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How the fuck do I flirt? -pisces

charlie’s ultimate guide to flirting like charlie (by charlie):

  • have them flirt hardcore with you first
  • be oblivious and have every move they make fly right over your head
  • catch on when everyone else tells you they’re flirting/like you
  • try to flirt
    • be touchy
    • figure you’re too touchy then don’t touch them at all
    • giggle
    • whilst giggling, probably choke on something and cough a lot
    • bat eyelashes
    • in doing so, catch an eyelash in your eye and dig it out
    • be cutesy
    • probably trip and fall on something afterwards, too
  • eventually fail
  • act uninterested and distance yourselves from them like crazy
    • this move is sure to send them terribly mixed signals and mess with their heads
  • feel bad
  • try to flirt again
  • scare them
  • stay single

copyright © charlie


alex’s guide to flirting:

with guys:

- wink a lot. make it look like you’re having an eye spasm.

-snort when you laugh because it’s super cute and not piggish at all.

- make lots of feminist references when there is no conversation.

- ultimately end up talking about sports and trashing Oakland Athletics because rivals.

-get in an online argument and go to them crying.

-send random emojis that could be deemed inappropriate. 

- bring extra little debbie snacks to school.

-date them for three weeks then remember you’re a lesbian and feel no sexual attraction at all.

with girls:

i haven’t mastered this yet oops.


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Hi I don't really read fics often but can you reccememd the best Larry one you've read? Thank u☺️

all of our important nothings 

Louis stares down at his phone for an eternity before typing out the message.

does she know that paper plane necklace was a gift from my mum to you our first christmas together???

He immediately regrets sending it. He knows it doesn’t matter. Knows Taylor’s necklace is a cheap knockoff of the one Harry had always worn so proudly— knows the way he’d smiled at it, lifting it slowly from the small box he’d been given it to in, the way Jay had met Louis’ eyes from across the room and winked, how it had dangled from Harry’s neck that night as he rode Louis on his childhood bed, the little silver airplane catching on the lights from cars passing by on the road outside shining into his room and casting soft reds and yellows over Harry’s pale skin.

[Or the one where Harry and Louis are in love, Haylor happens, and Louis battles quite a few demons along the way.]

Relationship Goals ft. Aquarius and Libra (my OTP)
  • [warning:aquarius is a little weirder than usual here]
  • Aquarius:hey babe
  • Libra:what
  • Aquarius:/grabs a guitar
  • Libra:what the
  • Aquarius:/starts playing a song and sings very seductively but they just look weird
  • Libra:oh my god /half shields their eyes from this abomination
  • Aquarius:/takes the hand covering their face and kisses it, winking/ look into my eyes, m'lady
  • Libra:/is extremely done/ ok i'll be back when you're normal-
  • Aquarius:nEIIINNN /grabs their hand and spins them around and dips them before going to kiss them
  • Libra:gOOD GRI E F GOOD BY E

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“I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.” -Castiel

“Why am I the one playing house with Cas? I mean, couldn’t one of you two just be a gay couple with him?”

Dean smirked, knowing exactly why you wanted to get out of it, despite your argument that you wanted to be part of the action. “Come on, it’ll give you two time to.. bond.” Dean winked obnoxiously, causing you to blush, despite rolling your eyes.

“I feel as though Y/N and I have quite a strong bond. Moreso than you and me,” Cas replied. 

Now, you and Cas were in a fancy restaurant run by djinn. It looked for couples who seemed to be upset, and offered them a way to “live” their greatest desires. Most people where curious to see what it was, and it was too late for them. You and Cas were hoping that you could argue and figure out where the djinn was taking its victims. You had a tracker on you so the boys could then follow, in case the djinn got you under its spell.

You didn’t really want to argue with Cas, but you knew you had to. You took a deep breath, hoping you could get through this. Even though it was a fake date, you hoped that your first date with Cas wouldn’t consist of causing a scene. “Why don’t you ever start conversations? Why don’t you ever talk about your feelings?!”

“Why don’t you ever stop talking about your feelings?!”

And with that, you two were having a pretty solid argument. Cas was surprisingly good at this. You began to wonder if he actually felt that way about you. Not that you could ask him now. 

The manager soon came up to you, offering the same thing you knew it would. You let Cas take the lead, since there was no place to hide a knife in your tight dress. He seemed pretty confident, but lagged back a step, so you were inches away from him at all times. You knew he could be protective, but this was a new level.

The second you two made it into the basement, the djinn tried to jump you. Cas quickly pushed you out of the way, stabbing the djinn with his angel blade. However, they way he sent you flying, you hit the wall, blacking out.

You woke up, with Cas’ fingers on your forehead. Once your eyes meant, he immediately smiled, leaning down and kissing you. It was tender, despite his slightly chapped lips.

You were shocked, to say the least. You couldn’t even respond. What was happening? Maybe the djinn did get you. This had to be a hallucination.

Cas pulled away too quickly, realizing his mistake. He almost stuttered his response, saying, “I-Is that not what a husband would do?” Then he shook his head, feeling as though that wouldn’t suffice. “I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.” He hung his head down in shame. 

You sat up and leaned over Cas. “Don’t apologize, you doof.” Before giving him a short kiss. It would’ve lasted much longer if Dean didn’t shout, “SEE!? YOU GUYS DID BOND! MISSION COMPLETE!” while Sam gave him his classic bitch face. 

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45. Phan

You suck // pretending to hate each other

Send me a number !!  Don’t send me anymore please! (omg i got so many smfh)

A/N: I already wrote an Au like this so let’s pretend this takes part on my ‘Kiss Me You Animal’ AU. 208 words.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t it Phil Lester.” Dan grins, showing off his fangs to the passing boy.

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Who do I have to pay or sleep with to see Louis skate boarding in LA wearing Harry's SnapBack?

I don’t ask for a lot, but I really want him to just slowly, nonchalantly roll past the paps, tip his SnapBack, and give us a wink. Someone go give him this request and use puppy dog eyes when you ask so he takes it seriously.

major props to TOS 3x11 “wink of an eye” for shooting down “friend zoning”

so kirk is making out with this fine scalosian queen named deela after they did the sexe thing

and then in walks this asshole named rael, who has been in love with her for a long time (he kissed her against her will earlier, fuck u rael)

and so he tries to harm kirk, but hEY DEELA STUNS HIS ASS AND THEN SHE’S ALL “Don’t you dare do anything like that again.”

o rael u poor lil’ soul, if u can’t have her she shouldn’t evr like any1 else evr cuz ur a rly nice guy u’ve alway been there u deserve her  right???? ha h h haaaaaaa


so basically

all hail queen deela