The Princess and the Pirate [pt. 2] (Harry Hook x reader)

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Warnings: violence, blood

Words: 1,957

What could go wrong?

It turned out, a lot could go wrong. First, y/n had to find a way to convince her parents to let Harry stay so that he could recover. Needless to say, they were happy that their daughter had taken care of a stranger. However, they were not thrilled that she had brought said stranger to her room and allowed him to stay there. It took a few hard hours of arguing for them to finally allow Harry to stay.

Secondly, Harry was a handful. He would be a whiny mess one minute, complaining about how he lost his hook and how he could have taken the Shadow Man’s son if only he had ‘played fair’. The next minute he would be a giant flirt, winking and smirking so often that y/n asked him, just to annoy him, if his eye had twitched that often all the time.

“I was winkin’.” He grumbled and then proceeded to switch back to complaining about his hook.

Lastly was the problem that had arisen with what to do about the Shadow Man’s son. Harry had, in one of his many complaining fits, said that the kid’s name was Drew Facilier. Y/n had mentioned this to her parents and was quick to use the fact that Harry claimed he could have beaten Drew in her argument to allow him to stay. Her parents ushered her out of their room as they decided what to do.

Y/n trudged back to her room and collapsed with a groan on her bed. She would normally go out for a walk after her parents ushered her away, but she knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to leave Harry by himself.

“Rough day?” Harry asked. Y/n lifted her head and saw him perched on her window seat. The sun highlighted his dazzling eyes and chiseled features. She had gotten better about hiding her blush, though a tinge of pink still brushed across her face.

“Well, I didn’t expect it to be easy.” Y/n confessed before covering her face with a pillow. As she took a few breaths, she had an idea. She removed the pillow from her face and threw it at him. He caught it and raised an eyebrow at her. “I had an idea.” She rolled off her bed and went to sit opposite of him on the window seat. He pulled his long legs closer to him to make room for her.

“Well, are you goin’ to tell me what it is?” Harry nudged her leg with his foot.

“Right! Yes. I just wanted to know if you wanted to come with me on a walk.”

Harry turned away in an attempt to hide his smile. He would never admit it, but he was dying to learn more about the daughter of Tiana. He knew that she had her mother’s caring nature and her father’s happy spirit, but he didn’t know much else. With a sigh, he stood. “Sure. Not like I have anything better to do anyway.”

He was thrown off guard when y/n grabbed his hand and practically sprinted out the front door. She led him to the path that she normally walked, tugging on his hand every few moments to keep him caught up to her.

“Didn’t know it was a race.” He teased as he watched her trudge ahead. As they began to walk the path, Harry deliberately fell behind a number of times so that y/n would continue to hold his hand and pull him closer.

Eventually, y/n decided that she might as well start a conversation and get to know the pirate staying in her room.

“So, you’re from the Isle. What was that like?”

Harry hesitated for a moment, thinking of how to answer without scaring her. “It was horribly wonderful. Wonderfully horrible. My turn for a question.”

Y/n tugged his hand again and he walked beside her, smiling at her. She turned away, trying once again to hide the blush that she knew was there. “Okay, shoot.”

“Why do you like to take walks out here?” He asked, gesturing to the forest in front of him with a sweep of his free hand.

Y/n blinked. She was expecting a silly question, not one that she actually had to think about. “Oh. Well,” She looked around her. She saw the sunlight streaming through the trees, the vastness of the forest, the lush greens and beautiful browns that surrounded her. “I suppose I like it because it’s beautiful. It’s like a new adventure every time I come out here.” She glanced at Harry to see his response. He nodded, scanning the treeline.

Y/n, having thought of another good question to ask Harry, squeezed his hand. “Okay, I’ve got one. How did you-”

“Harry! I was wondering where you had gone.” A figure had begun to move from out of the shadowy part of the treeline.

“Is that Gil?” Y/n asked. Harry let go of her hand and stepped in front of her. He shook his head and y/n suddenly understood.

“Oh, come on. Don’t try to hide little miss y/n from me. She’s gonna be my special prize once I finish with you.” Drew stepped out from the shadows at last. His long arms reached out and grabbed the hat from on top of his head. He bowed, keeping his unnerving bright purple eyes on y/n. “How are you, my dear?”

Y/n looked from Harry to Drew, trying to figure out what her best options were. After a moment of hesitation, she stepped out from behind Harry. “Better than you’ve ever been, Facilier. How’s your dad? Still insane?”

Harry shot y/n a fearful look. He knew all too well that disrespect was the quickest way to make Drew angry.

“Don’t you dare disrespect me, little girl!” Drew roared, stepping forward.

“Ye best step away from her,” Harry growled. Y/n saw Harry was tensed, ready to throw the first punch, no doubt. Drew looked relaxed, like he was waiting for something to happen.

“Harry,” y/n tugged on his arm. “Something’s not right. I think he has something up his sleeve.”

Drew grinned at y/n and pulled a deck of cards out from his sleeve. “She’s got me there.”

As he shuffled the cards and grinned deviously at Harry, y/n realized what was wrong. The shadows were moving.

“Harry.” She nodded at the shadows that were twisting and writhing on the ground, forming laughing faces and shriveled hands. “We need to go. I think he may have formed a relationship with his dad’s old friends.”

Drew frowned, looking around at the shadows creeping forward. “Oh, yes. I see you’ve finally noticed. You ought to be careful, they’re quite protective of me.” Drew glanced down at his watch. “Oh dear. I’m afraid I can’t really waste any more time toying around.”

With the flick of his wrist, the shadows lunged towards y/n, grabbing her ankles and pulling her to the ground. She struggled, desperately kicking at something she couldn’t hope to hit. “Harry!”

With Drew watching y/n struggle, Harry took his opportunity and punched the boy in the face. Hard. Drew stumbled back, his eyes burning with hatred. “While I would love to deal with you right now, my friends can only handle one problem at a time.” Drew laughed, sidestepping Harry’s next swing.

Harry stumbled but recovered quickly. Of course, Drew had not only inherited his father’s friends but his slickness as well. Drew was long and limber, which made him a harder target. With a smirk, Harry planned his next move. He stepped to his left, knowing that Drew would move right. Harry pivoted and slammed his shoulder into Drew’s chest.

Y/n felt the shadows’ grip loosen. She clambered back up and watched as Harry elbowed an already discombobulated Drew in the gut. Drew fell to his knees. Then, with a grunt, he fell on his face in the grass. Y/n rushed over to Harry, examining his face and hands.

“Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” She asked frantically, looking at Harry’s bloodied knuckles.

“I’m fine, princess. Don’t worry about me. You should probably worry a wee bit more about yourself.” He said, looking down at her torn up knees.

She waved his comment off. “I’m fine. Let me just make sure you didn’t kill the jerk and we can go.”

Harry walked off, massaging his knuckles. A loud grunt sounded from behind him. He spun around, expecting to see y/n in trouble, but was instead greeted with the sight of her holding a rather large tree branch over Drew’s head. Harry raised an eyebrow.

“He woke up, so I just hit him really hard and knocked him out.” She explained, moving the branch away.

Harry laughed, hard and loud. Y/n couldn’t help but join in. Soon, the two of them were a giggling mess, both leaning on each other for support.

“What in the name of Mama Odie is going on here?” Tiana exclaimed. She looked around and saw her daughter with bloody knees and a cut on her face laughing with a boy with bloody knuckles. She then saw the unconscious son of Dr. Facilier laying a few feet away with a large bump on his head. When she had walked into the forest to clear her mind, she was not expecting this be the scene that she was greeted with.

“Mom!” Y/n ran up and hugged Tiana. “You missed it! Harry totally beat the snot out of Drew Facilier! And I hit him with a big stick!”

“You hit the son of our worst enemy with a stick?” Tiana sighed. “Okay, I’ll deal with this. You two should go get cleaned up. We’ll talk later.”

Back in y/n’s room, Harry was disinfecting y/n’s knees for her. She held a cloth to the cut on her face, wincing when she pulled it back and saw that it was still bleeding.

“Head injuries bleed the most,” Harry muttered, delicately placing the gauze pad on her knee. He stood up and sat on the bed next to y/n. “Here, let me look at it.” Harry gently took y/n’s hand away from her face. He saw the cut, a jagged line down her left cheek.

“I’ll have to disinfect this one too.” He said after a moment. He walked back over to where he was a second ago and picked up a disinfectant wipe.

He looked at her worriedly. “Sorry, this is probably going to sting.”

Y/n nodded and then held still as Harry got to work. After a moment, y/n sighed. “Thank you.”

“For what?” He said, sounding confused.

“You saved me. If you weren’t there, I would have been taken.” She jumped a bit as she felt Harry take her free hand in his own.

“I would do it a hundred times over. Now, get some rest. I’ll go and tell yer dad about what happened.” Harry stood to leave, but y/n grabbed his arm. He turned around just in time for y/n to wrap her arms around him.

“I mean it. Thank you.”

He hesitated for a moment before eventually hugging her back. “You saved me first. It was the least I could do.” He pulled back, smiling down at her. “Now seriously, get some rest.” He kissed her forehead before slipping out of the room.

As y/n climbed into bed, she couldn’t stop replaying what had happened in her mind. She closed her eyes, smiling softly as she fell asleep.

She had told Harry that she loved the forest because it was like a new adventure. She realized now that Harry was like her own forest, a beautiful adventure. She couldn’t wait to see where he led her next.

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Wait... then the vibora clan in dl the people have snake tongues or snake tails!?!

cordelia is vibora. (i dont remember if she’s part vibora or full vibora, but…) she has snake eyes and a snake fuckin personality. but no tail in sight! I suppose it’s possible she has a longass snake tongue. actually, I bet it’s PROBABLE that she has a snake tongue. wink

in any case, ayato and laito inherited her (admittedly cool) snake eyes but they dont appear to have snake tongues.

u see! just regular ol tongues. blep

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Winkin the glove stitcher and Coster the apple seller discussed the play on the way home.
“The bit with the queen and the man with the asses ears was good,” said Winkin.
“Aye, it was.”
“And the wall bit, too. When the main said ‘he is no crescent, and his horns are invisible within the circumference,’ I nearly widdled my breeches. I like a good joke, me.”
“But I didn’t understand why all those people in the fur and feathers and stuff were chased across the stage by the man in the hairy red costume, and why the fat men in the expensive seats all got up and on to the stage and why the idiot in the red dress was running around screaming about potatoes, whatever they are. While Puck was speaking at the end I definitely thought I could hear a fight going on.”
“Experimental theater,” said Winkin.
“Good dialogue,” said Coster.
“And you’ve got to hand it to those actors, the way they kept going,” said Winkin.
“Yeah, and I could have sworn there was another Queen up on stage,” said Coster, “and she looked like a woman. You know, the one who was trying to strangle the man babbling about potatoes.”
“A woman on stage? Don’t be daft,” said Winkin. “Good play, though.”
“Yeah. I think they could cut the chase sequence, though,” said Coster. “And frankly I don’t think you could get a girdle that big.”
“Yes, it would be dreadful if special effects took over,” said Winkin.

further theater criticism | Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, and Jack Cohen, The Science of Discworld II: The Globe