Adult Only Mondays

This week we opened our doors, for the first time ever, to a 20+ crowd.
It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for a while now, but were unable to do properly until we had moved into this new location. It as a quiet start to something we hope people in the community of Winkler take advantage of.
The thinking behind it is like this; after work there’s really only two places to go in town (that aren’t houses) somewhere to drink coffee, or somewhere to drink beer. Opening our facility on Monday nights offers a third location where people can play pool, indoor basketball/hockey, use the internet cafe, or mess around on an Xbox with some friends…all free of charge!

We received notice that some had reservations of coming down, for fear that they would be the only ones (awkward…) but think of it this way - you wouldn’t sit at CK’s Lounge alone all evening, and coffee at Jonny’s Java tastes better when chatting with friends. So call up some friends and relax for an evening at The Bunker

Every Monday night, open at 7PM, following the same timeline as our regular season (close down after May for the summer)

So I Got Rear Ended...

It’s boxing day, my friend Curb is out, we’re gonna enjoy some breakfast and pwn n00bs.
So we’re sitting in the McDonalds drive-thru when some idiot in a truck drives into me! We all hop out, he looks totally freaked. Luckily there’s only a small scratch in the bumper nothing major, but the guy’s passenger losses it and blurts out “we’ll pay ya $50”. I’m thinking “I don’t even care about this scratch!” but I want to get out the growing lineup so I agree and move on. 
I drive up to the first window to pay for my food, but there’s no one there, so I pull up to the next. The lady says “you can’t pay at this window go back” which obviously I CAN’T so I go inside and make my way through the horde of people (who are now angry because they think I’m cutting in line). She hands me the food, apologizes, and states that the truck behind me paid for my food *ding*

So, I follow the rear ender to the nearest ATM…follow him inside…and he explains how he (the passenger) was showing the driver something on his phone, which caused him to not pay attention where he was driving. Idiots. He hands me the money and literally runs out the door. Ps: he handed me $60, not 50 haha.

Good ol’ Curby and I then went and bought Battlefield 3 and coffee. Food, coffee, and n00bs to pwn all for free…day = made.  

The moral of the story is; if you live in Winkler chances are you’re an idiot behind the wheel. 


Vlog #27

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

This year consists of green grass, lots of play time with the rad nephew, food with the fam, and concerts.
No matter what your believe in, I hope you’re enjoying your holidays and helping to spread the love to others :)

As much as I dog on the consumerism of holidays, Christmas will always be my favorite time of year. The music, lights, movies, food, family, Church, and joy that comes from giving gifts to those you care about.
This year, I decided to practice what I preach and didn’t make a wishlist or anything of the sort. And I encourage the rest of you (for next year) to instead make a list of those that need your love and support.

Remember; Jesus wasn’t born so you could play Xbox, He was born so you could spread love.


Didn’t we already have our grand opening a few months back? 

NO! We specifically promoted that as our RE-opening because we knew details for an official “grand” opening wouldn’t be ready until June. For some reason outside sources got confused and spread the word that the party with all the bands and craziness was our official opening…they were wrong. 

If you’d like to partake in the ribbon cutting, bbq'ing, coffee and donut consuming, and touring of the new facility with the rest of the community then please join us THIS Saturday (June 9th 2012) at 11:00AM



Rummaging through some sweaters over my lunch break I spotted this blast-from-my-past out of the corner of my eye! It’s fully stocked with 3 kini’s and 2 sets (one official one homemade).
I’m definitely integrating this into my Friday Night’s at The Bunker, so if you have some dusty old Pog’s kickin around lets get it going!

Fun sidenote: in the rule book it actually states that to determine who starts a match you can flip a Kini OR ro-sham-bo hahaha!


Winkler, MB
Garden Valley Collegiate high school 2012 AfterGrad Party! 


Each year the City of Winkler shuts down Main Street to host a big party! On one end you have a children’s carnival, on the other a barbecue and county concert for their parents.
And right in the middle, there’s us :)
We keep it humble; all we serve up is our (now famous) fries, but the price is whatever you want it to be! If you want a plate for $5, you got it. Only have 5cents, that’s okay too!

Thanks again to everyone who helped/supported, have a blessed long weekend!


The Bunker 2011 Season Windup

Start your morning off with some of Manitoba’s most enjoyable acoustic music! 

Check out the rest of the party [here]

Theory on WinkCity Drivers...

So this morning, on my way to work, I narrowly escaped driving directly into a ladies passenger door as she blew through a stop sign and cut me off. 
In the haze of my pre-morning coffee and bewilderment brought on by this scary incident I wasn’t aware of the oncoming traffic. While making a lefthand turn, I inadvertently cut off a Jeep, who in turn was most likely just as stupefied with my poor awareness behind the wheel as I had been with the previous idiot woman. This led me to a revelation I’d like to share with you…

What if  we’re all just following a chain of near accidents?

This would mean that everyone is actually a good driver, but suffering from the aftermath of they themselves nearly missing someone who before them thwarted motor vehicle death. An endless cycle of scared people not yet ready to take on the rest of the traffic ahead of them. All we need is one person to pull over and calm down! 

I wonder…who was affected by me not being at full attention?