, I know you shouldn’t judge books like this right, but it’s still like this, that I grab the book that caught my attention first.

3. Who is your favourite author?

I actually….don’t have one? I really really read a lot of books (and fanfics) and there were many many who inspired me and moved me to tears or left me in awe, but I don’t have an author where I could say, I like all of his or her works and read them all. I don’t know.

4. What language do you want to learn next year?

Chinese! I’m currently learning it, but still a total beginner.

5. What’s the name of your favourite stuffed toy?

…..I don’t have one (I feel like a sad depressed little kid). 

6. What’s your natural hair color?

I have natural fabulous dark brown hair. Haha, I’m sry. I actually don’t have shinee hair, I exaggerated a bit in this picture, because people tell me I’m pretty good in colouring hair, don’t let this picture fool u.

7. Do you have a mentor? If so, what’s the greatest lesson you have learned from him/her so far?

I didn’t have a mentor so far. I’m sorry, I’m boring.

8. What’s your favourite dessert?

Ice cream?….yeah, Ice cream (mango flavour is the best).

9. If you could meet anyone on tumblr, who would it be? And how would you like to meet them?

My lovely followers ♥ (does this sound cheesy? I’m a cheesy person!) Especially those who took the time to write me messages, reblog and like my art and type hilarious tags underneath them (I read them all), thank you. I’m sry for drawing you bald, I have no idea how u all look like. but doesn’t this look like a pajama party? yeah, I’d love to get to know u all like this ♡

10. Have you ever written a poem for someone? (If yes, do you mind sharing it?^^)

Never written a poem, I’m sry! To make up for it, here a picture of Sehun reciting his own poem.

11. If you’re given a chance to be reborn in another place, at another time, with another face, would you take it? If so, what kind of live do you want to live?

I’m ok with my life at the moment. It’s not over yet and it has potential to grow and get better, so I can’t say if I wouldn’t be completely satisfied with it or not at the end. I shall decide again when I’m dead!

===the following are my questions for the people i tagged!===

1. How old are you? (because I want to know who is a fetus and who’s older than me)

2. What is your favourite colour?

3. What is your favourite season?

4. What is/was your favourite pokemon?

5. Do you have a special/weird talent no one knows about?

6. Do you have a special/weird habit no one knoes about?

7. What is your favourite animation movie?

8. What was your first kpop song? or more like which song made you into a fan?

9. What is your favourite song in an album (which wasn’t actually promoted)?

10. What moment made you ship your current OTP (assuming you have one)?

11. Do you like mangoes?

===and these are the people I’m tagging (in no particuar order)===












That’s it. Have a nice day!


SO. STINKIN’. CUTE!!! o(><)o

winkkiss92 asked:

Could I request for a matoki fanart? ^^ I would to have Dadamato~

Of course you can! :D Request Granted~^^

So here it is~ It’s rare for me to draw Dadamato xD but finally there’s someone showing love to him (Awwww~) hehe~~

Anyways, hope you like it~^^

PS: Your animations are just the best~! I watch them more than once haha xD (I probably have a problem @@)


Product: B1A4 Beautiful Target Typography Tees

Rating: 10/10
Where Purchased: winkkiss92 - storenvy

Product Review:

I got these awesome B1A4 Typography shirts from winkkiss92. She picked a really good quality brand shirt to print on. The material is still 100% cotton, but feels light weight and cool against the skin. :)

I adored the print so much that I ordered 2 so I can have a back up if anything ever happens to one of them. ^^

Also, she included little B1A4 and B.A.P sticker goodies. They are now stuck to my computer monitors at work. ^^

anonymous asked:

I forever love your comics! <3 Is their any other BAP fanartist (is that a word) that you know of and will do collabs with?

uwu thank <3 <3 <3

hmmm…the only other fanartists (it’s a word now) i know of are matoki-projectwinkkiss92, and chuncake

…i don’t know them personally though (i just know their art because i fawn over them and cry because i will never be as good teach me your ways)

but if they ever wanted to do a collab i’d be totally willing to do that!

winkkiss92 asked:

:) *touch you*

omg listen here you thank you so much for making that animation (even tho u didn’t do it for me lmao) IT WAS THE ACTUAL CUTEST THING and i cried because i was so happy god actually bless you you’re such a gr8 person i love you so much


Bored.  Practice with typography…….hmm……..

Song Picks:

Kpop Lyric Typography Part 2

Kpop Lyrics Typography Part 3 

Kpop Lyrics Typography Part 4